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The North American City on the Ground Exploratory Essay

The North American continent is located within the Northern, and Western Hemisphere and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South America to the South-east, Arctic Ocean to the North, and Pacific Ocean to the West.

North America precedes Africa and Asia in largeness and accommodates twenty three states with diverse population and cultures. North America comprises such great cities as New York, Ottawa, Washington, New Orleans, Detroit, etcetera.

These cities have different features that shape environmental and economical growth (Berry & Henderson, 2002, p.8).

Furthermore, North America is a heaven of archeology, culture, parks, science museums, world’s fairs and golf courses. These properties have been elevated for many years by tranquil environment, clean water systems together with plants and animals found in the continent.

Concisely, nature has encouraged the development of human population and infrastructure. Network linkages have been transformed to create a connection among all the states.

These include both land and air connections that ensure efficiency and effectiveness in sharing goods and services among all the citizens and nations.

Roads have enabled quick provision of resources to all the people irrespective of their cultural and social status (McIlwraith & Muller, 2001, p.19).

New York is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River, which provide harbors for importation and exportation of goods and services. The harbors are also used for recreational activities that attract tourists to New York City.

In this regard, New York City is characterized by a dense population rendering land to a scarce commodity; this is a challenge for urban planning and protection of public land from grapping.

Despite the dense population, New York City occupies the cleanest and the most tranquil environment in Northern America. The tranquil environment is accountable for energy efficiency reducing dependence on other cities.

The economy of New York is highly dependent on the New York harbor, which has deep waters, so the goods and services from other cities enter the city by water.

Moreover, the city has different districts, and water transport enables easy accessibility to neighboring provinces, specifically, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queen’s provinces.

Reclamation of land was done in lower Manhattan where modern constructions occupy, for example, Battery Park.

Good subtropical climatic conditions have, however, been a contributing factor to the attraction of tourists to New York, thus contributing to the growth of the city’s economy and cultures.

Furthermore, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and before 2001, there was a misunderstanding about its borders with Ottawa-Carleton, Pontiac in the North and Rockland in the West.

Ottawa has adequate water supply due to the Ottawa River that has many tributaries that supply every village in the east and west, the Rideau River supplies water from the North to the South.

However, lakes provide water for industrial use and power generation, for instance, in Brewer Park, there are lake Madawaska and Lac Deschenes, the Rideau River and hog’s back falls.

Bays are attractions for tourist who bring revenues to the city. Conversely, Ottawa has natural wonders that enhance the attractiveness of the city, for example, Colonel Valley, Carp Ridge, Pine Grove forest, Cannan Hill and Stony Swamp.

Washington is the capital city of America that is located between Virginia and Maryland States. Its topography includes such water bodies as the Potomac River, Rock Creek and the Anacostia River.

Man-made features are found in Dalecarlia, Georgetown and McMillan reservoirs that provide water for domestic and industrial use. Washington also has various distinctive topographic features, for instance, Hains Point, Three Sisters, Theodore Roosevelt and Columbia Island.

Native trees, such as oak, birch, willow and cedar, make up the environment of the region. The subtropical climate with four seasons makes Washington a tourist destination where cool weather may prevail (Brescia, & Super 2009, p. 11).

New Orleans is one of the largest and highly populated cities in North America. It was adversely affected by the Hurricane Katrina and floods in 2005. Water bodies located in Orleans include the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrains.

Similarly, the architecture of New Orleans was influenced by French trends, thus depicting different cultural practices of the French people. Education is given a forefront in New Orleans and this is exemplified by universities like Loyola and Tulane Wilson.

Detroit is located in the sores of the Detroit River and is well known for such water bodies as Lake Erie, Lake St Claire and the St. Clair River. Detroit is a flat land making it conducive for construction of modern buildings and infrastructures.

Nonetheless, Detroit is an industrial zone, and this has negatively affected the environment. However, the industries also provide employment to people raising their living standards together with the per capita income in the state (Nostrand & Estaville, 2001, p.4).

North America has a desirable geography that allows for the construction of infrastructure and tourists’ attractions and contributes to the exchange of cultural values.

I mutually agree that the cities analyzed contribute to economic development of North America. All in all, features like rivers, lakes, ridges, falls, bays and plain lands enable a quick access of goods and services within the states and cities.


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