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The Product: SprintMusic Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Apr 4th, 2019

The SprintMusic is an MP3 player that uses kinetic energy to operate.

Product Idea

The inception of the idea of the product is from a need of saving energy and finding alternative energy sources. Eco marketing and products are the latest buzz in any industry especially the electronic industry. This product is called the SprintMusic. the concept is very simple of a mp3 player that uses kinetic energy. This small mp3 player will be designed to use the kinetic energy generated when we run or dance and is converted into power to run the MP3. The MP3 is kept in the pocket and another small periphery device is attached to the pant legs.

This connecting device is wireless and is connected through the mp3 via Bluetooth. This the kinetic module of the device attached to the leg of the pant. The connector would transmit energy to the MP3 and it would operate similar to any other MP3 player. The product is unique as it helps in eco-friendly product design. A sample of the design is presented in figure 1.

The product is designed not only to provide music to the listener i.e. the runners but also provides the distance ran and the speed at which the distance has been covered. The sensor placed in the pant legs does not only gather energy from the legs it also monitors the movement of the legs and calculates the distance run by the jogger. It shows three things on completion of the running – (1) distance, (2) speed, and (3) calorie burnt.

The MP3 will have a digital display that would show the desired information on pressing of a button just below the screen. The MP3 also allows a runner to set the desired speed or a range of speed for a running and the MP3 would provide signal when that is speed range is not achieved. Therefore, the player actually plays a soft alarm when the speed is not attained or the runner reduces her running speed.

Therefore, this product has triple features – (1) it is eco-friendly as it uses a unique form of energy i.e. kinetic energy, (2) it provides the distance ran and speed, and (3) allows the user to set the desired speed range and the product would indicate when the desired speed is not attained.

Figure : A sketch of SprintMusic

A sketch of SprintMusic

The usability of the product lies in its unique design and power packed features. This MP3 is specially designed for athletes and sportspersons. Otherwise, this device can also be targeted to eco-conscious customers who look for eco-friendly alternatives.

The easy to use product and its USP of using kinetic energy would allow the marketers to sell it to all health conscious and eco-conscious consumers. The product is unique even its feature offerings that allows the user to see the distance she ran and at the speed at which the distance had been covered. Apart from that it also allows the user to set the speed range at which she wants to run allowing him to maintain the rhythm of running.

Package Design

Figure : Packaging for SprintMusic

Packaging for SprintMusic

Keeping in mind the product’s eco-friendly design, the package is also designed in an eco-friendly manner. The box for the MP3 would be designed with cardboard with no plastic or biodegradable product.

The product would be tied with a string that too would be of natural fiber and not plastic or synthetic material (see design in figure 2). A prototype of the package is provided in figure 3. The product would be presented in the box. The vinyl packaging allows the eco-friendly packaging option for the product allowing for product to carry out its eco-friendly image.

Figure : Prototype of packaging

Prototype of packaging


The product is practical and can be marketed to a large number of customers. As eco-friendly and green products are gaining greater predominance and green marketing too has become the trick of the trade today, eco-friendly products are one option that are hard to miss. The MP3 run with kinetic energy helps to avoid wastage of battery and also provides a new way of generating energy for small low power driven devices like MP3. The product is viable as it is easy to use, small, lightweight and handy.

It is small and can be placed in the pocket with the sensor module can be easily attached to the pant legs for generating the energy required to run the system. The product is not cumbersome as the use of wire is minimum and the headgear is the only thing that is wired. Other than that, it also has an option for Bluetooth that would allow users to use Bluetooth earpieces when they want.

Further, the added features provided in the system allows the user to listen to music, save energy and also look at the distance they have run and the speed that they have run, the speed, and the calorie that has been burnt while running the stretch. This is a feasible technology as it is already available in treadmills. However, this device allows users who like to jog or run in the park, road, of ground in and have the convenience of a treadmill in terms of the information displayed in the product.

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