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The Real People Marketing Advantages Report

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Updated: Sep 11th, 2021

Executive summary

The real people marketing have been playing one of the most significant roles in the whole sphere of marketing and commerce, as it helps to lead the recruiting policy more successfully, and implement the policy of employee exchange, which is claimed to improve the level of experience exchange. The real people marketing in no way means slavery (at least in the uncovered form), and often occurs in the relations of the cooperating companies, in order the staff-members had an opportunity to change the work place. This has several advantages:

  • The experience exchange.
  • The surrounding change for the worker (psychological factor).
  • Opportunity to suit the necessary personnel, or send a “spy”.

Inspite of the novelty of this approach in the marketing sphere it has been widely studied and represented in lots of researches.

The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the marketing of real people and real decisions in particular in the context of real marketing sphere. Present situation and general trends will be regarded.

Current situation on the market

The current situation on the market of real people is mainly presented in the approaches related to the social marketing (as this sphere is closely linked with the real people marketing). It is argued, that huge companies implement this approach successfully in order to achieve goals mentioned above. It is necessary to mention, that these goals are general, and each manager, who resorts to the advances of real people marketing, chases his/ her own aims.

The market size can not be evaluated precisely, as it is a kind of inter-corporative relations, and in its pure form correspond to slavery. But there are some particular data on the issue related to the expenditures of the American enterprises for attracting some particular workers:

The data covers
The data covers the period from 1995 to 2006

The financial turnover can not be evaluated on the same reason, moreover this data is confidential, and companies aim not to disclose it. It is also necessary to add, that the exchanges may take place, including providing some additional obligations to the relations. The anticipated benefits of the staff exchange make this approach no less than any other advance in the marketing sphere.

Environmental analysis

The external factors that influence the real people marketing include the legislation system in the areas of recruitment and labor, social sphere and civil code. Thus, the legislation defines the character of the relations among employer and employee. In some cases it may be stated in the employment contract, that an employee will be working for some exact period without leaving the place of work.

As for the marketing factors, it is necessary to emphasize, that the real people marketing is quite specific sphere that is why it is rather difficult to define clearly such factors as the competitors’ analysis or customers’ analysis. Only general information may be given. The competitors in this sphere are not necessarily need to act in the same market sector. These firms may just have the necessity to hire talented and experienced manager, who works in some third enterprise, and seeks for a vacancy, which these two firms may offer. The competence displays in the means of attracting this worker. Such factors as:

  • Size of the company and the sector that it covers.
  • Goals of hiring some particular worker.
  • Market share.
  • Products currently offered.
  • Product quality/capability.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses (SWOT analysis).
  • The customers’ services and policies.
  • The perspectives and development trends.

Influence the decision of the target person. He/ she chooses the obvious workplace by analyzing the enlisted factors. It is necessary to add, that companies are also ruled by the practiced policy of diversity management, and make their choice taking into account the social, demographic, cultural and economic factors

The same is with the customer analysis. The uniqueness of the group is that the same actors may be characterized as competitors and as customers: competing with each other the firms are the customers of the target personnel. The customer trends present the approaches that help to attract necessary staff. The points enlisted in the competitors’ analysis are the key factors and aims that need to be chased in order target employee stopped his/ her choice on some particular company. Customer profile is defined by the sphere of market activity in general sense, and in particular sense it is defined by the aim of attracting the personality. The aims may be:

  • Manage some newly formed department.
  • Help Cover some additional sector of the market.
  • Just replace the discharge employee.
  • Get to know the confidential data about the activity of the enterprise, where the employee worked.

SWOT analysis

As the present paper is not related to some particular enterprise, it is necessary to analyze the importance of SWOT analysis in the connection to real people marketing. First of all it is claimed to define the competency of market actor, thus evaluating the level of attractiveness. Arranging a SWOT analysis can be a real eye opener. It not only highlights what needs to be fixed or immediately addressed, it also shows what is done right, and what is wrong. While it is not a necessity, reflect on performing one for enclosure in the company’s business plan.

The Strengths depend on the factors that make the company attractive. So, the Strength of a company is that it provides new approaches of acting on a market. Experience of the staff, working in a company is also one of the features that may be added to Strength.

Weakness. At the beginning of company’s activity, the main weakness is the lack of marketing activity experience. It causes some faults in the everyday work, and failure of some points in competence rivalry. Lack of brand awareness is also rather sufficient point in marketing activity.

Opportunities. The greatest opportunity of any company is the possibility of further development. If a company implements the world standards of activity, also implementing its new technologies and innovations, this could be regarded as one of the greatest opportunities.

Threats of the company, which relate to the external environment, are usually the competitors, who act at the same segment of a market. It is caused by the essence of competence itself. Additional threat of competence is the price war.

The issues described in the previous points are directly related to questions of how the company should be competing in the marketplace. The provided information show the significance of being competent, as competency itself is aimed to assist the marketing development.

Objectives to be achieved

Financial objectives need to be coordinated with the plans of acting: in order to attract and hire some new expert, administration must be sure to satisfy his/ her requirements.

The marketing objectives of the real people marketing, such as size, Market share, New product objectives, Product modification objectives, Customer service objectives, Development of new markets are not the requirements to reach the aims, but prerequisites, which define the aims of real people marketing.

Sales training objectives are not so significant, though they influence the achievement of the other objectives obliquely.

Marketing communications objectives are the most important in this marketing sphere, as it is based on these objectives. Inter-corporative communication helps to define from what company the necessary employee could be drained away.

The other objectives are usually not significant, as they may play only secondary role in attracting new employees.

Marketing strategies

First of all it is necessary to mention that to rule successful real people marketing, company needs to achieve the main objectives, such as:

  • Increase the proficiency level of its specialists (creatives)
  • Capture additional sector of the market
  • Offer the new type of services

The strategy will be the following:

  • Arrange the courses of enhancing the experience level, or conclude an agreement with the other company relating the experience exchange.
  • Study the works by other designers, analyze every element of the work and make a forecast, if this work (variant of design) will be demanded on a market. Try to innovate some elements to the own work
  • Hire new, specialized experts
  • Order or make independent analysis of the developing of the trends on the market, which will help the designers create in accordance with the latest fashion tendencies.

Tactical plans

To achieve the previously elaborated strategy it is necessary to be full of desire and intention, as I is almost impossible to achiever any goal without powerful motivation. The tactics for the capturing the new sector of the market requires to get all the necessary information mentioned above. Thus, essential step for it would be acquiring new business contacts with people, companies or services able to provide trustworthy, relevant and expert information.

The tactics should be based in the marketing components such as product price, place and promotion. It means that the market analysis should include not only external situation, but also position of the company itself.

Budgets and profit

The fact is that the budgets for every planned affair are usually evaluated individually, and in comparison with the potential benefits, that the drained away employee may bring. It depends on the qualification and experience of the worker.

Marketing plan control

Most obviously, that the real people marketing is the most confidential, and in some measure secret sphere o market activity. That is why the control mechanisms should be chosen with taking into account the confidentiality, and be held only by restricted circle of administrators, who are engaged in the process of draining away.

The periodical goals are the following:

  • Find the necessary individual.
  • Set up the contact.
  • Prevent the data leakage.
  • Formulate the proposition.
  • Drain up the worker.

Corrective actions may be related mainly to the additional propositions in order to satisfy employee’s interests.

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