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To Each Waste Its Dumping Site Essay (Article)

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Globalization process has had several impacts on the social economic and political spheres. The effects of globalization have really been debated on by several scholars and other interest groups who have always questioned its effects on the human beings and the environment at large. For example some people have always argued that it has done more harm than good to the developing countries, while others also contend that it has enabled the developing countries advance socially, politically and also economically.

Bauman’s Arguments on Wasted Lives

Zygmunt Bauman is one of those people who have made critical analysis of globalization. According to him, globalization has led to a lot of trouble to human beings. The following are his arguments about globalization. Globalization has been discussed so much in the current political discourses but very little has been done by various stakeholders to formulate laws that can govern it.

Increasing Cases of International Crimes

Criminal cases are increasingly becoming international yet there are no effective laws to curb its spread. Criminals have become very difficult to deal with simply because they have got a lot of resources which they use to protect themselves from penalties. The government has since resorted to dealing with minor cases involving immigrants who engage in petty offences such as violence and petty theft. In addition to this, the global environment gives the criminals a chance to interact freely and do business just like ordinary citizens and this has also been attributed to lack of effective international laws.

The international laws that are used to govern globalization have been extensively abused by various countries especially the developed ones who have always used it as an avenue to defend their inhuman actions against the developing countries. The international community has also failed to deal with its obligations. They tend to shy away from the complicated problems and issues but they instead focus on the things they can achieve easily in order to disguise people that they are indeed working had to save human beings.

Refugee Problem in Developed Countries

Many people from developing countries have always found there way to the developed countries like USA through government support. This has always been done without the consultation of the people who are likely to be directly affected by the influx of immigrants in their country.

The process of colonization also led to the division of the world into various artificial territorial boundaries. Apart from this, a lot of wealth was drawn from the countries which were colonized by the European countries. This led to such countries remaining economically poor while the European countries developed.

The post colonial period saw several attempts by the liberated countries to transform themselves from colonial domination to self governance. In the process of transformation, they also developed security measures to curb international crime. The manner this has been done in most African countries is questionable. For example security is always tight at the international entrance and exit routes like air ports while the local boarders remain porous and people can easily sneak in illegal things into a given country.

Global Pollution

Pollution has currently taken a global dimension in which there is pollution in every part of the world. Human waste has been noted to be on the increase and it has actually reached its optimum level. Developing countries in Africa have not been spared because they also received modernity which produces these wastes. They however lack the capacity to handle these wastes. African countries have been faced by many challenges especially poverty and civil wars.

The Europeans have dominated the investments in Africa hence Africans cannot compete with them favorably in trade. This has led to massive unemployment. Civil wars, terrorism and rebels have strained the economies of some developing countries. The developing countries have been seen to be only excelling in the production of refugees. It has been realized that most of developing countries create problems for themselves locally and then they seek international assistance.

Challenges Faced by Refugees

Refugees who migrate to USA have always faced many challenges and they always lack the chance to be fully integrated into the new world. They have always been seen as human wastes that cannot bring any positive change. Since the dumping places are now over stretched due to a high production of human waste, the refugees are now left to stay in squalid conditions in their territories.

The humanitarians who have always claimed to be main people helping refugees have also done nothing good to help them improve their status. By simply removing them away from the rebels they are actually assisting the rebels to continue being extremists. They should negotiate with the rebels in order to provide a long term solution to the conflicts.

The government of USA has not been keen to help the black population in America and it has always used their residential places as one of their dumping places. Areas inhabited by many blacks are being subjected to a lot of inhuman treatment. For example security measures have been very tight in their towns not because they are being protected but just to ensure that they do not engage in criminal activities.

There is a general suspicion that the black communities in US are criminals and the government is doing everything possible to quarantine the movement of the black youths who it believes can breach security. The schools accessed by most of the blacks can only be compared to correctional facilities. The education offered to them cannot help them to achieve any thing good in life. Many prisons are being constructed at the expense of providing better services to the community.

Economic Development

Many countries trying to develop their economies have always looked for guidance from USA but this has not been successful. Even the US government has faced several economic challenges which it is grappling with. The countries that seek financial assistance from them are always given the assistance with several conditions attached to them.

This has been used as a mechanism to continue exploiting the developing countries. For example the loans and grants from the developed countries are always very expensive for most of the developing countries to service.

Changing Global Relationships

For several years the global relationship among various countries has revolved around commercial activities. This mutual relationship is slowly taking a new dimension and various countries are now ganging against each other for the purpose of military confrontation.

Terrorism is also increasing and some countries have been seen to favor its course by funding the rebels. It has also been realized that most of the conflicts that we currently have between some countries have been championed by external forces. Various governments have also failed to honor the law and this has led to many inter tribal wars in many developing countries.


From the above discussion it is clear that globalization has continued to extend the European hegemony in the developing countries and they simply treat Africans as wasted human beings. The only way Africans can solve these problems is through finding domestic solutions to their problems.

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