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Web-Based Automation System Report



Hotel business follows the principles of demand and supply. The demand for services or reservation must be correlated with the supply of services. The services supplied are products of the business process that exists in the organization. With the changes in IT infrastructure, hotel managements can be automated to reduce the challenges faced by clients.

After a long travel time, a client will require a self-check in and check out system to reduce his or her worries. The business strategy of an organization influences the growth of the organization. The function of each department in the organization is a collection of the organization’s business process. A business process is a collection of the daily activities or function, sales and records of an organization.

The functions include sales, marketing, manufacturing, production, finance management, and human resource (Nolan 75). The collection of different functions in an organization is called the business process. The business process determines the profit generation of the organization. For example, proper documentation and record of the daily transactions in the Sunset Inn will reduce losses and increase profit.

The business process aligns with the firm’s mission statement and influences growth. The advantages of a good business process include:

  1. Correlates business operations with market strategy: a change in business strategy in an organization will result in a change in the business processes. To sustain the business strategy, operations managers must align their business strategy with the objectives of the organization. A good business process will improve this mission.
  2. Improve business communication: Communication increases speed in the organization. A robust communication channel will improve the efficiency of the employees, thus stabilizing the business process.
  3. Improve management and control: Business process influences the management and control of daily activities. Business procedures and transactions are explained and this eliminates operational mistakes, thus, reducing business losses.
  4. Competitive advantage: Business processes increase the sustainability and integrity of an organization. This strategy improves the competitive advantage of the organization, thus, creating more clients for the organization.

Benefits of BP automation

Web-based reservation improves quality of service and reduces the routine work of the front desk receptionist; it also reduces the human activities in the business processes. The manual booking and reservation procedure produces human errors while the web-based procedure is free of mistakes. The client will flip through the rooms to make his or her choice of reservation from any part of the world.

The need for change is influenced by the challenges encountered. Sunset Inn has encountered different challenges in the delivery of quality services. Some issues include proper documentation of each transaction, loss of time due to delays, reservation cancellation, unpaid bills due to wrong documentation, and poor services. The organization tries to maintain its quality in the face of these challenges.

The organization’s business process relies on manual booking systems and this procedure functions with limitations. The challenges encountered are a function of the business process model. The organization must restructure its business process model to improve its quality of services and to reduce the daily mistakes (Nolan 79).

The business process model includes management, automation, assessment and control technologies, which improves the productivity of an organization. This report proposes a web-based automation for the reservation process in Sunset Inn. The manual booking process will be replaced by automated reservation procedures.

The benefit of the web-based automated reservation procedures includes:

  1. Competitive advantage: An automated Business process improves the competitive advantage of the organization. When a client utilizes simple technology to make his or her reservation, business time is reduced, thus, improving the quality of services rendered to the customer.
  2. Quality of services: The ability of an individual to order for a reservation from his or palmtops or mobile screens influences the quality of service received by the customer. A potential customer is measured by the quality of services and satisfaction he or she receives.
    An automated system reduces the long queues for reservation. Reservations can be booked any time and key collections are received on arrival. This reduces the hassle faced by the receptionist during busy seasons.
  3. Reduce error: An automated reservation system reduces the rate of errors in an organization. Customers document their orders using the internet or electronic channels. This will reduce the error encountered using manual book keeping procedures.
  4. Revenue generation. Each reservation done manually requires the presence of a sales receptionist. The receptionist computes each transaction for the organization. The operational cost of each transaction can be reduced when the business process it automated. This will save operational cost of the organization.
  5. Efficiency and productivity: Automated business process improves the efficiency of service delivery. For example, a customer will book his or her reservation using his or her laptop and will only need the key to the room, or food deliveries upon arrival. The flow of the business process is determined by the business process model.

The New Reservation Process

Web-based automated systems provide the platform for quality forecasting, and decision making. The prices of the reservation are fixed based on the market trend. The transfer from the manual book keeping to the internet requires phase implementation and management. The reservation process involves a website and its data compilation.

For example, Mr. John logs on the Sunset Inn’s website, and makes an order after careful study of their room prices. The automated reservation unit acknowledges the reservation and transfers the information to the system’s data terminal. The information is processed from the processor units using the communication channels.

The automated system provides acknowledgment codes and documents for each transaction; for the customer and the hotel management. The information for the transaction will be forwarded to all parties involved in the business process using a facsimile. The process transfers the information through the facsimile.

The financial processes are documented using the facsimile transactions. The information collected is documented and the bank processor terminal prepares the payment transaction for the reservation. The facsimile transmits the transaction to the customer, and the hotel management.

Process of booking a hotel reservation

A reservation claim is a process of booking a hotel reservation. A web based reservation claim generates and transmits the transactions of a customer. The generated transactions and documents include;

  1. Prices of each room and rooms available
  2. A processor that organizes the customer’s information: name, phone numbers and description.
  3. The customer’s memory terminal documents the customers booking dates and any cancellation process is documented and transmitted.
  4. The claim is stored on the web server.

Each transaction is forwarded to relevant units for safe keeping and documentation. When a customer declines his or her booking, the automated system notifies the client, the hotel management and relevant deductions are carried out using the hotel’s terms and agreement uploaded to the mainframe of the server (Venkatraman 73).

Leavitt Diamond

Each step analyzed above can be fully automated. Automation software and specialized personnel will be used for the management of the web-based automated reservation. The changes will use the four components of the Leavitt Diamond ‘ model. The model consists of people, technology, the task and the structure. The change will require fewer human resources.

Web-based automation reduces the task of the front desk agent. The tasks are embedded on the server mainframe and each processor transmits relevant transactions to the interested parties. The structure of the technology reduces the workload for the receptionist, and each employee will adjust to new assignments and changes in job descriptions.

A change in the technology of the organization will require the employment of specialized personnel. This will reduce the risk of damage of the web automated technology and the loss in revenue for the organization (Venkatraman 73). The staff crews are trained by specialized personnel to handle the change.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence provides information for decision making. Business intelligence gathers information to improve the performance and management of the organization. Besides the information of the customer, information retrieved from each transaction includes:

  1. The customer’s habit
  2. High seasons and low seasons
  3. Secured transaction on each deal
  4. Market targets
  5. Private security information
  6. Customer feedback

Ten suggested pieces of information includes

  • Customer’s habits and hobbies
  • Service satisfaction
  • Customer’s nationality
  • Customer’s identification pin
  • Customer’s description
  • Preferred reservations
  • Reasons for choosing the reservation
  • Credit-card transactions
  • Number of booked reservations
  • Complaints

The information retrieved on the customer’s habit will be used to restructure the hotel’s performance. Each unit provides quality services for the smooth running of the organization. Information of high and low seasons will improve personnel distribution during the high seasons.

The management will provide standby resources during high seasons to prevent shortage of quality services. Secure transaction of each transaction is transmitted using the facsimile and the information assist security agents in tracking fraudulent transactions. Customer feedback provides the management with areas of improvement. The management will reorganize redundant units for better service delivery.

The price regime of the hotel is managed based on the number of customers received. Complaints received will be used to reorganize the organization for improvement. The number of booked reservations will aid security personnel in the organization to modify their security systems. The number of booked reservations will be used to measure the firm’s budget for each season.


The change to a web-based automation system will improve the services delivered by the Sunset Inn. It will reduce the error encountered in the organization and improve the productivity each staff. The modification will require fewer funds and will be managed with few personnel.

The technology can be updated and monitored from an authorized platform, thus, reducing the interference on unauthorized users. Revenue generation will improve because each transaction will follow automated transactions. In cases of reservation cancellation, the customer is debited when the cancellation bridges the terms of the agreement. This process may be difficult to achieve using the front desk receptionist.

The web-based platform will give the hotel a competitive advantage, thus, influencing growth and better services. Finally, to achieve quality service in Sunset Inn, a change from the manual booking and reservation to a web-based automated system is imminent.

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Venkatraman, Naryanan. IT Enabled Business Transformation: From Automation to Business Scope Redefinition, New York: Sloan Management Review, 1994. Print.

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