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What Leads to Cooperation and Competition Research Paper

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Updated: Sep 9th, 2021

Mankind or all the creatures of all ages and civilizations can not live without interacting with each other. I mean each one in this life has a particular role to play. Male or female, everyone focuses on the matters or affairs that one was created for. Since Adam and Eve were created they started the role of life, thus Adam could not make anything and all things alone, and so could not Eve.

But what is the cooperation itself? It is the practice of individuals or larger societal entities working in common with mutually agreed-upon goals and possibly methods, instead of working separately in competition, and in which the success of one is dependent and contingent upon the success of another.

However, co-operation may be coerced (forced) or voluntary (freely chosen), and consequently individuals and groups might co-operate even although they have almost nothing in common qua interests or goals. Examples of that can be found in market trade, military wars, families, workplaces, schools, and prisons, and more generally any institution or organization of which individuals are part (out of their own choice, by law, or forced).

Cooperation is the mastermind action that helps to judge success from all angles. The argument is the following: You can not make clapping by one hand. As a haiku goes:

  • Heat without cold.
  • Happiness without disappointment.
  • One hand clap.

Here in this subject, the person who can do lots of things in the society is regarded (I mean the society which includes several elements working together.) Hand in hand the world will be ours. Here in our country since Dec.2, 1971, the rulers of the seven Emirates decided to unite this country after the conclusion of the declaration of the Federation among the seven emirates. All the work rose together in all fields starting with the works of improving and uniting the infrastructure and cities building projects and even now the rulers of the emirates still have the attention to cooperate in all the spheres. It means that the person can not live life without helping each other. As we have in Islam several verses of the Holy Quran encourage Moslems to do all the effort and to combine forces for the good things and charity acts, but not cooperate for the war fairs.

Projects oblige people to work together, so teamwork has become an essential concept in organizations. Effective teams are a mediator goal towards getting good, sustainable consequences. The industry has seen increasing efforts through thorough training and cross-training to help people to work together more effectively and to accomplish shared goals, whether colleagues are present or absent.

We need to listen to other people’s ideas. When people are allowed to freely express their ideas, these initial ideas will produce other ideas.

  • We need to ask questions, interact, and discuss the objectives of the team.
  • We need to treat others with respect and to support their ideas.
  • We need to help our coworkers, which is the general theme of teamwork.
  • We need to share with the team to create an environment of teamwork
  • All members of the team are encouraged to participate in the team.

For a team to work effectively it is essential to team members acquire communication skills and use effective communication channels between one another e.g. using email, viral communication, group meetings, and so on. This will enable team members of the group to work together and achieve the team’s purpose and goals.

Meanwhile, we can see lots of people all over the world doing their best to produce Mass destruction weapons and materials, as the nuclear arms race between the two blocks in the recent decades, for example. This could not be regarded as the essence of cooperation, but it is against the cooperation, which should be for the useful and significant things not for the destructions and terrorism.

It is rather difficult to achieve the aims acting alone. Indeed, the person plans, one can put all the prerequisites for any project. Moreover to the dreams of such projects can be realized later on, but one can not start or run that project alone. Because human beings or mankind are created to depend on each other. The smallest model of the society is the family, independently either it includes 4 members or more than 40. No one can live alone, but everybody depends on one’s relatives, neighbors, and other people from the surrounding.

Regarding the events, both huge and very significant or small but simply pleasant, it is undoubtedly possible to conclude, that we observe the result of the teamwork, hand in hand, to achieve the aims. In addition to the relations between the states or the countries, it is necessary to say, that there are Superpowers in the world, but one can not live alone. It is the Life Philosophy.

To make the dreams come true the person should follow the correct and the most important steps in the way for success, or in another sense to take by reasons of attainments.

Looking at all responsibilities or works we can see the strides that were pursued to reach the achievements. One of the greatest examples, which is also particularly relevant for the Arab Emirates, is the Oil. Before the discovery, there were several countries all over the world looking for fuel – the most important element of the world economy. The specialists realized and discovered that there is oil under the land and every piece of equipment necessary for further discovery and production was provided. The planning for the future works, the man resources, the rigs, and all the team works and staff were made available to start in that work.

In the beginning, the explorers or the teamwork had an opportunity to find the oil effortlessly; they could find it at less than 10 000 feet depth. There could be water or deadly gas. Not having lost the intention, they tried more and more in several other locations. It is usually called the persistence of success. Cooperating and understanding each other are the main factors of successful teamwork, which leads to success.

Some may argue that lots of sportsmen achieve success acting alone, just by training hard every day. But are the sportsmen alone even in the individual kinds of sport such as swimming, running, boxing, F1, etc. Of course, they are not, as before these sportsmen gain success, the coach teaches a sportsman how to move correctly, how to breathe, how to act in a different situation. Swimmer or sprinter competes with his/ her friends to analyze all the possible mistakes and undermine the possibility of the fault. Before the competitions, the sportsman is morally supported by all his/ her friends, relatives, and training staff. If regarding Formula one racing, it may only seem that the pilots are acting alone, in spite they are united in teams. Every pilot is observed by a separate team of the mechanics and the trainers, not taking into account the IT specialists, who are responsible for the correct work of the IT. Humans are the creatures that never make up the convictions, developmental status, and surroundings of the entire globe. To act as if there is no cooperation within states is would be not only unreasonable but also hazardous. Some scholars draw attention to this issue, and while the views may be a bit extreme in the declaration that the world acts as a single incorporated unit, some people are precise in presuming that we join forces with other states, make stronger international organizations, and maintain the humanitarian and educational activities of worldwide civil society. International relations are set, to a large degree, by a range of norms. While some Countries may, at times, oppose the issues of what actions should be regarded as normal, the majority of states realize the mutual profits that can be achieved through collaboration on widely accepted rules. Some illustrations of norms involve the peaceful arrangement of disputes and admiration of national borders.

International cooperation itself is the most essential kind of human cooperation, as it is claimed to maintain order and obedience to world law. International cooperation creates the organizations which are claimed to enhance the world economy, struggle with poverty, help the people who suffered from the disasters.

World history shows that everyone strived to unite the efforts with the others, especially with the neighbors. Thus Germany was united in the Federation after the feudal division and after the division during the cold war resistance. Korea realizes that the united country would be a more powerful actor on the world stage. The states aim to join the international organizations in order not to be alone or isolated from the world affairs

So, a recommendation that I will be able to give after all the conclusions to all my colleagues and friends is not to be alone and keep trying uniting in groups. It is very easy to plan, drew, prepare, and run the mentioned projects alone, but it is difficult to succeed alone in life.

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