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Why There Is No Peace In Israel? Report


The book How Israel Lost analyzes four areas that have affected people of Israel and Palestine for several years. The author has divided the book into four parts. The first and the third parts discuss about Israel. The second part discusses about Palestine, and the last part wraps all the ideas together and comes up with viable solutions.

Among the issues and questions answered by the book, there is the following: Why is there no peace in Israel? In this area, the writer gives his own views why Israel has not lived peacefully with Palestine. I found this area of discussion most interesting. This paper discusses why there is no peace between the two neighboring nations.

Useful Discussions in the Book

According to Cramer (2004), border crisis is the cause of unrest in Israel and Palestine. Israel attacks Palestine at bounder while Palestine attacks Israel for the sake of revenge. This has led to suffering of the Israelites and the Palestinians living in Gaza and west bank and, as a result, a long-term crisis between the two nations.

According to Cramer (2004), as the Israelites attack Palestine to gain more land and resources from the land occupied by Palestinians, they become victims just like the Palestine. This means the war between the two nation will only oppress their citizens whether the Palestinians or the Israelites.

According to Cramer (2004), Jews living in Israel seem to have forgotten the principles found in the state. Their goals and standard were to become the light on democracy and peace to whole world. It would be observed that this is not the case in the current Israel.

The country is not at peace at all either internally or externally. They are always fighting and oppressing Palestine. This is not in line with the principle the nation was found in. Therefore, according to Cramer, this is the reason why there is no peace in Israel.

The soldiers after coming home from the war do not live in peace. According to Cramer (2004), there is no peace in the country. This is because the soldiers after breaking homes and killing innocent individuals at Palestine bounder do not live at peace with one another.

The young individual learn to oppress those how do not belong to their group. This has a far-reaching impact in the society since the nation will be composed of individuals who do not co-exist with one another hence there is lack of peace. This means that morality of the Israelites is affected by war against Palestine. Therefore, as long as war persists, there will be no peace in Israel.

Israel’s aggression against Palestine is hurting the Israel military. According to crammer (2004), as long as Israel fights the Palestine, the military will be weakening day after day.

This is because more soldiers are constantly killed and resources are used to support the war rather than being used for development purposes. Crammer argues that the war between the two nations is not helping none of them but brings more harm to their military.

According to Cramer (2004), the Israelites have lost the moral standards and goals. This is because they treat Palestine more harshly. Though the Israelites have been subjected to violence for several decades, Cramer believes that the Israelites should be kind to Palestine.

This is because they have suffered for more than half a century and, probably, know how it feels to be oppressed. This is not the case with the Israelites. The reason is because their moral standards have been degraded. According to Cramer, the continued lack of morality among the Israelites is the main reason why there is no peace in Israel.

Cramer (2004) wonders how just and humane nation can treat the Palestinians so harshly. This is because of demolition of homes in the west bank and Gaza. The homes belong to the Palestinians. This also led to the killing of innocent individuals together with the targeted Palestinians.

Cramer wonders how the Israeli Supreme Court does not bother to assist Palestine. This shows how the democracy and justice have degraded in this nation. According to Cramer (2004), the lack of social justice and morality among the citizens is the reason why there is no peace in Israel.

The two nations have been in bounder crisis for so long. This has affected everybody in the two societies. Each society accuses the other for the crisis. This has made it difficult to get a long lasting solution to this crisis. In the last part of the book, Cramer tries to give solutions to these problems.

He calls upon the leader of the two nations, that is Ariel Sharon, of Israel and Yasser Arafat, to come together and settle disputes peacefully. This was the only solution to bring peace in Israel but it did not happen.

The two did not get long-term solutions of the bounder crisis. This has worsened insecurity at the bounder. The Jews and the Palestinians are affected alike. The more Israel oppresses the Palestinian, the more the situation worsens. The Palestinians formulate the ways of defending themselves, revenge, while the Israelites formulate ways of attacking Palestine, and occupy the areas that they believe belongs to them.

During the operation, homes especially for the Palestine are destroyed. People, especially children and women, are killed. This act is condemned by Cramer (2004) since he wonders how the Israelites are treating Palestine so harshly. Cramer states that the morality among the Israelites has disappeared in the recent past.


According to Cramer (2004), the principle of Israel as a nation was to be the light unto the nations of the word. According to Cramer’s observation, Israel does not live by this principle. Basing the argument on this point, Israel will only have peace when they observe the principle forming the state.

This is because without the moral standards being observed, the war against the Palestine will go on and, consequently, no peace in Israel. According to Cramer, the goals of the nation have been overlooked as the nation fights with Palestine. This shows that the nation has not settled down to serve the people. This is the major reason why even within the nation there is no peace.

The book has explained how young individuals at their tender ages learn how to destroy property. This is something that does not belong to them. As well, young individuals learn to oppress the defenseless and the less fortunate in the society. This means that they do not learn what democracy is. This has propagated the degree of immorality in the nation. With such immorality, the nation cannot be at peace.

Reference List

Cramer, R. (2004). How Israel lost: the four questions. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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