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Women’s Health: Contraception Treatments Essay

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Updated: Jul 14th, 2021

Prevention of unwanted pregnancies is a significant aspect of gynecologic care. Currently, there are many contraceptive methods available for the patients, which include barrier and hormonal options, as well as intrauterine and fertility awareness methods. This report presents a case study and suggests the most appropriate birth control measure considering the individual’s conditions. It concludes that contraceptive treatment should be selected based on individual factors and that it is vital to address the patient’s concerns.

Case Study

This case study presents a patient that is currently on birth control pills. There are several challenges in this situation; it is clear that the current method is not appropriate in this case as it may harm the woman. It is vital to consider all of the related factors, such as the patient’s inability to adhere to the schedule, the history of chronic headaches, tobacco use, and hypertension. The woman’s family history is also significant, as her aunt is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is also necessary to note that the patient is in mutually monogamous relationships, which means that she is unlikely to obtain a sexually transmitted infection.

The method that may be the most effective for the woman is intrauterine contraception, such as a copper T intrauterine device (IUD). The benefits of this birth control measure are that it may be used for up to 10 years and the use failure rate is less than 1% (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018). Moreover, with this device, the patient does not have to adhere to a specific schedule; at the same time, this method does not have permanent consequences if she decides to have more children. It is clear that the patient may use barrier contraceptive means as well; however, the woman already has two children and may want to use the method with the lowest failure rate.

It is vital to develop a strategy in case the patient does not agree with my recommendations. First, it is critical to analyze the possible concerns as they may be caused by the lack of awareness about the means of birth control. According to Dragoman, Davis, and Banks (2010) and Schuiling and Likis (2017), poor knowledge about available contraceptive methods is common for many women, and it is the caregiver’s responsibility to provide individuals with the information about available birth control methods and their features. Second, it is necessary to evaluate whether other conditions may cause the patient’s disagreement with the recommendations.

For example, the woman may experience menstrual cramping and be concerned that the chosen method will worsen the symptom. In this case, it is vital to perform additional tests as the condition may be caused by endometriosis (Tharpe, Farley, & Jordan, 2017). In my opinion, it is possible to manage the patient’s disagreement by establishing a trust-based communication addressing all of the concerning issues.


Although there are many contraception measures available, all of them have advantages and limitations. Hormonal methods are inappropriate for those who smoke or have had blood clots, while IUDs may cause discomfort for the patient. This report shows that a patient may need a different birth control method based on her daily activities, the history of past and present illnesses, and health concerns. However, although a medical professional may choose the most appropriate method, the woman may disagree with the recommendation. Thus, it is vital to establish trust-based communication with patients while selecting contraceptive treatment.


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