IELTS Band Score Calculator

Preparing for IELTS is a challenging and time-consuming task. To handle it, you might practice every day and solve a lot of tests online. And whether you try to estimate your abilities or worry about the actual test’s results, with this guide, you’ll always be able to calculate your IELTS score.

In this blog post, we prepared a lot of IELTS tips, samples, sources, and, what’s more important, a bunch of IELTS band score calculators.

I. 6 best IELTS band score calculators

Test grading isn’t difficult when you know what sources to use.

There’s a specific formula that may help you anytime in this time-consuming task. The other way, you can just use one of the calculators we list below.

Check out these sources in order to find all necessary scales, guidelines, and tools.

1. IELTS Band Score Calculator

On this website, you’ll see three sections of IELTS test—Listening, Academic Reading, General Reading.

In each field, you need to write your raw score for it to be converted to IELTS band score. Remember, you can choose from 40 points, and there’s a different number of points for each section. You don’t have to calculate anything on your own, just copy the information from your results.

The service mentions, that band score is always approximate due to slight changes in examination standards.

2. IELTS Overall Band Score Calculator

calculator image

Want to check IELTS results?

Then, use this overall calculation tool for IELTS. On the exam, you receive the score from 1 to 36 points (9 points for every module maximum).

Each section has a short description of the module describing the specific rules. For example, it informs how much time you have for the writing of every section.

3. Exam English

Exam English is an excellent website that has tons of helpful practicing materials. It keeps a lot of online test samples to improve reading, listening, and writing.

The same sections are available for TOEFL tests including academic books, handouts, tips, and online tests.

The IELTS calculator itself has all basic functions and is easy to use—fill in all the fields and click “Calculate band scores”.

4. IELTS Mentor

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This website has many official materials to learn for the exam and avoid stress and anxiety. The best part about IELTS Mentor is that it has vocabulary topics to learn for the exam. You’ll find exciting lists of words, idioms, and synonyms to use in writing tasks, reading modules, or speaking parts. With these expressions and phrases, your speech and papers become more professional and get higher grades.

The calculator is developed to know your overall band score. On this page, you can also convert raw score into band scores.


Another useful source to increase your performance and get the maximum score!

Dominic’s IELTS shares a lot of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening tips. Among them are also such materials as daily words, 8 writing exercises, listening questions and answers, informative lessons, general tricks on how to pass IELTS, and more.

Along with these useful topics and exercises, you can also calculate your exam results by using a comfortable tool. As in every IELTS band score calculator, you can fill in three fields—General Reading, Academic reading, and Listening, to get your grade.

6. IELTS-Blog

On this website, you’ll find lots of resources, books, samples, quizzes, and tips to help you pass IELTS. Read and analyze free IETLS samples by investigating various topics and using practical materials in every module.

In the tips section, there are also YouTube videos useful to watch for every student.

The grading process is as easy as always—choose your score and click “Calculate Overall Score”. Once you’ve done, you can generate overall band score. With this result, you can find universities that accept students with your grade or higher or claim to a vacancy.

These were the best tools for calculating your IELTS band score and overall grade. Improve your skills and knowledge with helpful guides, tips, exercises, and samples from the listed sources and know your grade in minutes.

We hope, these IELTS band score calculators’ reviews were helpful, and wish you luck with your exams!