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Access to Weapons as the United States Problem Essay


Guns do not kill people, people do. It is an old truth that remains topical. One should remember it before discussing the issue of weapons and their impact on the level of crime and violence in modern society. I am sure that the prohibition of arms sales will not contribute to the improvement of the situation. If a person wants to commit a crime, he/she will find ways to do it. However, law-obedient citizens will be deprived of an opportunity to defend themselves and will become potential victims. Therefore, access to weapons has always been an ongoing issue for the USA. Today, the problem becomes even more significant regarding the number of crimes committed by individuals who used guns. These accidents triggered vigorous debates related to the prohibition of firearms sale or its limitation. The U.S. society is divided into two camps which either support or oppose this idea. The given paper also delves into the issue and discusses critical points related to it such as the higher level of crime in states where laws of gun sale are stricter than in others, the rise of illegal sales, and the need for self-defense. For this reason, the primary aim of this paper is to prove that everyone should have access to weapons as it is guaranteed by the Constitution and demonstrate that restriction of sales is not a solution to the problem of violence in society.

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The increased topicality of the issue and its contradictory character stipulated the appearance of numerous research works aiming at the investigation of the impact gun ownership have on the society. Surprisingly, the majority of these studies demonstrate a significant decrease in the level of violence in states where weapon bearing is not restricted and citizens can buy it easily (Carter, 2017). This conclusion could be used as the central argument to justify the further spread of guns among the population of the USA. The idea is that a significant number of guns among people serves as a constraining factor that makes criminals think about consequences of their actions and risks they might experience when committing a crime. Moreover, studies demonstrate a particular change in criminals mentalities that appear due to the existence of this very factor (Carter, 2017). Under these conditions, easy access to guns could help to stabilize the situation in society and solve the problem of the increased number of malefactions.

However, there is a counterargument to this idea stating that the decrease in the level of crimes achieved due to flexible laws is a temporary phenomenon and should not be considered credible evidence that proves this assumption (Kleck, Kovandzic, & Bellows, 2016). On the contrary, the spread and gradual concentration of weapons among the population cultivate the appearance of a new more significant problem and the rise of gun-related death (Kyle & Doyle, 2014). Glutted with guns, citizens might start using them to solve every significant problem that might appear in their every-day lives. For instance, by some recent interviews, a comparatively high percent of respondents considered their guns a radical measure they might use if a situation becomes worse (Schuman & Presser, 2013). In this regard, opponents of the further spread of firearms use this information to prove the necessity of strict measures or even total prohibition of weapons sale.

Nevertheless, there is another argument that could be used to justify the need for easy access to guns for the population. By the latest statistics, at least 22% of all owners have carried an illegal gun for a particular period (Street, 2016). Moreover, only 15% of firearms possessed by people living in the USA were legally bought (Winkler, 2013). The introduction of new restrictions will deteriorate the situation in the sphere and cultivate the rise of the black market that will provide a wide array of weapons for citizens who are not able to stop using these tools. The USA might lose an important revenue item. At the moment, the annual revenue of gun and ammunition stores in the country comprises about $3,1 billion (Winkler, 2013). Therefore, the spread of illegal arms will cultivate the growth of crime and significant deterioration of the crime situation. That is why it is essential to act wisely and preserve the current state of affairs.

Contrariwise, opponents of this idea are sure that the prohibition of firearms will unlikely result in the appearance of legal issues related to surreptitious sales and the rise of the black market. In case this restriction is accompanied by harsh punishments for using or bearing weapons, individuals will be afraid of breaking this law and will prefer to stop using or buying guns for different purposes (Winkler, 2013). Moreover, money spent on arms could be devoted to other important issues which mean new stimuli for the U.S. economy and its further revitalization. In this regard, the rise of illegal sales is not the only possible variant if there are no legal ways to buy a needed gun.

Finally, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of any citizen of the country to keep and bear arms. It is the higher law of the state that cannot be canceled. Historically, the country was the place where guns were crucial for survival. The first colonizers, settlers, cowboys, and other people used firearms to protect themselves, conquer this land, struggle for independence, preserve its unity, and create the legal framework that will cultivate the states further rise. For this reason, weapons are now could be considered an integral part of Americans mentality and lifestyle. All citizens of the USA should be able to protect themselves from criminals using firearms as it is their central right guaranteed by the Constitution. Additionally, possessing a lethal weapon, a person acquires particular confidence that he/she is secured and will not suffer from maleficent actions. In this regard, the complete prohibition of arms will become a hard challenge for the majority of the U.S. people who recognize the Second Amendment as a central one for their lifestyle and security.


Altogether, there are numerous perspectives on the issue of firearms and their owners in the USA. The given question remains central to modern U.S. society. However, despite numerous appeals to prohibit their further sales and spread, one should understand that it will not help to improve the situation. Violence and the high level of crime do not result from peoples desire to own guns. On the contrary, the paper proves the idea that everyone should have access to weapons for self-defense. Otherwise, we will have to struggle against criminals who will feel free to do whatever they want is not afraid of their potential victims.


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