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Admiration by Tim Tebow Essay

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Updated: Apr 30th, 2020

Today there are many famous people who provoke the public’s strong positive and negative emotions and become the most discussed figures in society. The topic for the discussion can be celebrities’ activities, achievements, behavior, speeches, and many other aspects which become the focus of the public’s attention.

The most controversial figures can evoke feelings in the range from admiration to hatred because they do not follow the social frames, but have their followers. Tim Tebow, a quarterback of the Denver Broncos, can be considered as such a famous person who is worth of real admiration because of his achievements and way of life and that is why he is one of the most discussed athletes today.

Admiration is a strong feeling, which is usually provoked by the high assessment of one’s actions and behavior. Many athletes are admired by their fans because of their great sport achievements and that healthy way of life which they support and popularize. However, few of them became the topic of active discussions because of their definite viewpoints and beliefs. The figure of Tim Tebow is interesting because it is possible to accentuate his significant sports achievements along with his active social position and persuasions. Today many people agree that such persons as Tim Tebow can be admired and followed by the public. What are the reasons for such admiration?

Nowadays, media and Internet focus more on the phenomenon of ‘tebowing’ than on the peculiarities of the athlete’s personality, which can explain his popularity as well as the public’s hatred to him. Tim Tebow is a good athlete and a famous Evangelist whose faith became the real issue. Many people who are not interested in sports know him as that person who prays kneeling on one knee before games, and this act is called ‘tebowing.’ Nevertheless, sport is only one side of his life. Few people know that he is involved in philanthropic activities and works with charity organizations. It is not the results of his beliefs, but just his vision of life.

In spite of the fact many people argue Tim Tebow’s behavior and career’s achievements, it is possible to determine several aspects of his life which can prove the fact that such persons are worth the public’s admiring and following. Thus, Tim Tebow is famous because of his specific manner of playing, which differs from traditional norms. Being sure that such a style can lead to the best results, Tebow is not afraid to follow it. The style of playing is in interdependence with his life style. Tebow always goes his way without paying much attention to the public’s opinions, but with focusing on moral and religious principles. His following Christian traditions and norms are so obvious that people are inclined to consider this fact as a kind of provocation.

Nevertheless, it is a personal choice to follow the religious norms or those rules imposed by media. In his turn, Tim Tebow does not impose his way of living on the others. It is not his task. He just lives the life he likes. Moreover, his life’s priorities are so simple that they are also discussed in spite of the fact that many persons follow the same ideas. Thus, Tebow considers faith as the key aspect of his life on which all his successes and achievements depend. Family is also of great importance, and only then he concentrates on his sports career as the way to play his role in society and be helpful to it.

Tim Tebow is a man who tries to live a virtuous life which is based on his faith. He is also a great sportsman whose achievements attract the public’s attention. He has a lot of followers who are interested in his sport successes and who want to become such a strong personality as Tebow. Thus, Tim Tebow is worth admiring.

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