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Agribusiness in the North America Report

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

Agribusiness in the North America has been an important part of the communities that live there and has had tremendous contribution to the economies that are found in North America. It is well documented that the Canadians hold the farmers and their contribution in high regard. Agriculture in this area is well advanced beyond the farms.

These agribusiness farms are involved in some kind of a stimulus package that not only supports the farmer and his family but also extends to the farm employees and other external economies as well. The farmers buy a lot of farm inputs such as farming fertilizers, animal feeds, farm packaging products, farming equipment and working overalls. This in turn provides a lot of revenue for a robust economy in this region.

It is also a documented fact that by having farmers own farms here and do farming in lands, they are well able to supply their produce in grocery stores and also supermarkets that deal with dairy products. Milk factories thrive very well in these areas considering the amount of dairy farmers who are stationed here in their farms.

This in turn provides some forms of employment to other non-technical employees who are in the background. These include drivers, accountants, veterinarians, security officers and many more. The government gets to benefit from all this in the aspect of payment of taxes.

Agriculture is also a major contributor to the taxation basket in the Northern part of America; this in turn makes sure that the government has the farmers’ interest at heart. When the government is dealing with agricultural policies, it makes sure that effective competitiveness is upheld and the taxation systems are not too tasking to the farmers, and the need for responsive business risk programs is well in check.

Agribusiness in this part of Canada is unique judging from the geographical position of the country and the climatic conditions that are experienced there. That is why the owners of this business are trained by the government in terms of succession planning, risk management, crop husbandry and animal husbandry.

It is of great importance that whoever gets to manage these farms is well knowledgeable in these matters in order to avoid any farming season going to waste. I support the government’s initiative to offer help to these farmers in a bid to secure the country from drought disasters and also from having to import food from other countries.

It is a well worked plan whereby the Canadian government invests in its own population which in turn gives morale to the farmers and their employees.

Canada has a population of around forty million people and most of their land, especially in the Northern part heading towards the North Pole, is clearly not good for farming because of the low temperatures involved in those areas. Therefore having these farmers farm along the borderline is a strategic move.

Having the government support them is even a bolder and accommodating aspect. I support the government’s initiative in looking into the business risk management aspect which includes agri-stability. This has been a fundamental process in establishing problems like poor customer service, timeliness issues, large and complex volumes of paperwork and the art of predictability experienced in this industry.

The government’s training on business risks is something that I have found of use in this report. This has been tremendous in helping the farmers come up with ways of protecting their crops. The taxation issue is another important aspect I have noticed and how the government makes sure that it does not burden the farmers. The government also makes sure that the market is comfortable for the farmers so as to prevent farmers from taking their produce to other countries.

Agribusiness stability is of great relevance here looking at the economic contribution of agriculture and the stimulus flow it has created. It is of great importance to safeguard this entity because its collapse would lead to a form of economic depression that would affect a number of households in Canada. The government’s initiative in having talks with the stakeholders in this industry is a clear sign of its commitment in bettering this industry.

It is an industry that ought to be transparent, time conscious, predictable and accessible by all means. The Canadian government has put this into consideration and it is only a matter of time before we start seeing most of these changes being implemented, making this industry more consumer friendly and in a position to fully support itself.

This is a report that I would definitely recommend to small business entrepreneurs to read especially those in the agricultural sector. It is a report that has a sense of rich text and knowledge when it comes to the agricultural dynamics involved in the current farming age. The changes proposed will come in handy in protecting and establishing a good agricultural background in this region.

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