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Alberta Health Services Report


The report provides information about my four-month work term at the Alberta Health Services in Calgary, AB, Canada. The report provides an overview of the institution, my roles within the organization, and the major activities I undertook. The report goes further to provide an overview of the assignments I completed during this period. I worked in the department of the active directory as an information technologist. The other workers in the department accorded me great support as we worked together on diverse initiatives. The tasks I performed during this work term were slightly in line with my training areas. However, it identifies important areas of my study that were critical to the work term. The experience was engaging and rewarding. I have not experienced difficulties while preparing this report.

Overview of the Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) was opened in 2008 and provided integrated health systems. AHS has experienced and committed health professionals, subordinate staff, unpaid assistants, and doctors who promote wellness and offer healthcare to nearly 3.9 million people in Alberta and other regions. The organization has more than 104,000 workers, including around 96,100 workers directly involved with AHS and about 8,000 workers operating in affiliate institutions such as Carewest, CapitalCare Group, and Calgary Laboratory Services. The organization has more than 17,600 unpaid assistants and 8,400 doctors. It also offers clinical education in its facilities to students from learning institutions. AHS has 100 care hospitals for severe sickness, 5 psychiatric rooms, a large bed capacity for victims with severe illnesses and those undergoing palliative care, and 2,327 beds for patients recovering from addiction. AHS has diverse equity partnerships together with crucial care networks. Its services are availed in over 450 facilities all over the province. These facilities include care centers, mental health and addiction rehabilitation facilities, and local dispensaries. AHS administration structure has the president, who also acts as the chief executive officer and an official administrator. The leadership structure also incorporates other people in charge of affiliate organizations. Their inclusion in the management structure was critical to the organization. The institution’s expansion plans required establishing networks and partnerships to facilitate the delivery of services to a larger client base.

The institution’s health information is provided according to the services it offers. It provides health and wellness services, which include injury prevention, safety, disease prevention, population health, travel health, mental health, stroke management, and addiction rehabilitation, among others. It also provides family health services such as pregnancy, child care, grief counseling, and home-based care, long term care, and supportive living, among others. AHS also provides disease diagnosis and treatment services. The organization has well-equipped diagnosis centers that improve the delivery of quality services to their clients.

Tasks and Assignments

At the AHS, I performed different tasks in relation to data entry and editing of patients’ profiles. The management t of clients’ profiles proved difficult for me in the initial days because of the electronic health record management platform employed by the organization. The online records management platform enables electronic inputting and storage of clients’ demographic information. The recorded information includes a physical examination, laboratory observation, and test results, and prescription history.

The institution established a strong technology base to facilitate clients’ statistical data management. One of my tasks was to use the technology, which included computers, application software, cameras, and the Internet, to generate accurate clients’ profiles through recording and editing. I was charged with helping the organization accomplish its goal in information technology by improving data compilation, grouping, and analysis. One of my tasks entailed working closely with doctors and researchers. My responsibilities included transferring their documents and research works into a more structured information management system (IMS) platform. The tasks entailed sorting and profiling documents containing clients’ details from the physical bookshelf into a computer based library to enhance their usability.

I was tasked with inputting patients’ background information, medical history, and disease history into a computerized database platform. I transferred patients’ data onto the online order documents. I was also tasked with searching the records in the database to retrieve the missing information. My tasks also involved entering and retrieving information in formats prescribed by users. During this period, I also participated in reviewing data quality to ensure that only accurate information was entered into the database. I kept accurate records of assignments and tasks completed by staff working in the department. My tasks also involved undertaking searches on clients’ names and identification details.

I also assisted in the preparation of the department’s reports on a monthly basis. I generated information about the performance of the department from the database platform, where everyone entered their assignments and completed tasks. I organized the information into statistical reports and subsequently presented them for further scrutiny and printing. I was also involved in another team within the department that was responsible for identifying and correcting errors in documents. My inclusion in this team was significantly crucial as a way of ensuring that the errors were not entered into the electronic records systems. Finally, the tasks I performed in the data entry department were in relation to designing and producing information tracking tools in the department.

I joined AHS when the organization was establishing a state-of-the-art electronic information management platform. The organization was laying down a robust protected wide-area system to serve its main offices and all remote locations where it has operations. I joined part of the team that was tasked with ensuring that the consultants received adequate information about the present information technology platform that was in use. I worked closely with the consultants throughout this period as they established a totally modernized data center. The center has a large expansion capacity. The organization also introduced a new task for the department, which required someone to handle electronic health records management in ambulatory settings.

Working at AHS as an information technologist responsible for data entry proved valuable. I got the opportunity to learn so many things. I learned how to handle the automated workforce system and its implementation on a larger scale. I gained valuable skills on how to enter accurate personnel details and ensure data flow within diverse databases. I also learned about the application of modern automation programs and platforms used in managing data. Working with consultants remains the most exciting period in my four months at the organization. The things I learned while working closely with the consultants were crucial in my career path decision making.


In summary, this report is a reflection of the tasks and assignments I handled while undertaking my work term at the Alberta Health Services in Calgary, AB, Canada, for a period of four months. The organization opened its doors in 2008 and has grown to become a major health service provider in Alberta province and the region. The institution has a highly-skilled, professional, and committed workforce. This has enabled it to keep pace with the health services demands of the population. I joined the department of the active directory as an information technologist. I handled major tasks in data entry and editing clients’ details and profiles. The opportunity to undertake my term work at the organization was very exciting. I learned so many things in relation to statistical information management using electronic and automation platforms. I played a critical role in providing the consulting firm, which established a modern data center at the organization with relevant liaison with other departments.

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