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Amalgamated Mobotics Essay


The main facts about the organization

The company Amalgamated Mobotics which was founded in 1993, produces lawn mowing robots (Ireland, 2013, p. 1). Although at the very beginning of its operations, this organization achieved relative success, it later lost its positions to other competitors that could manufacture better products at a lower cost (Ireland, 2013, p. 1).

Amalgamated Mobotics was acquired by a large corporation Virtual Technologies. At this point, the management of a newly-created division called VTI Mobotics has to find ways of improving the performance of this organization.

The postulated strategy

The series of discussions and meetings have resulted in the identification of the following goals: 1) improved retention of customers; 2) the development of innovative products; 3) reduced operational costs. These objectives are critical for the sustainability of this organization. As it has said before, Amalgamated Mobotics lost their competitive edge because their rivals outperformed Mobotics in terms of price and quality.

The chosen communication strategy

The choice of communication strategy is vital the performance of VT Mobotics. It is possible to prefer such a method as a company-wide meeting. The main advantage of this approach is that senior executives can clearly communicate their objectives to every employee of the company (Wright, 2006, p. 16).

Furthermore, the message will not be distorted in any way (Wright, 2006, p. 16). This method is not the only one that business administrators can use. The directors of each department should later specify the details of the strategy to the workers. In this case, the main advantage is that employees will be more willing to ask clarifying questions when they interact with managers who are more familiar. These are the main aspects that should be considered by business administrators.

The partnership with Motorworks

For a long time, Amalgamated Mobotics has cooperated with such a supplier as MotorWorks. This organization has indeed provided Mobotics with high-quality components, but they often failed to deliver their goods on time (Ireland, 2013, p. 8). At this point, the management has to decide whether the organization should further rely on the services of MotorWorks or establish partnerships with other suppliers.

Under the circumstances, the most rationale policy would be to conduct the evaluation of clients’ satisfaction with motors. On the basis of this research, the management can better evaluate the efficiency of Motorworks as a supplier. The main recommendation is that Mobotics should not rely too much on a single supplier since such a policy can make them too vulnerable. Moreover, they should not be responsible for improving the organizational performance of MotorWorks. This is one of the main points that should be made.

Complaints of customers

One of the most important tasks is to increase the satisfaction of clients. In their opinion, the quality of the company’s after-sale service does not always meet their expectations (Ireland, 2013, p. 8). This is one the reasons why they choose to purchase the products manufactured by the competitors of Mobotics.

To some extent, it is the duty of the R&D department that has to improve the quality of products. Nevertheless, one should not disregard the role of post-purchase service. The management of Mobotics should create a separate department that has to respond to the needs of clients as quickly as possible. In this way, they can improve the retention of clients.

The role of Research and Development (R&D) department

There is a key problem that the managers should address. In particular, the clients of Mobotics say that it takes two much time to repair the lawn moving robots. This issue should be addressed by the engineers and designers working in Mobotics. Therefore, one should make sure that the employees of the R&D department concentrate their efforts on this task.

Nevertheless, at the same time, these employees should have a certain amount of time during which they can work on projects that are of the greatest interest to them. Such a practice is now adopted various high-tech companies, and it was critical for their long-term sustainability. It is vital for the development breakthrough products.

The role of the marketing department

The structure of the Sales and Marketing Department should not be changed. However, the management should pay more attention to the goals and priorities of this division. They need to focus more on the promotion of their products, their reliability, serviceable life, and so forth. The main goal is to show that the company can manufacture better products at a lower price.

The initiatives proposed by the management

In the course of the discussion, the management has identified three goals that may be critical for Mobotics. For example, one can mention the recruitment of the best candidates, the improvement of internal processes, and gathering data about clients. Certainly, each of these initiatives is worth attention, but the main priority should be the improvement of businesses processes within Mobotics.

If a management can cope with this task, the organization will become more responsive to external changes. Moreover, this goal is closely associated with the reduction of operational costs. This is why the managers should focus their attention on this issue while developing the policies of the company.

The partnership with MowCo

Such a company as MowCo is one of the major clients that currently purchase the lawn mowing robots of Mobotics. Currently, this organization demands a ten-percent discount, and the management does not know what course of action should be taken. First of all, business administrators should look at the pricing policies of other competitors.

They should determine whether the competitors of Mobotics can grant a ten-percent discount to MowCo. Provided that these companies cannot offer such price cuts, Mobomotics should not yield to the demands of MowCo since other clients can make similar requirements. However, if the rivals of Mobotics can offer similar products, the management should comply with the requirements of this corporate customer. This is one of the main suggestions that can be made.

The cooperation with NewTech

One of the most issues is the use of technologies developed by a company NewTech. Grace, who is the director of the R&D department, believes that a company can independent develop devices that regulate humidity levels in the law mowing machines. In contrast, Jack, who is the Chief Financial Officer, argues that the company should take advantage of this opportunity.

It seems that the company should adopt this technology if it is reliable and effective. If Mobotics do not use this opportunity, their competitors can easily do it and increase their market share. This is one of the main arguments that can be made.

Reference List

Ireland, S (2013). VTI Mobotics: Paper-Based Simulation. Vancouver: University Canada West.

Wright, M. (2006). Employee Communications: A Network View. The Use of Network Analysis to Explore and Refine Employee Communications Within Team-based Organizations. New York: ProQuest.

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