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Apple Company Products Essay


The company was incorporated on 3rd January in the year 1977. They are involved in designing, manufacturing and marketing of media devices, desktop computers, and mobile digital music players (Reuters). Over and above, they sell accompanying softwares, peripherals, networking solutions and other applications. Some of the products produced by Apple include iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Mac Application Store, iCloud as well as application software among others. This essay seeks to explain the products in detail (Reuters).


An iPhone refers to a smartphone which is basically a combination of an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone in one handheld device (Reuters). It is a very thin product at only 11.6 millimeters in thickness but is wider and longer in comparison to related devices.

It has a 3.5 inch display touch screen with relatively high resolution of around 160 pixels per inch (Rouse, 2007). The device has in-built desktop-class email, Internet surfing and maps and is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows-based computers (Rouse, 2007).


This is another product from Apple which is primarily a 9.7 inch touch screen tablet personal computer. It is basically a note pad with a virtual keyboard (Rouse, 2007). Among other things, it has a multi-touch LED-backlit 9.7 by 7.5 inch front screen and has a weight of 1.5 pounds. Its battery lasts up to ten hours. This device is available with 16, 32, and 64 GB flash drive options. Every other variety is Wi-Fi enabled (Rouse, 2007).


This device is a combination of portable digital media player and hard drive (Rouse, 2007). Current iPods can have up to 60 GB of hard drive space and a resolution capable of accommodating television programs, videos or movies transferred from a personal computer. An iPod is easily connected to a computer through a FireWire or Universal Serial Bus (USB). It supports majority of audio formats like WAV, MP3 and AAC. They are very user friendly to say the least (Rouse, 2007).


Apple has a variety of computing products which include desktop and portable computers (Reuters). The company’s Mac desktop and mobile systems have Intel microprocessors, the OSX operating system and the iLife suite of software for creation and management of digital photography, music and movies (Reuters).

Apple’s desktop computers include iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini (Reuters). Portable computers include MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (Reuters). Mac is the short form of Macintosh (Reuters). Mac uses Motorola microprocessor architecture and an operating system like Windows.


This is Apple’s cloud service which is used for storing music, photos, applications, contacts, calendars, and documents through wireless transfer and pushes them to multiple iOS devices, Mac and Windows-based computers (Reuters). It provides 5 GB free storage. The service requires an Apple ID which can be enabled on Macs running OS X 107.


This is a program that assists the buying, downloading, organizing and playing of digital audio and video files (Reuters). It is available for both Mac and Windows-based computers. It can be integrated with iCloud, and Home Sharing among other applications (Reuters). It is further integrated with iTunes store which is a service that allows clients to discover, buy and download digital content and applications (Reuters).

Mac App Store

This product allows customers to know, download and install Mac applications (Reuters). It offers applications relating to education, games, pictures, lifestyle, and utilities among others. Operating systems belonging to Apple are also available through this application (Reuters).

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