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Assessing the Personal Stress Levels Essay

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Updated: Sep 21st, 2022

Providing a precise assessment of a person’s stress levels is an exceptional topic of study in the present day. Measuring the responses that an individual manifests after undergoing stressful events can be particularly useful for improving their mental and physiological well-being (Arza et al., 2019). Even though evaluating one’s negative reaction is complicated, its successful execution can benefit a future health state. This work will discuss the main tools and instruments used in my self-assessment of stress levels, as well as describe the methods that will be used in battling these issues.

Psychologists worldwide have been concerned with the problems induced by stress for many decades. Some researchers have provided concrete evidence of excessive social pressure being the cause of many health issues (Boyraz et al., 2016). Boyraz et al. (2016) present worrisome findings of lowered academic achievement of students who have increased stress levels and suffer from various mental health disorders. Detecting distress symptoms and managing them appears to be an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To ascertain the levels of stress in my everyday life, I have used several assessment tools. Firstly, I processed the results of the inventory designed to establish the physiological manifestations of elevated tension. Implementing the “Symptoms of Stress” methodology, I have discovered that the occurrence of stress in my life is quite frequent (Olpin & Hesson, 2015). I suffer from anxiety and overwhelming episodes of depression, as well as have some physical disabilities. The spinal injury and the permanent right foot drop I received during deployment cause me significant stress on various occasions. According to the results, I often experience the symptoms of increased pressure, meaning that stress might negatively impact my everyday life.

Evaluating only the physiological symptoms of elevated tension can be insufficient for constructing a comprehensive overview of the person’s life. Adding psychological components into the assessment is crucial for a good questionnaire (Olpin & Hesson, 2015). To measure my psychological indicators of stress, I have implemented the Ardell Wellness Stress Test designed and adapted for college students (Ardell, 1977). The results have shown that my current situation requires additional help from other sources, as the level of psychological pressure is significant. Overall, it is essential to consider the mental state of an individual dealing with stress and to construct proper ways of releasing the tension.

The methods I have been using to cope with negative pressure vary significantly. As a retired Female Combat Engineer Army Veteran, I have obtained several stressful experiences during my deployment. However, I have also gained successful ways of dealing with these experiences, as I participate in PTSD therapy Prolong Exposure to help me through some of the difficulties. Additionally, I have a service dog that assists me in my everyday activities and moments of great stress. During such episodes, my dog can use the training and tactics taught to help me achieve relaxation and a calm state of mind. Overall, I am confident that proper management and resources available to veterans will relieve the pressure I feel and provide me with a healthy life in the future.

To conclude, a proper assessment of an individual’s stress levels is a critical factor in their well-being. Physiological and psychological aspects of intense pressure should be carefully studied and checked. Using corresponding methods and tools can be of significant help for the person, providing them with a clear understanding of the problems encountered. My own traumatic experiences have caused me to adopt specific ways of coping with the stress issues.


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