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Bahrain Citizens’ Call of Support Term Paper

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Updated: Apr 23rd, 2020


Bahrain has been one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The country has recorded tremendous achievements especially in the last couple of years in terms of economic growth, political rights, and empowerment of women.

However, due to the ongoing uprisings in the Arabian world in countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, Bahrain has been affected with protests which can arguably be questioned by looking at the facts and figures about Bahrain. This paper explains why Bahrain protests are not justified at all by critically examining the state of affairs in Bahrain.

Wonderful Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain has in the recent times been hit by the wave of protests that have affected different Arabian countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Protesters have been going to the streets protesting against the leadership of the country. However, the protests are not justified at all. The government has especially in the current times made historic success in different aspects of leadership and the Bahrain community has benefited from these achievements.

The protesters have gone to the streets claiming unfair leadership structure that favors only one Bahrain community. They also claim that the king and his leadership have failed the people of Bahrain. They are demanding the abolition of the constitution. It is clear that the protests are ill motivated since the claims have no basis at all.

The Bahrain leadership has demonstrated fair justice system and leadership. The current constitution was voted in by the Bahrain community through a fair referendum. Bahrain is a great nation and can never be compared with other countries where protests are going on.

It is logical to claim that the leadership of any country can be measured by the economic growth of any country. Good leadership means less corruption and more economic growth. Bahrain has been on the world record for its milestone economic achievements.

In 2006 Bahrain recorded the fastest growth in economy in the world, recorded the freest economy in the Arab world and among the top ten free economies in the world. Bahrain’s financial institutions are among the best in the world especially the Islamic banking. These achievements cannot be compared with any of the countries which the protesters claim admire.

The employment figures in Bahrain are very low and cannot even be compared with other countries in the world especially other Arab countries faced with protests. It should also be understood that Bahrain was the first Arabian country to consider the unemployed by providing for unemployment benefits. It is evident that the protesters have not considered the excellent leadership that has realized these economic achievements that any country would dream to achieve.

Peace and good leadership in Bahrain can clearly be seen by looking at the perception of the rest of the world on Bahrain. Bahrain has been a tourist destination for million of tourists from all over the world due to its unique national heritage, culture, reputation and most importantly peace. Peace in a nation is evidence of good leadership, confidence and trust the rest of the world has on Bahrain a fact that protesters should consider before going to the streets and chasing away the tourists.

Bahrain has invested heavily in the education system with the aim of empowering the whole community to prepare them for the future challenges of the changing world. The country has introduced modernized higher leaning institutions with some of the most prestigious universities being located in Bahrain.

The most important fact worth noting is that Bahrain is one of the fewest countries in the world to finance the education for its citizens as compared to the other nations facing protesters. The excellent education system, infrastructure and the financing is a true reflection of leadership with the interests of people as their top priority.

Political and human rights are key pillars of any democratic country. It is worth noting that Bahrain monarchy type governance prioritizes equal and competitive leadership representation in the governance. Elections are held fairly and everyone has constitutional rights to vie for any leadership position. Bahrain government treats all people equally and all the resources of the government are equally provided for the whole Bahrain community.

Bahrain has been undergoing administrative, economic and political reforms for a long time and currently political and human rights for the whole community has been achieved. The claims being made by the insensitive protesters about unequal distribution of power and resources have no basis whatsoever especially when Bahrain is compared with the other Arabian countries such as Libya and Tunisia which have recorded bad leadership and oppression of human rights.

Bahrain has been a peaceful country for a long time until the protests began. The protests have contributed to the deaths and injuries of many innocent civilian who were enjoying the fruits of their peaceful country. It was very shocking when there were claims that some protesters inhumanly killed innocent law enforcement officer during the protests (View the links below).

The protesters have made it even impossible for Bahrain grand prix enthusiasts to participate in the event since it had to be cancelled due to the riots. Such events have always attracted participants and fans from all over the world but now have been cut short by the ongoing protests. The tourist industry has been worst hit as no one would dare travel to the country at such a time.

This will definitely affect the economy of the country and probably the trust the country has earned with the international community. The peace and leadership in Bahrain has always attracted foreign investors who have contributed to the growth of the country. The protests have eroded the investor confidence with many international investors leaving the country fearing for massive losses.

The heinous and unwarranted protests in Bahrain are not justified and they have brought more harm than good. After benefiting from free education, health services, excellent and subsidized housing facilities the protesters have brought unrest and instability that has forced the king to declare the state of emergency and this has led to closure of some businesses and important government operations important for the whole Bahrain community.

The protesters fail to understand the importance of peace for growth and development of any country and that more protests mean more unrest which will definitely bring the peaceful and economically strong country to its knees and it might take ages to bring the beautiful, peaceful country back to its position.

It is worth noting that most of Bahrain citizens have full confidence and trust in the kingdom of Bahrain and the king’s leadership and this cannot be compared to other protesting countries such as Egypt where the majority of the people were dissatisfied with the leadership in their countries. Most of the Bahrain community is solidly behind the king’s leadership and recently 450,000 patriots rallied and expressed their gratitude and satisfaction in the leadership of their government.

They were openly seen expressing their love and support for the king and his family. These supporters could only show their support because they understand how wonderful, great, and superior their country has been for a long time especially the leadership as compared to other countries that have been hit by protests wave due to the obvious bad leadership in such countries that cannot be compared with Bahrain at any level.


The protests in Bahrain are no warranted at all costs and such acts can only be compared to act of terrorists. The situation in Bahrain can in no way be compared with other Arabian countries that have been affected by uprising protests due to continued fractured leadership that have oppressed their people for a long time. Bahrain is one of the most peaceful countries of the world with one of the largest growing economy in the Arab region and even in the rest of the world.

Success and peace that has been seen in Bahrain can only be achieved through good leadership which other affected countries have failed to give to their people.

Bahrain has continuously undergone reforms in all aspects of leadership and governance through which the Bahrain community including the protesters has gained in terms of excellent health, education, justice, and housing systems among others. Clearly, the protests are unjustified, unwarranted and the protesters should consider what a wonderful country they have before they completely destroy it.


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