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What Prompted Bahrain Protests? Proposal Essay

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Updated: Apr 28th, 2022

The purpose of any government is to establish order, support the people and protect their rights and freedoms. Examples when this does not happen and governments abuse their authority are numerous. When this happens, people demand justice by fighting against the government and overthrowing the rulers. Arab Spring is one example of such uprisings that takes a form of demonstrations, protests and sometimes violence (Panara, 2013).

The paper will focus on Bahrain, discussing the particulars of the protests and analyzing the reasons for the violent occurrences. The major focus of the uprising was the violation of human rights and people demanded the government to change the way it was carrying out the order. People have been fighting for an acknowledgement of human rights, which the government has been violating (Binder, 1999).

The irony about the situation is that the protests were peaceful and were focused on humanity but the outcome was quite the opposite. Police, the army and other government enforcers have turned the protests into a violent outbreak. There are reports of official authorities torturing arrested protestors, which, in some cases, has led to deaths. The theory of human motivation can be used to analyze the behavior of the masses.

The most basic needs are somewhat satisfied but the sense of security or safety is very limited. People do not have steady employment, laws that protect any injustice, the morality is low and this caused the protests. Also the self esteem needs are very low, as people are not confident in their government and the amount of respect is very low. Another theory important to the issue is conflict resolution.

The protests started in a peaceful way, people demanded to be heard and the government abused its authority and resolved to violence. For people to resolve this conflict legal terms must be used but it has proven ineffective, as the judicial system is also biased and unfair. Strategies and plans of action must be outlined to address the matter.

The situation in Bahrain is representative of the Arab world and Arab Spring in general because all the people fight for the same thing—acceptance and administration of their rights and humane treatment (Nugent, 1985). Also, the paper will consider the political and economic unrest of the Arab world. Bahraini protests have erupted into violence and it was begun by the government. This means that the whole regime must be overthrown (Dreyer, 2008).

Any government that allows itself and others such form of ruling must be taken down. There are numerous works and reports on the demonstrations and violence in Bahrain. The author Ali Radhi writes: “If the ruler is unjust it is still possible to hold judicial office, provided that the judge is able to do justice in accordance with the concepts of the Islamic Sharia doctrine” (Radhi 5).

The state of affairs in Bahrain has shown that not only the government is corrupt and abusive of human rights but the judicial system and the enforcers violate people’s freedoms as well (Stork, 1997). This sort of corruption leads people into a dead end and the only thing left is to openly protest without the fear for own life.

Arab Spring and specifically Bahrain are an issue of global significance. Details and evidence must be closely analyzed to determine the reasons for such injustice. The media and social networks are a resource that will help resolve the situation and people must pay close attention to the way justice is re-established. There is clear evidence that the matter is not singular and further analysis of the case is a must.


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