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Bushley’s Stores Micromanagment and Communications Case Study


The aspect of managerial communication is instrumental in facilitating proactive approach towards systematic encoding and decoding information between a company and its employees. In an ideal organization, the role of managerial communication is associated with smooth and systematic channel of communication flow. This channel is responsible for realizing the tenets of communication objectives that function within the common production or functionality goals of an organization. At ceteris paribus, Effective communication should function in the intra and inter organizational interaction involving the team leaders, supervisors, management, and their subordinate teams, depending on the organization culture place. The analytical treatise attempts to explicitly present proposals to the ‘Project’ with the ‘Improvements at ServeNow’ scenario to improve on the organizational communication. The recommendations are based on best practices for remodeling technical organizational communication within formal channels for ultimate business development.


As a consultant, there is need for strategic recommendations for the scenario of Bushley to facilitate the process of micromanaging his stores. Specifically, the scenario presents a complete lapse in the managerial force that is ideal for reinforcing formal and strategic organizational communication. As a consultant, I am mandated to professionally give good advice and guidance to Bushley on the most effective technological communication instruments that are currently available in the market. These tools can be merged with the right managerial skills to turn around the current unfortunate state of quagmire that Bushley has to deal with. In order to give strategic advice, I have to put into account all the dynamics and underlying interests within the information that is currently available.

The primary assumption upon which the entire professional guidance is based on is that Bushley’s company has the necessary hardware in the form of computers and other technological support networks. With this assumption in place, the following recommendations were drawn and highlighted in sequence of importance and priority. The first suggestion is for Bushley to avail practical and user-friendly e-learning training to the managerial and subordinate staff. This should be followed by installation of the instant messaging program (IMP) into the computers and other communication gadgets within the company (Turban, Liang, & Wu, 2011). The IMP is important in facilitating other technology-based communication tools to create an ideal environment for uninterrupted communication between Bushley and his employees in all the stores (Checkland, 2012). When properly implemented, these recommendations would model the communication tools into successful communication channel to enable Bushley to have the direct control of his managerial force. These recommendations are discussed below.

Introduction of a practical and user-friendly e-learning training program

Based on the failures of the current chaotic communication disjoint within the Bushley’s stores, it is necessary to introduce systematic and frequent e-learning training program for the management and other employees. Basically, e-learning is the access of different training experiences through the use of computer-based technologies (Hynes, 2011). In application, these technologies enable the management and other employees being trained to access and gain technical knowhow about webs, internet, interaction, and connectivity.

This means that adoption of e-learning program will give the current managers and other employees the necessary skills that are applicable in the complex and technology-based continuous communication channel (Checkland, 2012). When properly rolled out, Bushley will address the current dilemma of central communication coordination for all his stores. The program would be ideal in addressing the current communication gap that is threatening to undermine continuous channel of encoding and decoding information at the company (Turban, Liang, & Wu, 2011).

When properly implemented, the proposed e-learning, as a communication training strategy, will enable Bushley to play a proactive role of accessing his stores while ensuring that the current management force is geared towards using current technology to facilitate encoding and decoding of decisions at different levels (Turban, Liang, & Wu, 2011). This recommendation is necessary in the ‘Project’ scenario since the results of the e-learning training will enable the management force to internalize the technology-based communication support systems and facilitate proactive engagement with Bushley. After complete implementation of this training program, the communication coordination channel will become more interactive and continuous.

Training the management force on the latest user friendly online communication tools will provide the ideal environment and communication space for collaborative and systematic coordination when exchanging ideas and briefing Bushley. Since these tools are easy to embed within different environments, successful training will facilitate proper channel for creation, sharing, and scaffolding when communication within the current organizational information management systems. For instance, training the current management force on virtual-U as a technology-based communication channel would improve on formal communication at personal and group levels in the organization (Checkland, 2012). This will be to the advantage of Bushley since he will be able to customize the communication space and set the pace for discourse, communication evaluation, and general scaffolding for the different stores from a single location (Turban, Liang, & Wu, 2011).

Installation of the different communication and wireless technologies

Communication technology refers to tools that support cellular communication in the form of a multiple access platform through codes. Examples of communication technology include instant messaging, mobile phone, web browser, and GPS navigation. On the other hand, wireless technology refers to a platform of communication that utilizes the electromagnetic waves to transmit signal in a trajectory path. The wireless technology is void of wire as the main medium for transmitting information (Reynolds, 2009). Examples of wireless technology are Wi-Fi, cordless peripherals for computers, two-way radios, and satellite television among others.

Bushley should consider installation these technologies across different stores to improve on communication efficiency by saving on time since these platforms are easier to use and access by the organizational stakeholders, especially the management force. Secondly, the communication and wireless technology can be used to create and sustain direct, efficient, and instant communication channel since these platforms offer series of benefits such Wi-Fi and messaging. Through such technology, Bushley’s stores will be able to directly reduce logistics channel in communication and translate this benefit into improved efficiency in the decoding and encoding channel (Turban, Liang, & Wu, 2011). For instance, Bushley may consider providing the management force with services such as “e-reporting, ability to track and respond to inquiries, and alerts for updated organization information” (Reynolds, 2009, p. 34). These mobile and wireless technologies will place the company on the regional and global radar in technology application in sustaining communication channel.


The proposed e-learning and latest technology products such as free Wi-Fi, recharging portals, and the mobile app will improve on the actual and perceived communication channel at the company. Since the communication and wireless technology proposed will engage the management force directly, Bushley will be able to stream line the cost of communication.


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