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Comparing Architecture of Los Angeles City Essay

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Updated: Mar 12th, 2020

Lost Angeles, better known as the City of Los Angeles, is regarded as the second most densely populated city in the United States. Recognized as the business center, as well as the most culturally diverse city, Los Angeles is famous for its rich social, political, and cultural life.

It is also the place of the rapid development of fashion, music, cinema, and modern art and, therefore, ten years is a significant term for all important changes that could happen to the city landscape. At this point, analysis of technology development, architecture trends, capacity, cultural identity, and public transport system could be introduced.

Technological progress is closely associated with globalization that touches on all cities in the world. Los Angeles is not an exception because it is considered the center of social, cultural, and business relations.

Technological advances in 10 years are specifically observed in such areas as cybernetic development, automobile engineering, and automated devices. The technological advances in Los Angeles are almost similar to those that occur to the most developed cities in the world, including the Great Tokyo, New York, and London. Hence, there are many high-tech automobiles with engines working according to the principle of solar battery.

Almost all industries are automated and, as a result, the production process has been improved significantly. Finally, the emergence of the World Wide Web has given rise to the emergence of new media platforms, as well as the development of such terms as cloud computing and social networking.

The changes in architectural trends occurred within ten years are also tangible. This is of particular concern to the development of new architectural spots in modern, high-tech style. The most prominent buildings constructed for the last ten years involve Small House in Echo Park, Gordon Street Lofts, 10 Palms, Neubert House, Tile House, etc. All these constructions are made predominantly of steel, wood, and glass.

Unlike architectural trends that dominated ten years ago, the materials, forms, and structures have become much simpler. As an example, Los Angeles Public Library built in 2000-2004 resembles the architectural styles of the 2004-2009 period, except for a few details. In particular, unlike Echo Park House, Library is full of irregular forms and is made up of brick walls.

Absence of steel and wooden elements are more typical of the latest constructions. The above-presented examples prove that modern architecture has been changed in ten years and tends to be more associated with other materials, forms, and types of constructions.

As it has been mentioned before, the City of Los Angeles is distinguished by cultural diversity. Because most of cultural groups and ethnicities have been shaped in the past century, there are no evident changes in demographics, except for a few patterns. First of all, the phenomenon of “melting pot,” mixture of ethnicities and nations, is also typical of this region, and, therefore, more and more marginal cultures and communities emerge.

According to the existing statistics, the ratio of Mexican Americans and African-Americans is the highest as far as national minorities are concerned. Second, due to the constant interaction between cultures, the distinct boundaries between nations residing in the city have also been blurred for the last ten years. Third, Los Angeles has also become the bridge between American and Japanese culture.

Such a tendency is not surprising due to the globalization process and technological advancement. Interestingly, Japanese people residing in Los Angeles are striving to maintain their connection to traditions, as well as promote their cultural identity. At the same time, Japanese culture has a potent impact on Americans, which contributes to establishing strong relations between the two nations and the emergence of new marginal groups.

Changes in the public sector in Lost Angeles have connected with the shifts that occurred in the sphere of technological development and cultural environment. The transportation system has also been evolved for the last ten years.

In particular, the municipal government realizes the congestion and traffic problems and introduces new construction projects to minimize the mean travel time that public transport spends to reach the main destinations in the city.

Development of rail services and airports are also on the rise, but there are not recent shifts in developing and amelioration of transport highways and airline destinations. In particular, LAX, the most important international airport in Los Angeles, is concerned with the construction of a new modernized terminal that could meet the requirements of the high-tech world.

In conclusion, the City of Loss Angeles is considered the most densely populated business center with well-developed technology, industry, cinema, art, and architecture. The most tangible changes have occurred to architecture, which has become associated with modern constructions made of steel.

Tendencies in creating simple structure are also typical for the city. Aside from architectural trends, the cultural diversity issues are also on the rise, due to the constant emergence of marginal communities, leading to the creation of new stereotypes and roles. Finally, shifts in public transport also influence the overall cityscape due to the advances in engineering, technology, and automated services.

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