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Consulting Skills and Meeting Plan Essay

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Updated: May 13th, 2020

Running the Meeting

Every person wants his or her meeting to succeed. The meeting will be successful “if the planning process is effective” (Burdett 2003, p. 182). To begin with, my team members had the best planning process for the meeting. This process explains why we achieved the targeted goals. I also outlined the best questions, issues, and concerns for the meeting. I also read widely to develop the best skills and strategies. This would make the meeting successful. I also liaised and coordinated with the other team members. It is appropriate for different team members to work closely if their meeting is to be successful. I also created the meeting’s agenda, time-plan, and personal contributions. It was my duty to prepare flyers and minutes for the meeting. I used the documents to communicate with every client and stakeholder. It is also appropriate to have a set of goals and expectations from a given meeting. I outlined the targeted goals and communicated them to every team member. The approach helped the members to focus on the targeted goals.

The targeted objective was to come up with new ideas and opinions that could help our organization provide quality services to the clients. The meeting also presented the best information to the targeted stakeholders and clients. My other goal was to make the meeting fruitful. I worked hard to achieve most of the intended goals. The meeting was successful because every individual presented the best ideas. This addressed the issues affecting most of the clients (Smith & Blanck 2002). The meeting examined some of the emerging issues such as recruitment, management, and retention of new talent in the industry. I also gained new ideas and concepts towards the best organizational practices.

The meeting was successful because every person was happy with the results. Every member focused on the needs of the clients and stakeholders. However, it would be appropriate to make the next meeting more successful. The first thing is to have a “good time-plan for the meeting” (Smith & Blanck 2002, p. 297). The approach will address every issue affecting the clients. I will also allocate enough time and resources for the next meeting. This will give every member enough time to express his or her views. The other thing is to give every team member a specific role before beginning the meeting (Smith & Blanck 2002). I will also introduce the use of information systems (IS) to ensure the individuals make evidence-based decisions. Every member will have equal participation throughout the meeting. Such amendments will make the next meeting profitable.

My Impact

As one of the team members, I applied my competencies to make the meeting successful. To begin with, I designed the best plan to ensure the meeting was coordinated in a proper manner (Smith & Blanck 2002). I also encouraged every team member to participate in the agenda. I used personal introductions and questions to explore the needs and expectations of different business partners and clients. I handled every question and challenge in a confident manner. I used my skills to ensure the meeting realized its goals. I used such ideas to make the meeting effective. I also acquainted myself with numerous insights from different studies and researches. The approach helped me provide the best contributions to the meeting. Similar contributions can improve the relationship existing between different clients and their business partners (Burdett 2003). I also communicated effectively and encouraged every member to be part of the discussion.

As mentioned above, I portrayed the highest level of confidence and interest throughout the period. I was interested in every aspect of the meeting. I was ready to answer every question from the clients. I also addressed every challenge affecting my teammates. My confidence was high because I interacted with my team members and clients properly. I also used my communication skills to make the meeting successful. It would be appropriate to “engage every team member and make the best decisions whenever in a meeting” (Burdett 2003, p. 189).

I will improve my performance by working harder, reading widely, and embracing new personal traits. For instance, I will also improve my decision-making, communication, and problem-solving skills. I will also attend different meetings and gatherings elsewhere to acquaint myself with the best thoughts. I am ready to gain new notions as a team leader. I will also widen my interactional and organizational skills. I will use these approaches to provide the best decisions to my clients. The clients will understand the issues affecting their industries and businesses (Vries et al. 2010). Learning is a continuous process and calls for maximum cooperation.

My Team Impact

Every team has its strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses. A team brings together many individuals from different backgrounds. My team was able to have a successful meeting. Every person was committed to targeted goals and objectives. Every individual in my team was ready to make the best decisions. The individuals addressed every challenge, thus contributing to the success of the team. The team leader encouraged every team member to take the agenda seriously and portray the best communication skills. The strategy addressed the specific challenges affecting the team. The commitment and dedication of every member contributed a lot to the team’s success. It would be notable that the team succeeded because every person focused on the targeted goals (Burdett, J 2003). Every member understood the relevance of teamwork and proper coordination. The members had also conducted numerous researches and studies.

However, some aspects of the team did not go well. Some members did not answer various questions during the meeting. Some individuals did not portray the best psychological contracts with targeted stakeholders (Vries et al. 2010). The team encountered different challenges, including lack of coordination, poor interaction, and miscommunication. The situation made it impossible to address most of the issues and questions raised by different clients. Some members did not give others enough time to share their ideas. This explains why some individuals were unhappy.

Every team member wants the next meeting to be successful. I will begin by encouraging the team leader to analyze the obstacles encountered during the previous meeting. The leader will come up with the best strategies to deal with the challenges. This will ensure the next meeting is successful. The next consideration is to have the best planning and coordination strategies. The practice will ensure the team members portray the best communication skills. Every client and stakeholder will be encouraged to be part of the meeting. The strategy will develop the best relationship and confidence between the team members and the clients (Smith & Blanck 2002). It will be recommendable to have a proper plan and strategy to address the issues identified during the meeting. Such changes will make my team successful.

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