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Consumer Behavior Towards the Apple’s iPad 4 Essay

The Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to determine consumer behavior towards the newly introduced Apple’s iPad 4 in the market. In fact, given the economic, social, and political conditions, it is expected that the introduction of iPad 4 will immediately capture the target market (Belch & Belch, 2011). Besides, the reputation of the company and the advanced features of the newly launched product would attract a large number of customers both locally and internationally.

The study is based on the strengths, opportunities, as well as the internal and external environmental factors that influence the firm (Belch & Belch, 2011). The argument is that the firm would take advantage of its strengths to influence the buying pattern of the new product. However, this might not be the case. Further, it is hypothesized that the new garget would be attractive to the larger target audience and enable the firm to maintain its leading position in terms of market share. However, this study is aimed at ascertaining these presuppositions. Specifically, the study intends to provide an insight into what the target consumers actually think, know, and believe regarding Apple’s iPad 4.

The Method and Sample

The research study is qualitative and conducted to establish consumer behavior towards the newly introduced Apple’s iPad 4, particularly, among the middle-income earners. The empirical data are collected from three participants representing the target market. In addition, the data were collected within a short duration, and the telephone interviews were one of the options for administering the questionnaire. The interview questions focused on the qualitative aspects of the product, particularly the respondents’ perception of the Apple iPad 4 in terms of quality and cost.

Besides, the interview tended to look at why customers would not opt for competing products. Essentially, the study examined the qualities of the competing products in comparison to Apple’s iPad 4. Even though the target clients are numerous, for the purpose of this study, the numbers of participants were limited to 3 respondents and were chosen through simple random sampling procedures. In other words, the three participants were chosen through the application of random sampling procedures (Guion, Diehl & McDonald, 2014).

As indicated, in this particular study, all the target customers were deemed viable. However, only 3 participants were randomly selected depending on their availability for the phone interviews as well as other personal attributes, including gender, age, income, and academic qualifications. Besides, the participants were chosen from one particular geographical area though they were carefully chosen to represent the whole target market.

The Study Findings

As mentioned, the study aimed at determining consumer behavior towards the newly launched product. At the end of the study, the qualities of Apple’s iPad 4 that would enable it to remain attractive to the target clients were determined. In fact, the study was conducted using the participants that were carefully chosen to represent the diversity of the target market in terms of demographics and geographical coverage. In terms of gender, two males and one female represented the target market. The implication is that there are more males than females within the target market (Clow & Baack, 2012). The findings were in consensus with the target market demographic statistics, which indicate that more men are in the middle-class compared with women.

Besides, the findings indicated varied income levels among the participants. The income levels were categorized from high-low-income earners to high-middle-income earners. In fact, the majority of the respondents were found among the middle-income category. In other words, two out of the three respondents had their income higher than $15,000, which the majority of the middle-class earns. The findings confirmed the target market category of middle-income earners.

The middle and high-end markets are not only targeted in high-income countries but also in developing countries, especially in China and Africa (Shimp, 2003). Besides, age is a determining factor. While the majorities who are enthusiastic about the new garget are within the age bracket of between 20-25 years, their incomes do not allow them to buy the gadgets. The reason explains why those between 27 years and 35 years are the majority who utilize the garget. Besides, the age-bracket forms the majority in the middle-class.

In fact, the statistics indicate that the middle-class is rapidly growing in developing economies such as China and sub-Saharan Africa (Shimp, 2003). As such, the target market will soon become the largest population in both developed and developing economies. Apple’s iPad 4 should be made affordable to this class of people. Besides the income, the findings indicated that the majority of the Apple’s iPad 4 users are educated. In fact, the findings indicated that all the respondents were graduates. Education plays a critical role in determining income and a particular social class, which find it stylish to possess Apple’s iPad 4 (Andrews & Shimp, 2013). The product can be perceived as if it belongs to a particular class of individuals that may be because of its advanced features, which increase its usability.

The product has been in the test stage in the market. As such, the majority has used the garget for a very short period. However, the results indicated varied reasons for buying the garget. While one of the respondents pointed out at the advanced quality, another looked at the price while the other respondent considered the firm’s reputation. Considering the internal analysis of the firm, all these factors have been pointed out as the major strengths.

In fact, Apple’s emphasis on the provision of quality product to clients has been its main competitive advantage (Comstock, Gulati & Liguori, 2010). Most clients will be buying the Apple’s products because of its reputation of producing quality products. The findings in this category indicated that clients will be looking at various factors before deciding on whether to buy the garget.

However, the majority pointed out that they were attracted by the advanced features of the Apple’s iPad 4. The improved features of the garget from other series have increased the quality of the product. However, as expected, the female category of the market would always be attracted by the aesthetic value of the product. The female respondent pointed the stylish nature of the garget as the main attracting feature.

Most of the respondents pointed out the durability as the other benefit Apple’s iPad 4 has over the competing gargets. In fact, the majority of esteemed clients would argue that the Apple’s products have increased quality such as resilience compared with competitors. However, other aesthetic values are also combined with this quality. Indeed, one of the respondents argued that the products befit the social status. Some of the clients would be going for the products simply because of this perceived value.

Price is a critical component in determining the purchasing decisions. Two respondents pointed out that the price was taken into consideration. The indication is that the target market is highly sensitive to the prices of Apple’s iPad 4. In any setting, the middle class is always sensitive to the prices of the products (Comstock et al., 2010). However, the target group is also ready to spend a little more for the quality.

As such, while introducing the product into the market, price sensitivity must be taken into consideration. However, the findings indicated that the purchasing decisions are hugely influenced by prices and the quality of the product. Generally, the respondents believed that the apple products have increased quality compared with other products. Even though their product prices are high, the higher quality comes with higher prices.


The study indicated that the purchasing decisions are influenced by various factors. In the case of Apple’s iPad 4, the consumer purchasing decisions would be determined by price, quality, and the aesthetic value. Like in most products, the price would still be a sensitive factor. The consumer behavior theorists argue that consumers would not always go for cheaper prices, but take into consideration the value for their money. A Similar phenomenon is likely to happen to Apple’s iPad 4. The clients would consider the quality of the product versus the set prices. The indicated consumer sensitivity to prices is largely determined by this equilibrium. Besides the pricing factor, the firm’s reputation would boost the sales of iPad 4.


The interview questionnaire

Hi, My name is XXX and I am a student at ………. and we are conducting a study on Apple’s iPad 4. I would appreciate it if you would answer a few questions. Is that ok?


1a: Please specify your gender?

___Male ___Female

1b: Which of the following age categories do you fall in?

___20 and below ___21-30 ___31-40 ___41-50 ___51-60 ___61 and over

1c: Please indicate which of the following categories describes your educational level at this point in time.

___High school diploma or equivalent

___Associate’s degree

___Bachelor’s degree

___Master’s degree

___Ph.D or other terminal degree

1d: Which of the following categories includes your total family income during the last calendar year from all sources before taxes? Stop me when I read your category.

___$5,000 and below

___$5,001 to $10,000

___$10,001 to $15,000

___$15,001 to $20,000

___$20,001 to $25,000

___$25,001 and over

___Refused or don’t know


2.a: Do you currently own an Apple iPad 4?

  1. NO, (thank you the interview is over)
  2. YES

2.b: For what duration have you owned the iPad _____________________

2.c: Which of the following qualities best describe the features you look at when you bought this iPad

  1. Price
  2. Improved features
  3. Company reputation
  4. Social status
  5. Other (specify)

2.d: What was specific about this brand that made you chose on the Apple iPad 4

2.e: What other benefits do Apple iPad 4 has over competing gargets

2.f: What other factors did you consider while making the purchasing decision?

Interview Results

Interview question Respondent 1 Respondent 2 Respondent 3
1a Male Female Male
1b 21-30 31-40 21-30
1c Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree
1d 15,001 to $20,000 20,001 to $25,000 5,001 to $10,000
2b 6 months 4 months 4 months
2c Company reputation Improved features price
2d Additional features Stylish Enhanced quality
2e Durability Befits the social status durability
2f Price Price Additional features


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