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Dubai WI-Fi Management Presentation

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2022

Rationale for the Project

  • Improve the quality of communication.
  • Make the city an easier space to navigate.
  • Accommodate tourists and visitors.
  • WLAN system needs a redesign.
  • Citizens need Internet connection in public places.
  • Improve the quality of the connection.

Dubai is a modern city with a growing population and an increasing number of tourists and visitors per year. To accommodate guests and inhabitants, the government should improve the quality of communication within the city, and, namely, install more Wifi hotspots in public places. Being able to use the Internet at restaurants, beaches, parks, and elsewhere is bound to meet citizens’ needs and make Dubai more comfortable for navigation. As of now, the quality and security of connection leave a lot of space for improvement, and the current WLAN system needs a redesign.

Rationale for the Project

Project Purpose and Objectives

  • Supply people with tools for fast communication.
  • Deliver network services at public venues.
  • Change the social and technological environment.
  • Locate areas that need a WiFi connection.
  • Determine activities and areas of improvement.
  • Create job openings for experts.

The purpose of this undeniably ambitious project is to make major changes to the social and technological environment of Dubai. Communication is both a social and technological concept, and significant improvements in this field will take a careful investigation of the city’s landscape and citizens’ needs. Delivering network services at public venues will supply inhabitants and visitors with modern tools for fast communication. This long-term project will take numerous steps for completion. The important milestones for tracking progress include locating areas that could benefit from enhancement, determining activities, and creating job openings for specialists in the field.

Project Purpose and Objectives

Project Collaboration

  • Collaboration with large and well-known companies.
  • Etisalat is a corporation with a strong presence.
  • Collaborating with Etisalat means providing quality and efficacy.
  • Enhanced data security and attacks detection (“Digital Security”).
  • Collaboration with the second largest corporation, Du.
  • Cisco as a vendor of modems and WiFi routers.

The desired sponsor for this project is Etisalat – a big corporation that has built a strong presence in the UAE. Etisalat’s years of experience, expertise, and guidance on the major project goals will ensure the quality of the end product, data security, and efficacy of communication. The company offers a customized risk assessment to detect dangers specific to an organization or a project, which will be of great help. The project team also deems the engagement of Dubai’s second-largest telecommunications company, Du necessary. Cisco is seen as the most likely vendor of modems and WiFi routers to be chosen to participate in this project.

Project Collaboration

Acceptance, Risks, Budget, and Responsibilities

  • Acceptance criteria: quality, speed, and availability.
  • Risks: increased costs, not meeting security standards.
  • Estimated budget: $10,000,000.
  • Sponsor: Etisalat, Client/ End User: Cisco;
  • Project Manager is responsible for overall success.
  • Engineering Team to realize the project plan.

The end product of this project will be evaluated based on the following criteria: the quality of network services, the speed of connection, and the availability of hotspots at all the chosen areas. A project that involves changing the urban environment of a large city requires a thoughtful risk assessment. So far, among the risks detected by the project team are increased costs and the probability of not meeting security standards which may result in confidentiality breaches and data leakage. As of now, the estimated budget for the project is $10,000; the funding is to be provided by Etisalat.

Acceptance, Risks, Budget, and Responsibilities

Project Plan

  • Goal: WiFi services provided to key Dubai locations.
  • Team: connection providers, technical assistants, marketers, and suppliers.
  • Customer requirements: high speed and connection consistency.
  • Moderate to high quality, at least 60Mbps.
  • Approval: Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.
  • Funds: state resources, concerned private organizations.

The main goal of this project is to ensure WiFi provision to major public places and tourist attractions of Dubai. The team will involve connection providers, technical assistants, marketers, and suppliers. The project team concluded that the main customer requirements for the end product are high speed and connection consistency – moderate to high quality and at least, 60 Mbps. According to the guidelines provided by the International Telecommunication Union, the project will need the approval of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. The expenses are expected to be covered by state resources and investments by private organizations.

Project Plan

Main Activities: Preparation

  • Location assessment and analysis.
  • Determining the number of locations.
  • Obstacles identification and management.
  • Studying customers’ needs and defining key parameters.
  • Setting the standard for connection speed.
  • Legal issues management.

In preparation for the project, the team will take a number of steps. First, it is essential to assess locations within Dubai and analyze them in terms of their potential. The main objective of the exploration of the city’s public is determining the final number of areas where WiFi services can be installed. The next step will include exposing risks and hindrances to the successful installment. Studying customers’ need will help the project team define key parameters and set the standard for connection speed. Lastly, each step of the project’s workflow will need to be examined from the legal standpoint to ensure compliance with national standards.


Main Activities: Collaboration and Negotiation

  • Establishing relationships with Etisalat.
  • Using the services of Etisalat.
  • Establishing relationships with Cisco.
  • Purchasing key products from Cisco.
  • Negotiating with the owners and administrators of the areas.
  • Creating opportunities for high signal strength.

In the negotiation process with Etisalat, the project team is to convince the organization that its engagement is critical for changing the urban environment. A contract is to be signed up by both parties, which obliges Etisalat to provide WiFi connection within selected areas. The next step is starting negotiations with Cisco for further purchase of the required products for building a WLAN in the target setting. Coming into contact with the owners and administrators of the selected areas will help to arrange the installation of the equipment in the chosen spots and remove the obstacles hindering the provision of the WiFi signal.

Collaboration and Negotiation

Main Activities: Risk Management, Testing and Security

  • Risk management and prevention.
  • Security issues management.
  • Users’ personal data security enhancement.
  • User experience enhancement.
  • Testing: signal coverage, performance, association, registration.
  • Testing: authentification, application connection, load, in-motion.

The risk management strategy for this project will include detecting financial, technological, legal, and environmental threats. One of the key objectives of this project is enhancing user experience which will be attained through handling personal data security to ensure confidentiality and complying with the set parameters for speed and consistency. The project team will test signal coverage, assess the overall quality of the network, and make sure that all types of devices can access the installed hotspots. Further, each device will need to be authenticated properly with the target system and connected to the actual application. Other requirements are the successful use by multiple customers and consistent connection while users are moving.

Risk Management, Testing and Security

Main Activities: Work Environment and Future Implications

  • Staff training.
  • Creation of job openings.
  • Supervision of the key technical processes.
  • Prevention of technical problems.
  • Management of emerging issues.
  • New equipment maintenance and damage prevention.

One of the ways to ensure the sustainability of work processes is ongoing staff training in which the respective professional competencies of specialists will be enhanced. Adequate training will help staff manage emerging issues with more efficacy and address them promptly. A well-trained staff is likely to maintain new equipment, prevent it from deteriorating, and ensure the intactness of the WLAN and WiFi routers and modems. All in all, sufficient, relevant knowledge and practical skills will aid prevention of technical issues which will account for smoother work processes. One of the key requirements for the creation of a new work environment is the constant supervision of technical processes.

Work Environment and Future Implications


  • Project provided a range of important lessons.
  • Insightful process showcased the necessity of planning.
  • Project helped to define key aspects of risk management.
  • Urban environment modernization necessitates quality connection.
  • Planning requires a coherent framework.
  • Time constraints and quality control to be considered.

Elaborating a workable strategy has appeared to be an insightful process that showcased the necessity of meticulous planning, which is imperative for city-level projects. One of the most challenging activities was risk assessment; however, despite all difficulties, working on this part of the project helped to define financial, technological, legal, and environmental aspects of risk management. The rationale for this project capitalized the necessity of providing a quality Internet connection for modern urban environments. The present project plan offers a strategy of handling time constraints and approaching quality control at a large scale.


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