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Emirate Post Group: the Pace of Evolution Research Paper


The great paces of the moderns business worlds evolution and the increased importance of numerous activities aimed at the improvement of final results condition the great importance of the efficient strategy that will be able to promote a certain organization further rise and it’s becoming a significant factor that might impact a certain sphere greatly. Yet, if to speak bout Emirates Post, it is also crucial to guarantee the improvement of the main aspects of its functioning to precondition its further evolution.

At the moment, it is the official postal operator of the UAE which delivers mail, parcels, and other correspondence to people and organizations across the state and the whole world. It is a part of Emirate Post Group which seeks to provide outstanding postal services and solutions that come along with the most important tendencies used by other global postal services. The Group also provides services under postal and non-postal categories. It guarantees “personalized mailing solutions, local and international Express Mail, domestic and international courier services, money transfer (Instant Cash service and UPU’s International Financial System)” (About us, n.d., para. 1).

Its main mission is focused on the provision of “a bouquet of postal, logistic and specialized financial services according to the best standards of quality, excellence, creativity, and innovation to keep our customers happy” (About us, n.d., para. 3). It should be exercised through leadership, creativity, and the great level of provided services. However, the company also suffers from various problems related to the efficiency of its functioning and the quality of the suggested services.

Other information about the organization

Besides, at the moment, Emirates Post is headed by the group of CEOs who are responsible for decision-making and accept strategies that are aimed at the reconsideration of the used approaches and provision of certain services. It is located in the UAE and headquartered in Dubai. The company has its own website https://www.epg.gov.ae that could provide the most important information to the customers. According to the companys financial report, Its annual revenue is about 94,458 million UAE Dirhams (the exchange rate to the US dollar is 3,67) (The Emirates Group, 2015). It means that the company remains profitable, though there are still numerous possibilities for its growth.

Quality improvements

Besides, the importance of the given company for the UAE could hardly be overestimated. It is the only important factor that could guarantee the delivery of official documents, parcels, and other correspondence to numerous agencies and individuals. For this reason, the application of Total Quality techniques and some strategies from Six sigma methodologies could help to improve the companys functioning and guarantee better results.

Besides, the approach to strategic planning could be reconsidered for it to be able to match the latest trends in the given sphere and provide high-quality services to its clients. Moreover, it is possible to recommend devoting great attention to feedback and other information to highlight the areas of change and understand the need for reorganization. Therefore, benchmarking could also be used to attain success and determine the areas that should be altered to achieve significant improvement.

Areas of improvement

Investigation of the companys functions provides us with the essential information needed to reorganize its work and make it more efficient. Yet, there are several areas. These are service design, shopfloor, rewarding strategy, and the attitude towards the delivery of correspondence and accomplishment of numerous tasks. At the moment, the company adheres to the outdated approach to the distribution and postal services.

As seen from the following flowchart, a company collects letters and other correspondence and classifies it by the instructions provided to its workers. Yet, it might take a certain period and involve numerous workers of the shopfloor who should work with these letters and classify them to use one or another delivery pattern. There are two main groups which are ordinary and insured parcels. Mail that belongs to the first group is delivered by traditional means without giving great attention to the conditions or terms of delivery.

In case it is an insured parcel it is protected by all means and its delivery is monitored at all stages (Emirates Post postal services in the UAE, n.d.). Besides, in case there are still some unclassified letters, they are sent back to be identified by the workers. The given scheme could be considered inefficient as it demands the involvement of a great number of people, suffers from the decreased quality of post-delivery, and could not satisfy peoples main needs.

Leadership and quality

Besides, a company could also be characterized by the great attention given to the sphere of leadership. According to the official CEOs statement, the company will focus on the promotion of this trait among its employees to guarantee the improved atmosphere within the collective and help its members to evolve and obtain new competencies (CEO Message, n.d.).

Yet, Emirates Post also tries to create a certain corporate culture that implies rewards and encouragement for workers who perform the main tasks with great excellence and could be characterized by the responsible attitude to the most important activities. However, it could be considered not efficient enough as the main workers might still suffer from the lack of attention and be limited in their personal and professional growth as there are no great opportunities for career development.

Emirates Post working process.
Flowchart 1. Emirates Post working process.

These barriers could not but have a great pernicious impact on peoples attitudes to their work and the company in general.

Mechanisms used by the company

Revolving around the above-mentioned mechanisms that are used by the company to motivate employees and achieve significant improvement, one should admit that the premium rate is considerably low. If to compare Emirates Post with other companies that function in the UAE, a great difference could be seen. Besides, the average salary is much lower and employees could not but suffer from the recognition of this fact (Jandaly, 2008).

Therefore, the traditional pattern used to accrue a bonus rests on the amount of average salary peculiar to a company. For this reason, rewards are low and employees could hardly be satisfied with the given situation. For this reason, the level of their efficiency decreases, and there is no significant quality improvement that is needed to condition the further companys growth and development.

Implementation plan

It is possible to suggest a further implementation plan that could be used to enhance the companys functioning and guarantee the significant improvement of its showings. First, it is crucial to reconsider the existing approach to the provision of bonuses to workers who show good results and contribute to the further evolution of a company. The increased rate of rewards could seem too costly; however, the prominent improvement of a companys functioning and greater revenues will cover expenses and help the company to stimulate its further rise.

Additionally, the approach to the management of shopfloor and distribution of parcels should also be altered. According to the provided flowchart, the existing pattern could be considered outdated and inefficient. Several workers have to work with correspondence and guarantee its identification and the choice of the appropriate delivery method.

The usage of the innovative approach that rests on automation and implementation of new equipment to process the data and assure its correct distribution could help to increase the companys efficiency significantly. Yet, Emirates Post has already used certain TQM techniques to reorganize its functioning and improve its image. It is interested in the collection of customers feedback related to the major aspects of Emirates Post functioning and their analysis to provide the credible data needed for the efficient restructuring of the organization and its rapid growth. Finally, it is also essential to promote the evolution of leadership qualities for employees to be able to make important decisions and inspire other workers to work more efficiently by their example.


Altogether, Emirates Post could be considered a significant and powerful company that provides its services to numerous customers. It has several facilities and a certain approach that is used to guarantee its stable functioning. However, there are also several possibilities for the improvement of the main problematic areas of its functioning. To achieve the best results, it is crucial to implement the new approaches to management and guarantee that all employees will be provided with opportunities for their personal and professional growth.


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