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Energy Resource Plan – Physics Essay

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Updated: Apr 16th, 2020


Energy is the essential gift bestowed on humankind. As the trustees of this energy, it is our task to conserve it since we can not do without it. Energy enables us to see, hear, move, work, and essentially live a normal life. It is, therefore, crucial that we endeavor to practices that will lead to the sustainability of this energy.

Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources

Renewable energy is that which is derived from natural resources and is inexhaustible because its natural replenishment is much faster than its consumption, for instance, wind and solar energies. On the contrary, nonrenewable energy is derived from natural resources but is exhaustible because it occurs in fixed proportions, and its degeneration is faster than regeneration. Nonrenewable energy includes coal, oil among other minerals, which are being, used at a rate that far exceeds discovery.

Methods of energy conservation

Personal initiative

From the preceding, it is vital to conserve both forms of energy to ensure environmental sustainability because the misuse of energy is the chief cause of pollution. One of the methods that we as homeowners can apply to conserve energy is the use of energy preservation home appliances. These may include energy-saving bulbs and optimal process air conditioners and refrigerators. Embracing of real-time power use indicators will ensure energy is saved.

The harnessing of solar power and its subsequent use are also critical in ensuring minimum usage of nonrenewable energy and minimum wastage of renewable energy.

During the sunny periods, a lot of solar energy goes to waste while we grapple with astronomical power bills. Solar panels are obtainable at very reasonably priced marketplace rates and will not only help safeguard power but also cut on expenses (FAO, ND). Collective bargaining will further help us acquire these panels and other solar based appliances at a lower price that will be to the profit of everybody.

The adoption of Eco-friendly ways of life is also indispensable in energy conservation. The use of Eco-friendly fuels in our day to day lives is one such way. These include the green fuels that are readily available at our local outlets. Eco-friendly cars that use the power conscious biofuels are also in the marketplace at levelheaded prices. In addition to conserving the surroundings, adoption of these fuels will protect us against the ever-escalating fuel prices.

Government initiative

The government’s role in energy maintenance can not be understated. The administration should embark on formulating policies that will kick off energy fortification from the topmost organs to the grassroots. Tax holidays should be provided on the acquisition of energy-conserving appliances on a domestic front. This will make easy their acquisition and subsequent use leading to energy conservation.

It will also be significant for the government to have a budgetary portion specifically for energy upkeep (FAO, ND). These funds should be channeled towards research into competent ways of conserving power. The government should also use the forementioned funds to educate the masses on the use of energy-saving methods. This can be done by the convening of methodical and industrial conferences.


Energy is vital for the existence of life and should, therefore, be conserved. Maximum exploitation of renewable energy sources and minimum of nonrenewable ones should be effected. The human race should undertake to safeguard energy at all levels of existence, be it individual or government. This will ensure a sustainable world that will advantage humanity.

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