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Engineering Management Essay

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Updated: Apr 22nd, 2021

It is always interesting and educative to find a practical application to the theoretical knowledge gained during the course. This time, I got a chance to investigate deeper the job of an EDA engineer and enjoy the forefront of the technologies and possible practices. The current paper is my reflection on what has been done and how such skills like the abilities to communicate verbally and in writing, work independently and in a team, and display the flexibility of approaches as it may be required by different situations can be used inside and outside the coursework.

EDA engineering is all about the chances to increase people’s engineering productivity and become more competitive in the chosen marketplace. The practice of this industry placement helps to realise that in spite of all theoretical knowledge, it is important to pay attention to a number of personal skills. I find my practice as a good chance to understand what I am, whether I am ready to work, and what I can personally change.

I have learned that many skills are necessary to become a part of a team. The most crucial for me are the abilities to communicate orally and in a written form, make working approaches flexible due to the necessity to meet the changing requirements, and work independently or in a team. First, I think that a good engineer should be ready to share his/her thoughts in two different ways: oral and written. It is not enough to be a good speaker.

It may happen that some written presentations are required. It is necessary to be intelligent while oral presentation and demonstrate my maturity in writing. The second point is an urgent necessity to work in a team but never forget to become a successful independent worker. This skill has to be developed all the time because situations may require different approaches. Finally, the necessity to be “flexible” to meet the changing requirements and situations has to be mentioned. The world is constantly changing. It happens that some new adjustments are crucial. A good engineer has to be very careful with the external factors.

The same skills can be easily used outside the coursework. People should be adjusted to the external requirements, think independently, and become a worthy part of society. A life is not an easy thing, and every person should be ready to combine theoretical knowledge, professional skills, and personal demands to survive, enjoy the life, and even help other people to do the same. I find the skills I choose rather important for ordinary human life. Some people want to work independently, but they can never forget about the benefits of a team work. At the same time, people should learn that the preference for one particular communication type is not an option. Writing and speaking are both important and cannot be neglected.

In general, the evaluation of my skills shows that I am ready to start my career. I know how to communicate with people and share my personal point of view respecting the other’s opinions. I want to present myself as a strong independent worker and get a chance to work in a team to observe other approaches to work. I am ready to learn something new because I want to believe that even the most successful leaders consider the importance of education at any stage.

Still, I also want to underline that a though that some professional skills can be used in a daily family routine should never make people get confused but divide a family and work and enjoy the beauty of the both separately.

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