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First Impressions Significance – Psychology Essay

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First impressions are important because they are the ones that determine the path of a relationship. Most people argue that the first few minutes when a meeting between two persons is in progress are very important. This is because we make quick decisions of whether the other person is fit to become a friend. There are several factors that may influence first impressions, such as how someone dresses and speaks, just to mention a few. This paper will focus on the issues that influence relationships on the first time people meet.

First Impressions Significance

First impressions are greatly influenced by our desires because when we see the people who possess the qualities that one is looking for in a man or woman, we become attracted to them. Sometimes these desires require assistance from somebody else and when one comes across a person that he/she feels can help in making his/her dreams come true, a spark of attraction begins.

Quite often, one is judged by the way he/she is dressed hence one should be careful when meeting new people, especially during planned meetings because no one can dare to trust somebody who is of a questionable character that is portrayed by the way he/she dresses. For instance, a lady who puts on clothes that reveal her body may be mistaken for a harlot. This does not apply to ladies alone because even among men, what one wears dictates his personality.

The way someone is dressed matters a lot because being untidy implies that one is irresponsible, and it will make people shy away from developing relationships that are based on trust. Both men and women look at how the other person is dressed before ushering them into their hearts. An untidy lady or gentleman makes the people around him/her to feel ashamed because it implies that such a person does not have a valid consciousness.

Similarly, the first few words that someone utters can be used to judge him/her because the words we utter express what we feel from inside. It is therefore important for someone to choose his/her words well so that the other person does not feel offended by the remarks he/she makes. Men avoid women who speak too much and hence, they expect a lady to speak less and open up later in the course of the relationship.

The friends that one hangs out with can also be an indicator of his/her personality. This is because people develop friendships with the people they share common interests with. It is difficult to find someone hanging out with regular drinkers when he/she does not indulge in alcohol. In such a case, the person will feel out of place because he/she would not fit into that social circle.

Usually, the things one says and does on the first date will continue to influence the relationship until the end of time. For instance, if one of the partners arrives late for the date, the person who arrived early will develop an attitude that the other person is not punctual. Moreover, if a lady accepts to have sex on the first date, the chances of loosing that man are high because the guy will think that she is not responsible, and no man wants that kind of a woman.

On the other hand, if a man keeps on glancing at other women in the presence of his date the lady will think that he is a womanizer and may be she is not. This implies that the guy does not value the time that he is spending with the lady. Some men go an extra mile to borrow cars, clothes and other things just to impress a woman.

People who are conscious about the effects of first impressions prepare appropriately before leaving the house. This is done by applying makeup and perfumes, among other things, just to make sure the target is hooked. Lying on the first meeting can be disastrous because if the other person finds out, the little trust she/he had is lost and chances of rebuilding it are low.

It is advisable to speak the truth so that if the person you want to impress feels that you are out of his/her preferences, he/she can leave you early enough, which is much better than separating later. In fact, it is better to have a broken engagement than a broken marriage.

If you buy expensive things for a lady just to impress her and in real sense you have no money, you are in for a surprise because she will expect that trend to continue, and should you show any sign of financial weakness she will drop you like a hot metal.

This is because the relationship was not established because of the strong feelings the two of you had for each other. It would do you good if you let the lady know about your financial situation from the beginning of the relationship, but you do not have to tell her verbally the choice of the food joints, and the foods you order for will tell it all; if she is wise she will notice it immediately.

Ladies also make the mistake of talking about their financial problems on the first day. This shows that the lady expects the guy to foot her bills and if the guy is not up to it he will run for the hills. In fact, a well mannered lady will decline any money that she is given by the guy on the first date. This commands a lot of respect and shows that you are not getting into the relationship for financial gains. When the two persons are having a conversation it should be a two way traffic meaning that neither of the two is dominant over the other.

Men have a common idea of wanting to do everything on the first day, and just like Rome was not built in one day, it is not possible to sleep with a lady on the first date unless the relationship is strictly casual. Some men get angry when their efforts are resisted, but what they do not know is that by getting angry it shows that a man is only interested in having sex with the lady and in other words he intends to use her to satisfy his sexual desires

Being yourself is very important because faking your personality would not take you anywhere. None of the parties should talk about their previous relationships, especially negative things about the previous partner. This leads to insecurity because the potential partner will feel that the same thing will be said about him/her, should the relationship end on a bad note.

When it comes to having conversations on the first day, you should look into the eyes of your potential partner because looking sideways can imply that you are lying and the least you want is to be misunderstood. It is advisable to listen more and talk less during such conversations. Above all you should remain calm even if you are overexcited. In addition, if the other partner says something offensive, it is recommended that you correct him/her on the spot because if you ignore it, next time it will be first.


In conclusion, the above mentioned issues do not only matter in romantic relationships, but also areas such as job interviews. For instance, arriving late for the interview tells the employer that the candidate is not punctual and if he/she is assigned any duties he/she may not finish them on time.

Speaking negatively about a previous employer indicates to the potential employer that he/she should expect the same should he/she fire you. Likewise, when the applicant sits down without permission, it shows that he/she has no respect to authority. It is therefore important to capitalize on first impressions because they are the ones that determine whether a relationship will go to the next level or not. After all is said and done, respect is not demanded, but it is earned.

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