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Glassware Packing Company Analysis Essay

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Updated: Mar 26th, 2020

Packaging of glassware for shipping is a very delicate process, which requires utmost precautions. There are steps to be followed during packaging, without which massive damage will be experienced. During my research, I discovered that the massive damage experienced by the company could be attributed to the first process of shipping, i.e., the packaging process.

The first shortcoming I observed was in glassware barrels. They were too big and over-packed. This is not advisable because lighter barrels were loaded first into the ship and some heavier barrels were placed on them, increasing the chances of damage. Apart from this, the barrels did not have internal protection.

This could mean that in every instance of movement, there was a chance of damage because the pieces of glassware were in physical contact with each other. Another shortcoming that I observed was that containers were not labeled appropriately. A stranger could not have an idea that barrels contained fragile items. This could easily lead to damage.

The glassware packages were stowed carelessly in ships in such a way that a lot of space was wasted between barrels. This could lead to movements during the shipping process. There were also no pellets inside the packages, which could act as shock absorbers. The packages were packed too high. For damage control, these packages should be put in good order, making sure that they are tightly packed to reduce movements during the process of transporting them.

The machines used to put the packages on the ship were not effective, because some could break down during the process, and containers could make sounds that could signify damage. All the shortcomings could be controlled because the company could just need to be more organized and plan everything before the day of packaging.

The container is now ready to be ferried, but it has to pass through different zones for checking. In all these zones, there are offloading and loading activities, using cranes and forklifts. The problem is not with the machines, but people are doing the work because they are not aware of what they are carrying due to poor packaging and lack of proper labeling.

After several offloading and loading activities in China, the ship is now ready to leave Mawei Port through the East China Port and via several other ports. It is important to mention that the ship would go through about 26 ports before it would reach its destination. This is a distance of about 16062 nautical miles to the port of Chicago in the United States of America.

On reaching this destination, unloading would be done using cranes and forklifts, but the container would first land on a truck, which hauls it into a warehouse. The process is cumbersome, and the people to blame are the ones who did packaging. The cranes and the forklifts are also operated by people who are only doing it as a job to earn themselves living without caring about damage and losses.

To conclude my research, I would urge the company management to take every step carefully and to stress on the packaging and labeling approaches of the barrels. This would significantly reduce the damage experienced over the years. As a result, the business establishment would make substantial savings in the future.

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