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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Chile Analytical Essay

The Choice of a Country


My choice of a country is Chile. Today the Chilean government is oriented to search for foreign investment providing capital for the economic development of the country (Doing Business in Chile 2008).

What I wish to learn

This is why I am interested to learn about the business climate in Chile, the cultural and social lifestyle, its impact on business, the kind of people that inhabit Chile and business manners and etiquette there.

What Are the Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in the Region?


A social research conducted in Chile designed to collect information about the local culture in its relation to business making process showed very high level of uncertainty avoidance in the Chilean society (Chile Business Etiquette, Culture & Manners 2012). This dimension stands for the social desire to reduce the level of probability of unexpected outcomes.

Chileans do not like facing uncertain future; this is why their state is based on strict and clear policies, laws and rules. All of these regulations are adopted and carefully followed. Besides, the research has pointed out the low level of individualism in the Chilean society, which makes Chilean people collectivists fond of being parts of their groups.


Another highly important element of culture in Chile is religion. The majority of citizens there are Catholic. Religion is an immense part of the Chilean lifestyle.

How Are These Elements and Dimensions Integrated by Locals Conducting Business in the Nation?

The Chilean collectivism is very noticeable in the connections and the status of an “insider” all businessmen there are so proud of (Doing Business in Chile 2014). Whenever someone has an issue, there always will be a friend, who knows a person who can help with that issue.

Besides, a western businessman attending business meetings in Chile should not be surprised that the negotiators may stand very close to each other and touch each other’s arms, shoulders or elbows while talking (Doing Business in Chile 2013). These are the ways Chilean collectivism penetrates business relations. Chile has strong social security levels for all employees.

Besides, Chile has signed social security agreements with many countries of Europe, North and South America and Australia (Doing Business in Chile 2011). This is the reflection of the high level of Chilean uncertainty avoidance.

Chilean Cultural Elements and Dimensions Compared with US Business and Culture

First of all, the US is a multicultural state. Its main difference from Chile is the absence of majorly homogenous society practicing the same religion and belonging to the same culture. Besides, American people since childhood are raised to be individualistic (Koch 2013). They are taught to follow their own goals and walk their own special ways, whereas Chileans enjoy sticking to collectivist values and work in groups.

At the same time people of the United States are similar to the Chilean citizens in their high social level of uncertainty avoidance. Social security in business and at the workplace is highly important to the American employees and managers. Business organizations in the US encourage their workers with the benefits of social security creating comfortable and reliable workplaces.

What Are the Implications for US Businesses That Wish to Conduct Business in That Region?

The businessmen from the US doing business in Chile must be aware of all the cultural differences waiting for them at the meetings and negotiations with the Chileans. People of Chile like to follow rules and regulations, which should be respected by the foreigners.

Before coming to Chile the negotiators have to learn the important etiquette norms and manners thoroughly. A business built in a collectivist society must be based on group work and collaboration, because these are the things Chilean people are naturally good at.

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