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Going, Inc. Essay

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Updated: Apr 30th, 2019

Going, Inc. is a commercial airline company servicing the United States, Europe and Asia is undergoing a problem of declining sales tickets. The company has over the last few years unable to offer satisfactory services to its customers. As a result, customer loyalty has heavily waned with most customers preferring other competitors in place of Going Inc.

Among the areas that the airline has not been able to offer satisfactory services include the many delays resulting from poor strategies being employed in the different categories of the airline’s services. In light of this, Going, Inc. has not been able to cope with the intense competition given by other competing firms in the industry.

As the chief Operating Officer (COO) for Going Inc., the following recommended proposals should be implemented to improve efficiency and enhance the company’s competitiveness in the airline service business.

For Going, Inc. to become the most successful provider of airline transport to the business traveler, it must offer the best services to its customers by employing the best service design strategy.

I would propose that the company should start to offer short routes across the United States to ensure that the long route customers do not go seeking for shorter route airlines when they are in need of short travel services (Williams, 2002). This will provide full package services to customers and prevent them from going to look for everywhere else when they are in need of different services.

According to Spector & McCarthy (2005), the best service companies provides clients with a wide range of options because the more a customer has more choices to chose from the more he or she would want to do business with you rather than your competitor. In the long run therefore, this will help improve customer loyalty and ultimately enhance ticket sales fore the company.

Going, Inc. should offer services to even the first class passengers to create a “service for all” business atmosphere. The company should also upgrade its internet services by offering all the needed information to customers including online buying of tickets to improve communication with customers and promote more sales.

In quality management, Going, Inc should aim to improve the quality of service personnel including training to enhance customer’s satisfaction. The company should create a communication system between the chosen personnel and the customers to enable sharing of views and complains regarding the services offered by the company.

The personnel should be able to come up with ways to solve complaints and ensure customers feel honored and satisfied with the company’s services. The company’s different commercial airlines should offer different services to suit different customer needs by promoting diversity in all areas of its business. Going Inc. should do away with major meals as a way of cutting down expenses to maximize revenue.

The company should also consider coming up with longer route direct carriers to connect major cities and hubs so as to reduce delays caused by many small stops. The other carriers should only be used to connect smaller cities and states and other short route services. This would ensure that there is more than one fly across all stations hence reduce delays.

Going Inc. should consider employing specialist’s engineers in major cities and hubs to check planes as a way of reducing canceled delays due to plane mechanical problems (Mazzeo, 2003). The company should promote punctuality to reduce delays caused by late workers and passengers.

Good relationship with the workers unions is essential to avoid conflicts and striking workers. The company should come up with good incentives and compensation plans for its workers to boost motivation and productivity of the workforce. The company through the human resource department should create good and effective communication channels between the management and the employees to ensure a good working relationship.

Complains and views should be looked at carefully and amicably resolved to enhance effectiveness. In order to reduce cleaning delays, the company should ensure payments to AirDyno are done in time to promote good relationship with them. It should also be consider the company be made the only supplier to ensure responsibility and quality.

Department of maintenance must include specialists for each plane to ensure efficient maintenance and check-ups. The company should separate planes traveling around US with those flying Europe and Asia to reduce delays and late arrivals. Going, Inc. should consider outsourcing training to reduce costs and the use of new spare parts to reduce repair costs.

Replacing old planes with new ones after a period of around five years would be desirable for the airline to reduce repairing delays and promote efficiency. The company should also ensure alternative routes to each destination as a way to avoid weather delays. In addition, the company should try to schedule its flying times to comply with National Aviation System as a way of avoiding their delays.

In the manufacturing sector of private planes, the company should manufacture private planes going by the market needs and demands. Already, there are huge demands for private planes and the company should move with speed to capture this opportunity. This can be done by acquiring the latest technology in the manufacturing sector to improve on efficiency and speed of manufacturing new planes.

The company should boost on its innovative capacity by investing more in research and development. The company should diversify on its offering by building a wide variety of planes such as single-engine piston, twin-engine piston, turboprop, light and heavy jets for customers to choose from.

The new planes should be built with the need to provide greater comfort in mind, through the use of unique designs to differentiate company’s products with others in the market and to identify with and win a special place in customers.

The private planes should be faster, offer more security and fly for longer distances than those of the competitors to ensure high reputation among customers. The personal jets should be built to suit the comfort and design aspired by customers (Wang, & Coffey,.2004).

An innovative design team able to come-up with superior plane design should be identified to design the private planes. To promote sales, the company should offer customers warranties and other after sales services. The company should also consider leasing as a way to boost revenue.


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