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HELP Housemaids Training Academy Coursework

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The HELP Housemaids Training Academy is a business establishment that will deal with training housemaid in the United Arab Emirates. Most of the housemaids who migrate from other countries to work United Arab Emirates (UAE) don’t know the Arabic and Emirate culture.

The housemaids also lack proper etiquettes, don’t understand the Arabic language as well as the local cuisines eaten and dishes. It is therefore imperative that they are trained so as to improve their services. The company will engage in the following activities:

  • training housemaid on cooking lessons
  • language lessons
  • Islam lessons
  • Arabic and Emirate culture lessons

Facilities and equipments required

The following equipments and facilities will be required in order to run this business successfully:


This is where all the training will be carried out. Table 1 shows the main rooms that are required to run the business.

Table 1

Kitchen 1 5m by 6m
Office /meeting room 1 5m by 4.5m
Classroom 1 5m by 4.5m
Bathroom 1 1.5m by 2m
Reception room 1 3m by 3m

Due to limited capital, the proprietors of the business intend to use the home of one of the partners located in Mohamed Bin Zayed city as the business location. As the company continues to grow, it will be shifted to a much bigger building with all the facilities.

Training equipments

The main training equipments and materials are:

  • cookers
  • refrigerators
  • tables
  • chairs
  • other cooking appliances
  • cooking materials

Business background information

The UAE is experiencing a rapid growth rate. Due to the high labour requirement, most of the women are being educated and are getting into the workforce, having kids and leaving separately with their families. Most of these working class ladies have housemaids who are untrained and unable to perform duties to the required standards and cultural norms.

They also don’t have the knowledge about the cultural and religious values of their masters. The wives are not present in the house to train and mentor these housemaids on how to prepare local cuisines and dishes.

This creates a domestic problem in most of the homes within UAE. It is therefore important that these housemaids learn how to cook at reasonable prices and within a short duration of time. It is expected that, as most of the women take up jobs in the UAE, the number of housemaids will increase and the business will continue to grow.

Business success factors

The success of this business lies on the ability of the company’s employees and mentors to train the housemaid on the best cooking methods and other areas such as language, culture and Islam religion. The main areas that will enable us get competitive advantage over other competitors include:

Financial skills

The business management team has adequate skills to manage the financial resources and offer competitive training prices.

Cooking experience

We will hire specialized chefs who are well trained on how to prepare local and international cuisines. These chefs will train the housemaids and transform them to effective and efficient cookers. This will sell our business as the best in training housemaids.

Marketing skills

The Company will aggressively advertise their services to the major towns in UAE. This coupled with other marketing strategy such as: low prices, promotional offers, internet marketing and issuing brochures will be used to increase the sales.

Managing skills

The business will be managed using sound managerial techniques. This will ensure that it remains profitable and continues to grow.

Training skills

Well trained mentors will be used to train the housemaids.

Communication skills

The management team possesses good communication skills. This will enable them effectively communicate with the housemaid and other clients. Other competences possessed by the company management team and employees are:

  • they are sell educated
  • they are self motivated and confident
  • the members have many innovations and work at risk
  • they are energetic and fully committed
  • are able to identify opportunities and exploit them

Expected sales volume

The target market, which is Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has about 5,848 registered marriages that may need a housemaid. Based on this, the business target is about 100- 150 families at the beginning. This figure is expected to rise as our business gains popularity.

Innovative products and services

We will provide innovative services so as to try and increase our customer base. We will provide Arabic lessons so as to take care of the elderly people who are not fluent in English. We will also provide training services to hotels and catering companies. After establishing ourselves in one city, we will move to another city and open branches so as to minimize the transport costs.

Business Organization Structure

The business organization structure for the first year of operation is shown in figure 1 below.

The business organization structure

Figure 1: The business organization structure

The business management team will be made up of the president, three vice presidents namely: finance V.P, operations V.P and the marketing V.P. A trainer will then be hired to train the housemaids. As the business grows, more trainers will be hired depending on the demand for our services. The business organization structure after five years of operation is shown in figure 2

The business organization structure after five years

Figure 2: The business organization structure after five years

Roles and responsibilities of the management team

The company president (Nadia)

She has 5 years experience in managing and operating a business. Her major duties will be:

  • lead the company so that it achieves its visions and missions
  • chair all the management meetings
  • ensure that all the policies in the organizations are met
  • track the business growth
  • check and approve the business strategic plan
  • review all the financial, operations and marketing plans
  • motivate the management team

V.P Financial (Badria)

She has more than four years experience in sales and marketing. Her main responsibilities are:

  • monitor all the bills of the company
  • prepare and review all the financial records within the company
  • identify areas to cut costs
  • carry out audits

V.P Marketing (Najat)

She has 5 years experience, her main responsibilities are:

  • conduct market survey
  • develop an effective marketing strategy
  • maintain good customer relationship
  • prepare sales and marketing reports

V.P operations (Mona)

She has 6 years experience in production, her main roles are:

  • supervise the company’s activities
  • plan and monitor all the resources
  • manage all the workers within the company
  • participate in budgeting

Teacher/ Trainer

The main roles and responsibilities of the trainer are:

  • Train the housemaids
  • Cleaning the kitchen and other areas
  • Prepare the cooking materials
  • Check all the equipment and request for maintenance
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