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Hotel des Bergues Analysis Case Study

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Updated: Jun 9th, 2019

Unique and Core Competences

Resources Competences
Threshold Capabilities Threshold Resources:
The hotel has a favourable physical position. The hotel has the necessary resources to retain all the necessary facilities and hire high-profile staff.
Threshold Competences
The hotel provides high quality services to its clients. The company also has a variety of managerial strategies.
Capabilities for Competitive Advantage Unique
The hotel has a well-established corporate culture of change and innovation. The company pays special attention to human resources development.
The hotel has a specific approach and personalises services provided to the customers. It is possible to state that each customer obtains specific treatment which is appreciated.

The Business-Level Strategy

Hotel Des Bergues can be regarded as a company characterised by focused differentiation. This is a premier class hotel characterised by rather high prices. Though, it is also necessary to add that the prices are not higher than those of the hotel’s competitors. Clearly, the hotel provides its clients with high quality services. The accommodation or other major services provided are not significantly different from those provided by the hotel’s competitors.

Facilities available are almost the same in all the hotels of this class. Remarkably, there are rather high standards of qualities provided. What makes the hotel different and what encompasses the hotel’s advantage is that the services are often personalised. This personalisation has proved to be of high value to the hotel’s clients.

Thus, the case when one of the employees of the hotel took his car to take a client to the airport or the case with an employee who placed a photo of client’s children to her room can suggest that personalised attitude is what clients value most. There are a few hotels which provide such kind of personalised services.

Admittedly, the clients of the hotel are ready to pay extra for the premier class and for the personalised attention mentioned above. The specific attitude of the staff is a characteristic feature of the hotel which justifies the high prices.

Ways Used by Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues to Sustain Its Competitive Advantage

First of all, the hotel’s customers value the high standards of the services provided. As has been mentioned above, they also appreciate the unique attitude to their needs. Facilities provided are also of great value to the customers. It is necessary to note that there are some premier class hotels in Geneva as well as in other cities of the world. However, it is quite rare that a hotel’s employees pay so much attention to customer’s needs.

It is necessary to note that the hotel is always changing. The hotel’s management focuses on constant innovation. Being a traditional hotel, it still has a number of suites which are contemporary and innovative. Thus, there is a mix of traditions and innovations, the past and the future. It is necessary to note that the hotel tries to meet the customer’s needs and desires.

These two features, i.e. personalised service and innovation, are rare and inimitable as the hotel often introduces novel services which are later adopted by other hotels. It is also necessary to note that even though facilities can be substituted, high-quality personalised services are impossible to substitute by something more valuable. As has been mentioned above, the hotel is constantly changing, which is the major dynamic element, which, in its turn, is one of the major advantages of the hotel.

It is important to add that specific corporate culture is what makes the hotel different from others. In the first place, it creates certain value to the customers as employees are ready to provide personalised services. The corporate culture that focuses on innovation and creativity makes the employees encouraged to pay attention to the customers’ needs.

The hotel’s corporate culture is also rare as quite a few employers invest so much time (and effort and, perhaps, funds) to human resources development. It is also difficult to imitate such a culture as it has been evolving for several decades. Admittedly, it is impossible to substitute the value created by the corporate culture as it has been integrated in the organisation’s performance. This culture encompasses dynamic element, which makes it up-to-date in the contemporary rapidly changing world.

Elements Contributing to Dynamic Capabilities

It is possible to note that there are three major elements that contribute to dynamic capability of the hotel. These elements are culture of innovation and change, creativity and leadership. Thus, one of the greatest advantages of the hotel is that it is constantly changing.

The hotel’s management understands the importance of being innovative as change and innovation can be regarded as the core elements of competitiveness. The management understands that a variety of trends appear in the society and people’s preferences or expectations and desires also change. It is crucial to meet those expectations. Innovation and change help the hotel’s employees meet the customers’ expectations.

Effective leadership is what makes the culture of innovation work. Thus, the hotel’s general manager has monthly meetings with the representatives of each department. Admittedly, employees are closer to the customers and are the first to feel and witness the changing expectations. Employees often come up with various ideas aimed at introducing innovative services that make the hotel different from others. Importantly, the employees feel the care and understand that their opinion also matters.

It is also necessary to add that employees’ empowerment is one of the characteristic features of the leadership. Hence, employees have the liberty to make decisions. There are certain standards of the qualities offered. However, it is the employee who decides how to personalise the standardised service. Employees feel empowered and they are not afraid to reveal their creativity which is often praised. Remarkably, employees’ creativity contributes to the culture of innovation and change.

Therefore, the hotel is constantly changing and is always up-to-date. The hotel’s employees are ready to be a part of the culture of change as they feel their opinion matters. They are ready to provide personalised services, which is one of the major advantages of the hotel.

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