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Human beings physical abilities Compare & Contrast Essay

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Updated: Jun 5th, 2018

Human beings physical abilities are directly related to whether they are male or female. This however, is not the case with an individual’s mental ability.

Much as men and women are both human beings, they each have traits specifically common to either men or women. These traits are developed from genes and hormones during conception. However, this scenario is not always applicable since in some instances, women have been known to acquire and develop male hormones.

The same is the case with some men who have acquired female genes. Classification of human beings is based on the simple fact that they have dissimilar physical traits. Apart from the morphological differentiations, majority of their other traits are the same. A female has the ability to form a life, bring it forth into the world and nurture the baby all using her body, unlike a man who is unable to perform the same.

However, this ability to procreate is impossible without the man playing the role of providing the vital Y chromosome. Therefore in the case of procreation the woman plays the pivotal role. Conversely, in a normal scenario, a man can perform tasks that a woman would find rather daunting not because of her incapability of performing the task, but because the man has more, sheer, raw physical abilities.

That is why in majority of situations, mostly domestic, the man is tasked with lifting the heavier objects and generally the outdoor chores as well as the odd jobs while the woman is mainly focused on the less physical tasks, in most cases indoors. On the contrary, the mental abilities of human beings cannot be regarded in the same light as their physical capabilities.

A woman who cannot perform the physical activities that a man can, may be able to, but not necessarily, figure out a more mentally trying task, as good enough if not better than the man depending on her mental capabilities. This is simply because a person’s mental capability is not directly related to their physical ability. This can be publicized in cases where a classroom of candidates of both sexes sitting for the same examination is topped by a physically inept individual.

This goes a long way in proving that the lack of physical aptitude does not necessarily warrant the lack of mental capacity. Human beings mental abilities are pegged on genetic transfers from their parental lineage and not their physical abilities. Nonetheless, the question of whether a person’s mental capability can be affected by their physical being still stands.

In the case where for example, a mentally superior child is physically assaulted continuously at school, regardless of whether they are male or female. Does this affect their performance which translates to their mental output in an examination? The same applies to an adult in a working situation.

If the person is continually harassed and humiliated due to their diminished physical condition, by a more aggressive person, is their performance at work going to be at par with their mental capacity? One thing that can be deduced from these reflections is that given the right situation and equal opportunity, in spite of whether one is male or female, a human being can fully utilize their mental faculties just as well as any other can assuming they have equal mental and physical capabilities.

Challenges affecting lives are an unavoidable reality which has to be incorporated and factored in when deciding whether or not a person is capable of performing a certain task as well as the next person given a level playing field.

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