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Importance of Ethics Essay (Critical Writing)

Moral principles

Ethics can be described as moral principles which set high standards of behavior for people to follow in a particular area. People who observe ethics are models of good behavior in areas they live or work. Students need to study ethics in schools to ensure they grow up to become responsible citizens. This will enable them have more respect for other people’s rights when they grow up. A society that has morally upright people is peaceful and has fewer problems.

Personal ethics

Personal ethics are not different from those applied in business and academia. People who are ethical in their personal lives will sell their customers high quality products at the right market price. They also pay taxes and other levies to relevant authorities as required by the law. Such people are not dishonest and do not engage in corrupt practices which portray their character negatively. Students who are morally upright avoid cheating in exams and plagiarism which makes them have a good reputation. Therefore, their personal ethics make them avoid any actions that weaken their integrity.

My personal code of ethics

Honesty, integrity, respect for the law and compassion are values that I highly cherish. I also do not discriminate against other people based on racial, gender, ethnic and social backgrounds. My personal code of ethics is mainly influenced by the multi-cultural environment in my home area. The interactions I have with people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds have exposed me to rich cultural ideals. I emulate positive values from people I interact with and this has strengthened my moral conscience. I am a staunch religious believer and this has given me a good moral foundation in life.

A bad person

A bad person is one that disrespects conventional norms and practices in a specific society. A bad person engages in actions that bring harm to other people without feeling remorseful. A bad person is irrational and does not take time to think about the consequences of his actions. Such a person does not show any compassion to the less fortunate in the society because of his inconsiderate attitude. Bad people are not morally conscious and do not contribute positively to a society’s prosperity.

Unethical methods

Some acts are negatively perceived in some societies yet in other societies, they are perceived as normal. An individual must understand norms that constitute good behavior in a society he lives to ensure his actions do not offend people living in the surrounding community. Some people use unethical methods to achieve positive results, whenever they encounter difficulties. However, such people tarnish their credibility and reputation in societies they live. People need to take time to think about their actions to understand if they will result in positive or negative consequences. This will enable them avoid engaging in acts that harm other people.

Separated Ethics

Ethics is not similar to religion, law or morals. Ethics are universal and are not similar to religion because they are not based on spiritual doctrines. Ethics differ from the law because they are not recorded in statutes that make it mandatory for all people to observe them. They are more similar to morals because they are sets of unwritten standards that guide people to make rational choices in all their dealings. They help to shape the behavior of different individuals to make them more rational, trustworthy, honest and transparent.

Additional Page

The client needs to take the receipt to the hotel and inform the cashier about the billing anomaly. He needs to take corrective measures to correct this mistake to enable him ease the guilt he feels. He should repay the 41 dollars that was not billed on his credit card to enable the restaurant recoup its expenses. He should not compromise his moral standards by failing to repay the money he owes the restaurant.

I would decline to take the ring because it would tempt me to engage in actions that are not desirable. The ring would tempt me harm other people which is unethical. I always avoid getting into situations that compromise my moral standards and integrity. I prefer living a normal life without being influenced by mystic powers that corrupt my moral standards.

The article reveals how the victim was injured in her own neighborhood after her neighbors failed to respond to her distress call. Similar acts of indifference happen in many places because residents are not willing to take action against criminals. If I find myself in a similar scenario, I would call law enforcement officers. I do not condone criminal acts against innocent civilians.

Human beings do not always know what is good for them. Some people are driven by their selfish desires which make them engage in acts that harm other people. They lack a moral conscience and do not consider how other people are affected by their actions. People need to take time to reflect on their actions to understand how they affect other people. This will make them more rational to avoid engaging in acts that harm other people.

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