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Improving Student Achievements Research Paper

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Updated: Jan 28th, 2022

Students’ achievements are arguably the most important goal of any educator that aims at providing their students with better possibilities. As students keep developing their skills, the approaches to increasing their achievements become more and more sophisticated. Therefore, there is undoubtedly a need to search for better sources of methods and approaches. One of the most important and valuable sources of required data are the researches and studies focused on improving students’ abilities and their determination to achieve certain highlights in their education. The purpose of this study is to find a highly reliable source of data on how to improve students’ achievements. The sources found will then be analyzed from the standpoint of their utilization and importance.

Data Source Identification

Firstly, it is important to decide what data sources will be the most sufficient in the framework of this research. As stated before, the most credible data sources are probably the current publications presenting research on the topic of improving students’ achievements. An alternative would then be the guidelines provided by various education-related organizations and educational institutions. However, there are a number of reasons as to why these are not the preferred source of data.

Guidelines are mostly too narrow and unspecified. They may present basic ideas of what and when to undertake to achieve particular results. However, the guidelines by themselves will not make it able to fully grasp the purpose and significance of recommended courses of action. Therefore, these are not precise enough to achieve efficient outputs.

The researches, on the other hand, may also include guidelines. Nevertheless, more often than not they will also provide a decent coverage of reasoning. This way, one is able to understand which instruction to use and under which circumstances it will be the best decision. Furthermore, the provided coverage may result in significant insights, which will, in turn, lead to creation of consumer’s own ideas, methods, and approaches. It is indeed obvious why scientific researches are the best options for anyone who seeks precise information. Thus, this source of data is preferred.

The researches that will be used here as an example are by van Geel, Keunig and Visscher (2016), Sheikhiani, Gashmardi, Siyanat and Fakouri (2016), and a study performed by Nagle and Strode (2017). They focus on different methods of improving, assessing and controlling students’ achievements. As expected from solid scientific publications, each of these provide an in-depth analysis and evaluation of what processes are involved in achievements growth and what influences them. Moreover, the authors also provide recommendations and certain guidelines to improve results in various circumstances.

The data is determined. Based on these findings, it is now important to understand what their role is and what it might be. Furthermore, it is necessary to describe how the data must be utilized and to what results this will lead. After that is concluded, a certain plan will be formed. It may be implemented to approach students with confidence yet in a humble way to eliminate possible discouragement.

Data’s Role in Improvements

Basically, the data should not be a primary source of improvements. However, the importance of it must not be set aside. Therefore, the amount of impact that the data has would be estimated at approximately 40-50%. This means that the focus should still be on individual decisions and cooperation. The data may be useful indeed, but it is not the only source of possible positive changes. Decisions regarding school improvements must not be solely driven by the data gathered from these sources. This information must be regarded as a possible source of insights and valuable methodology.

Data Utilization Importance

Following the previous statements, data utilization importance may be arguable enough. To put the matter simply, one must understand when and what kind of information they need to implement. In other words, not every recommended course of actions will fit into school policy, current goal, and educator’s preferences. Therefore, the utilization that the data will receive will depend on various factors.

Nevertheless, it is most important to understand that the data is to be utilized in that way or another. It is important to make sure that educators are using their knowledge and researched information to support their ideas and approaches. This may be achieved, for example, by demonstrating how well the findings may improve the education process. Also, various discussions and training may help educators to find their own implementations of information and their own evaluation of its importance. Finally, teachers will exchange their experience in applying their findings to create a productive and efficient environment.

All of these approaches will ensure the utilization of data. More importantly, they will allow educators to understand why it is important and what benefits it creates. If the utilization of data proves to be successful amongst school’s staff, they will proceed to form certain approaches to influence students in various ways.

Students Approach Plan

When aiming at increasing students’ potential and their achievements growth, one has to make sure that they perform the necessary actions appropriately. It is indeed important to stimulate students’ personal growth. However, too much pressure may result in burnout. A student will then become highly uninvolved and may start to disregard education in general. To avoid this, a certain approach must be formed.

This approach is what will keep students interested in studying, while at the same time limiting the pressure they are experiencing. One of the ways to achieve that is to set important goals for students. While doing this, a teacher has to understand what motivates their students to become better and achieve greater goals. This responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of an educator. However, should they succeed, students will be presented with a possibility to improve their results, while also enjoying the process. This pattern may also be applied to empower team members.

Finally, it is important to inspire both students and educators and set new challenges for them to overcome. This is precisely when the findings must be implemented. While providing an excellent source of information, the data will also create a challenge of understanding and implementing the gathered assets.


Thus, data sources may present a valuable and challenging asset. Although they provide a great source of new approaches, they also require being understood and correctly implemented. If a teacher fails to do so, the findings will not be significant and will not provide any benefits. Thus, one has to pay close attention to how the sources are selected and what problems they are supposed to resolve. If proceeded and implemented correctly, the findings referred to in this paper may provide a significant amount of improvements to any facility.


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