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Industrial Engineering Jobs: Job Descriptions and Main Tasks Coursework

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Updated: May 9th, 2022

Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the production or manufacturing processes and their improvement. The Industrial Engineer could have various job titles including:

  1. Safety, health and environment (SHE) specialist
  2. Logistics planner
  3. Manufacturing Engineer
  4. Quality Control (ISO) Engineer
  5. Consultant Engineer
  6. Design Engineer
  7. Sales Engineer
  8. Project Engineer
  9. Electrical engineer
  10. Process Documentation and Methods Analyst

In this paper, various job titles, job descriptions and main tasks of an industrial engineer are discussed.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) engineer

Job description

In any industry, the safety of the workers is of high priority to ensure zero injuries and deaths. The SHE specialist is an engineer in charge of ensuring the safety and health of the workers are improved. He is concerned in planning, coordinating and implementing safety and environmental programs to ensure a proper working environment and a reduction or elimination of injuries. To ensure personnel safety, the SHE specialist is involved in making sure that personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for the workers’ use. Moreover, he ensures safety devices are installed on the machinery. The engineer works closely with the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) and the fire departments in creating a safe environment.

To work as a SHE engineer, a degree in any engineering field is required. He or she must obtain a license to work as safety personnel. He or she can work in any manufacturing industry or government firm.

The SHE engineer reports directly to the SHE manager or chief engineer in charge of operations and supervises SHE technicians and all workers. Most of the work of the SHE engineer involves traveling to various sites to train workers and access the safety and environmental conditions (Net Industries, 2011).

Main tasks

  • Installing safety devices on any machinery and, providing workers with protective equipment.
  • Training workers on safety-related issues and procedures to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
  • Investigation of all industrial accidents and coming up with measures to ensure their reduction.
  • Liaising with the Occupational safety and health association to ensure a safe environment is provided.
  • Conducting tests to measure radiation, noise, air and temperature qualities.

Manufacturing Engineer

Job description

He is charged with the responsibility of ensuring all manufacturing processes, designs, available tools, machinery and workforce in the industry are running smoothly and efficiently. In addition, he makes sure quality standards are met (Career Planner, 2011).

The qualifications of a manufacturing engineer include a degree in industrial or manufacturing engineering. He reports to the operations engineer and supervises other engineers or technicians. Most of the work is in-house and does not require much traveling.

Main tasks

  • Planning workforce deployment within the industry to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • Liaising with merchants to ensure quality materials and products are delivered.
  • Determining the number of workers required in the operations and maintenance to meet demand and improve productivity.
  • Preparing production schedules and discussing with the top management on the processes taking place.
  • Preparing monthly reports on productivity to aid in future planning and improvement.

Logistics planner/ engineer

Job description

A logistics engineer is responsible for the procurement of materials and tools used in production and ensuring a smooth flow of the logistic process by preparing an information system for logistic support (Career Planner, 2011).

A logistics planner reports to the logistics manager. His work environment is mainly an office with occasional traveling or working in the industry. To work as a logistics engineer, a degree in arts or sciences is required. Furthermore, the planner must have good communication, analytical, leadership and problem-solving skills (Demand Media, 2011).

Main tasks

  • Procurement of materials and tools for industrial use.
  • Reviewing of product contracts including changes made in the designs or specifications.
  • Coordinates subcontractors and production teams.
  • Preparation of information systems and bulletins for logistic support.
  • Compiling standardization data.

Quality Control Engineer

Job description

A quality control engineer develops and instigates standards and various ways for carrying out inspection and testing of materials used and processes involved in coming up with a finished product. In addition, he is involved in the training of personnel on the various ways of maintaining standards and quality control. Customers expect quality goods and services from industries therefore, a quality engineer‘s work is very critical in ensuring customers’ confidence.

To practice as a quality control engineer, a degree in an engineering field is required. The engineer reports to the chief engineer and manages other industrial engineers in ensuring quality products are made (Education Portal, 2011).

Main tasks

  • Developing and initiating standards and quality control measures.
  • Training staff on the quality control actions.
  • Developing programs to assess the accuracy of production tools.
  • Formulating methods for recording and tabulating the procedures and methods of the various quality and production processes.
  • Developing sampling procedures.

Consultant Engineer

Job description

A consultant engineer is an engineer hired by a company or industry to provide technical expertise or advice on a project being undertaken. For one to be a consulting engineer, he or she must have practiced as an engineer for several years and be licensed as a professional. A consulting engineer has a diverse background in a particular field (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE), 2011). He reports to the engineer in charge of operations.

Main tasks

  • Providing technical advice regarding a project being undertaken.
  • Doing efficiency studies concerning certain processes and providing feedback to the company.
  • Providing material handling solutions.
  • Doing cost estimates and budget reviews.
  • Doing product line plans.

Design Engineer

Job description

A design engineer designs systems, machines, or equipment to be used in the industry. He is charged with the responsibility of coming up with the schematic and blueprint drawings besides safekeeping of the data (Jeffress, 2011).

To qualify as a process design engineer, one must have a degree in industrial engineering. The engineer works together with draftsmen and reports to the manufacturing or production engineer.

Main tasks

  • Creating schematic drawings for machines, equipment or systems to be used in the production process.
  • Coordinating with planning committees for schematic plans.
  • Safekeeping of the data records/ drawings.
  • Liaising with the manufacturing engineer on the industry’s needs in terms of system upgrades.
  • Report preparation on the number of design schemes completed per month and the recommendations on their effectiveness when implemented.

Sales Engineer

Job description

Sales engineers specialize in selling scientific products. One of their core functions is to educate the customer on the advantages of the product they are selling and eventually make him purchase that product. Moreover, sales engineers are involved in doing market research and helping in the development of new products (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010).

To qualify as a sales engineer, a degree in engineering is essential plus a postgraduate diploma in sales and marketing. The work of a sales engineer requires extensive travelling and is stressful since customers are involved and therefore, one should possess good communication and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, one should exercise a lot of patience when dealing with customers.

Main tasks

  • Selling of products to customers by enticing them into buying their goods or services, negotiating and finally completing the sale process.
  • Determining how product modification can be carried out to suit customers’ desires.
  • Helping customers solve any queries regarding their product.
  • Conducting market research
  • Helping in product development.

Electrical Engineer

Job description

An electrical engineer is responsible for ensuring smooth operation of a production plant by making sure all the electrical components and elements of the machinery are in good working order. Furthermore, he ensures all the electrical wiring of the buildings and the lighting system are in good working order (Wahlgren, 2011).

To work as an electrical engineer, a degree in electrical and electronic engineering is required. The engineer reports to the senior engineer in charge. The work of an industrial electrical engineer is mainly in-house and does not require extensive travelling.

Main tasks

  • Ensuring proper electrical installations of the machinery, lighting system and wiring.
  • Operating computer aided software to analyze electrical systems.
  • Perform calculations and analysis to determine electrical installation standards required.
  • Inspect completed electrical installations to ensure adherence to standards.
  • Plan layout of the power distribution system for metering or generation.

Project engineer

Job description

A project engineer is responsible for managing projects of an industry. He ensures all ongoing projects are progressing smoothly and the right standards and specifications are met. Since majority of projects are carried out by contractors, he helps them by solving any problems or queries encountered (North Carolina State University, 2010).

To qualify as a project engineer, a degree in engineering is required plus a post graduate qualification in project management. The engineer reports to a senior engineer and he in turn manages designers, draftsmen and assistants.

Main tasks

  • Meeting with designers to ensure project designs are ok.
  • Inspection of ongoing projects.
  • Answering queries from contractors.
  • Preparing project schedules and cost estimates.
  • Managing team members and preparing reports for the top management on the progress of projects.

Process Documentation and Methods Analyst

Job description

A documentation analyst monitors the time, methods and speeds in the production line and suggests ways of improving efficiency through analysis of past production trends.

A degree in industrial engineering is a prerequisite for one to work as a process documentation and methods analyst. He reports to the manufacturing engineer and supervises library technicians or clerks involved in record keeping.

Main tasks

  • Monitoring of production methods.
  • Analysis of the recorded data to detect any new trend.
  • Ensuring the data obtained is well kept in archives and is properly documented.
  • Managing the clerks involved in record keeping.
  • Advising the manufacturing engineer on ways of improving efficiency.


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