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Interns Recruitment: Strategy Report

Employing an Intern

Job analysis is a significant step in the process of hiring. It is an approach, which managers should use to determine that the right person will be appointed to the position (Pynes, 2013). When recruiting an intern to work in the HR department, the job description and specification suggested below can be utilized.

Job Description

Responsibilities of the intern:

  • Participation in HR planning;
  • Assessment of HR policies (Mader-Clark, 2013);
  • Implementation of the corporate HR policies.

Duties of the Intern:

  • Renewal of job descriptions and requirements;
  • Provision of orientation, so that the company employees successfully pass all the training procedures;
  • Interaction with workers to determine and systematize their complaints and suggestions;
  • Furnishing pay surveys;
  • Working on the development of benefit programs;
  • Cooperation with the company management to develop training programs (Mader-Clark, 2013);
  • Observance of legal compliance across the entire department;
  • Employee guidance and support regarding their job performance;
  • Participation in employee recruitment under the guidance of the supervisor.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Diversity management, hiring, HR management.

Job Specification


  • None or minimal experience in managing employees within a unit or department.


  • Bachelor’s degree in HR management (or an equivalent degree) (Mader-Clark, 2013).

Required expertise and knowledge:

  • Excellent abilities in communication (including written communication);
  • Excellent abilities in working with a team of diverse players;
  • The knowledge of effective HR strategies and a desire to develop unique methods that will address the corporate needs of the company;
  • Commitment to uninterrupted learning (Mader-Clark, 2013);
  • Knowledge of employment law (Mader-Clark, 2013);
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office and general computing skills.

Recruitment Strategy

Two methods of sourcing can be employed when hiring interns. First, campus recruiting is an effective strategy to find employees who possess the required skills and knowledge but lack expertise and experience in working in the field (Pynes, 2013). Therefore, colleges and universities should be contacted to ensure that their students and graduates can be sourced. Second, government job centers are another option for selecting candidates. Such organizations provide their services to citizens searching for a job.

Therefore, through cooperation with such institutions, the company will be able to recruit the required interns since they will already possess the essential training that they have received in the center (Pynes, 2013). In addition, the advertisement of the position can also proceed on the basis of such organizations. Therefore, the strategy will be based on making a point of contact with campuses and governmental institutions. The company will establish communication with communities to select the applicants that are suitable the most.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis is an instrument that companies can employ to boost the performance of their new employees. Prior to starting in the department, the industry-related needs of the new Customer Service Operators should be determined (Jones & Gorell, 2014). Since the new workers should possess the industry-specific knowledge, they will require training that will help them comprehend the core processes and procedures that occur within the organization and its units.

Apart from that, the job-related needs of newcomers should be addressed. The employees should receive training that will assist them in determining the tasks that lie within their competence (Hodson, 2014). Moreover, prior to starting in the department, the workers’ task-related needs should be specified. It will help them to understand the precise duties that employees working in this position should perform (Hodson, 2014). Importantly, the individuals should be able to fulfill all the aspect of their work; therefore, they should be made aware of the essential processes in which they will have to participate on a routine basis.


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