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Jo Malone and Howies: Creative Enterprises Coursework

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Businesses today are very much into the higher level of competition and use various techniques and approaches in order for them to get the attention of the market. It is quite difficult to expand and attract new customers if the business does its task just for the sake of doing business and making profits. Thus, through the comprehension of the two creative enterprises Jo Malone and Howies reveal how the things are managed and be able to respond to the changing needs of the environment most importantly the people’s demands.

Creative enterprises such as Jo Malone and Howies both perform well and have its own labels. Howies is a clothing company which was founded in the year 1995 by Clare and David Hieatt in Cardigan, Wales. The company is basically known for its eco- friendly products such as jeans, T- shirts and clothing product lines that cater to ethical customs. Howies use the practice of using natural fabrics instead of using modern fabrics which has chemical contents and may cause harmful effects to the environment. As such, these products are attributed to organic cotton, recycled cotton and merino wool (Financial Times, 2006). Also, as part of their eco- friendly campaign, Howies includes slogans or images that depict environmental themes and politics as well.

The brand possesses an identity for the sports in the United Kingdom like surfing, skateboarding and biking. The brand sponsors a lot of athletes and promotes the discipline for many years. Also, it has come out with many products that introduce the brand into other products such as the use of Howies blue as the main color of the Curtis Bikes. Basically, the brand is known for the designs of T- shirts that are famous for its classis styles. A lot of Howies customers develop brand loyalty because of their excellence in managing their catalogues and meeting each expectation of the customers through good customer service (Single Track Magazine, 2004).

On the other hand, Jo Malone has different product lines compared to Howies as it sells fragrances. Jo who is the owner of the business is fond of designing fragrance and it was naturally the owner’s talent which is developed into an investment. She opened her first store in London during 1994 and introduced her flagship store in Sloane Street in London The fragrance that was first made by Jo was supposedly a thank you gift for her facial clients, and eventually recognized as a sole brand and started its own name.

Jo Malone as a brand captures a lot of women into a trance of its packaging and genuine scents. Product development of the business came from the natural talent and passion of the owner in making perfumes with the use of natural materials. Provided with her background as a florist and giving facials at home made her discover the art of using the scent of flowers as a perfume. Jo Malone is the one who made the lemon fragrance for the hand wipes in McDonald’s which are scented (Jo Malone, 2009).


Comparing Howies and Jo Malone gives an idea of being eco- friendly businesses that used natural resources for manufacturing their respective product lines, clothing and fragrance. The strategies that Howies use are being effective as well as the strategies that Jo Malone uses. Clare and David Hieatt, the owner of Howies, catches the attention of the customers through prevailing radical designs and though- annoying messages in T- shirts. They have established a label in sports and this made the product to be significant for most of the customers who are into athletic senses. The label is actually aimed at mountain bikers, snowboarders and surfers but this is made through the promotion of the campaign of the company with regard to the environmental ethics of their products. The company does not only emerge in United Kingdom but also in other countries (Howies, 2009).

One important thing to be considered for the success of the business is how the company understands their market and target customers. David Hieatt as a mountain biker and the rest of the team who are also have sports interests is a significant point on how they position their products into the market (Single Track Magazine, 2004). Putting up a business with passion is a good point though because it boosts the natural strategies and efforts will be lessen to understand the market demands.

Giving the environment an importance is a very good idea that Clare and David saw as their main objective in putting up a business with of course their own interests in clothing. Clare has been very eager in putting up a clothing line and so it happened with the help of David. Though the owners are not the highest paid employees in Howies, they aim at growing the company as successful as they can and meet the demands of their target market. Behind the success of Howies is a story which had tested its strength to remain in the market. Upon the hindrances and tragic events that are faced by Clare and David (Feature.003 HOWIES, 2005), they are still standing and continue to inspire others in which they will be able to depict doing business in other way (Hieatt D and C, 2009).

Being a good example is what they aim for but there have been a lot of issues and concerns that the two have to deal with. Financial aspect of the company had been an issue and they have come to the point of seeking for help from other firms (BBC News Online, 2007). A lot of offers were made as they will be helped to grow but they have turned down big offers such as a big investment where in they can grow easily and quickly. The team holds on to their aim of growing as a business that significantly makes a difference and inspires other with their ethical concerns for the environment. Another point that has been highlighted in the case of Howies is that they want to maintain their original business as how they started and grow as a single and separate business from which they will acquire assistance (Howies b, 2009). They refused to be in a big company and grow as a part of it instead; they pushed their own idea of being helped but grow as a Howies still and managing their products with the strategies that they want to impose (Howies a, 2009).

While Howies is in the mode of preserving the ethical concerns through their clothing lines, Jo Malone interestingly pursues the art of giving through the scents that the company offers in the market. Good packaging and presentation accounts for the brand of Jo Malone (Craven, 2008). It differs from other products because of how the products are made with passion and perfect for gifts which definitely capture the customers and perhaps turn patronage of the product into loyalty.

Obviously Jo Malone started its business in a small way and started opening another branch by the year 1999 (Craven, 2008). The expansion is due to the demand of the customers and to attract potential customers for them to experience fragrance and skin care offered by the company. This serves as a challenge for Jo Malone because entering into a larger market requires more responsibilities and efforts which will affect the future growth of the business.

What makes Jo Malone stand out from the rest of other skin care products is their unique strategy. Jo Malone’s products are distinguished as personalized, with high quality and its unique fragrance. Customers get the chance to personalize their own fragrance by choosing what flavors they want to in order to meet their demands according to their own taste. This strategy makes the customers to be more innovative with them just for simply having their own unique fragrance. Sometimes people crave for the fragrance that they can not find in other stores but in Jo Malone, they have the freedom to customize their own scents which all the materials can be bought from one store. Hence, this strategy that Jo Malone uses can be regarded as an intelligent way of reaching out through its customers and this makes the company different from others.

What challenges are faced by the two enterprises are reflected into how they were able to expand and grow in the midst of competition taking for consideration other products that exists in the market. For the part of Jo Malone, the company uses an approach where in they establish a good rapport with the customers through personally taking care of their skins and educating how this can be maintained. The company makes sure that the customers will have a long relationship and bond with them not only for the benefit of the company but also for the benefits that the customers will get from the products offered. Fragrance is the center of the business and thus it has to focus on the quality of the product complimenting its other product lines. Same scenario that can be depicted in Howies is the approach that they use in order to maintain the customer is the quality of the products that they sell. Quality of service is also one of the main objectives of the two that attracts the people to patronize the products and services offered.

In addition to, a very good strategy that Jo Malone is doing accounts for the CRM or the customer data base and the return/exchange policy. The CRM basically gives value to each and every customer and maintains its relationship with them personally through services that they offer. They assure every customer the satisfaction that they expect and represent the company well. Another good point though is the return/exchange policy which happens rarely among any other companies. With the policy, customers can return or exchange the products if they were not satisfied even though the products are used or not and customers can exchange it though they don’t have a receipt. This one signifies importance given to the customers and the quality of products that they make in order to get the trust and loyalty.

Thus, product lines differ for the two creative enterprises but the strategies of using the natural resources are depicted. Eco- friendly products are acknowledged and the sake of the customers is so much valued by both. They have done efforts to establish the business into a larger market and take bigger responsibilities as how the growth of the business becomes rapid (The Guardian, 2004). It had been noted that the two businesses started through the hobbies and interests of the owners that resulted to an investment which apparently makes a difference serving its customers. Making a difference through its approach of giving value to the customers is done by gift giving and it actually accounts for the dedication of doing business well.


In every business, there should always be the enthusiasm in getting the brand identification of people and trust for the brand. Clothing lines are not easy to establish in the market as there are lots of same products available in the market. What the business owners should remember is to make a difference in making approaches to be able to position its product well. Certainly, it is not easy to calculate what a business would be in the next operating days and what the market perceives. Hence, it has been noted by the two companies that they have to understand their market well and take responsibility for the expectations of the customers.

It will be very much helpful to create a product which has something to do with the interests of the owners such as what the two creative enterprises depicted. Being into sports had been the inspiration of Howies in putting up a clothing store catered to sports and Jo Malone as a florist putting up a fragrance business. The skills have to match the product lines offered in order to be expert enough to perform well in the business.

The objectives of using natural resources in establishing an eco- friendly product lines are indeed catchy as a vital technique for Howies. It largely accounts for the good ethical concerns of the owners and tries to be an inspiration for other businesses to do the same. The world sports have been the target market of Howies while Jo Malone is usually for the women. The two labels had performed well in the market though they have faced difficulties in doing business at first like any other business had experienced as part of growing. It is not easy to be identified and recognized though and thus a lot of efforts should be exerted and all possible ways have to be done.

It is depicted that the two are effective in their strategy of using natural products and pushing the good ethical concerns. Also, a good customer service had been very effective for the companies to maintain its label and its customers as well. The dilemma occurs on its expansion most specifically to what has happened on the case of Howies where they’ve have to deal with seeking financial assistance from other businesses in order to grow. However, they have solved this dilemma by sticking into their main objective which is to establish the business solely and strengthen their campaign in order to inspire other businesses.


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