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Johnson And Johnson Company Essay

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Updated: Mar 28th, 2019

Johnson and Johnson is a medical company that has been in existence for about one hundred and twenty five years. During this lengthy period, the company has grown from a small single-purposed organization to a global one.

It is also involved in multiple activities. Currently, the company is operational in fifty seven countries around the world. Johnson and Johnson comprises of two hundred and fifty other companies under its management. For such a company to attain such a tremendous growth there is need for advertisement.

The advertisement may be aimed at popularizing the company as well as its products. This essay will discuss the strategies, objectives and plans that Johnson and Johnson Company have employed in order to reach its desired target market.

The essay will also discuss the media strategy, research data and target audience focused by the company in its advertisements. Furthermore, the essay will present viable rationale and recommendations for the company.

The Company was formed with an objective of improving the health conditions of billions of people across the globe. This particular objective has partly been fulfilled with the company serving an approximate number of one billion people on a daily basis.

Its products are also widely used all over the world. Another objective of the Johnson and Johnson Company is to provide cheap medication especially to unhealthy individuals in developing industries. The company has been instrumental in providing this affordable medication to a number of developing countries thus saving lives that could have been lost due to financial constraints.

Apart from medical objectives, the Company was also formed with the purpose of providing a source of income to people ranging from medical practitioners to servicemen. Currently, this company has employed hundreds of thousands of employees in its two hundred and fifty companies across the globe. This employment has been helpful especially to the employees in the developing countries as it has considerably raised their living standards.

The Johnson and Johnson Company aims at achieving certain objectives while carrying out its advertisements. First and foremost, the company gives priority to the health education of its audience. This is because the company is not only out to make profit but to also help in combating diseases. This it achieves through educating the public on the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The Johnson and Johnson Company make use of a wide variety of strategies in order to fulfill its goals. The most effective strategy has been the deployment of the decentralized management system. This type of management creates small companies within the main company.

While the main company has its own directors and managers, the small companies are also run by their own directors and managers. This system of management is effective because it reduces the workload on the senior managers. However, advertisements are carried out by one body. This helps to achieve the desired impact and effects on the target audience at the appropriate time.

The company also makes use of the delegation of authority principle. Under this principle, junior managers are allowed to take senior management positions for certain duration of time. This empowers the junior managers to acquire the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to run such high positions.

This process also trains employees and the company does not incur great losses when a senior manager leaves the firm. The process also has a positive effect on advertisement as junior employees in the advertisement department are in a position to successfully conduct advertisements in the absence of their seniors.

The Johnson and Johnson Company conducts properly planned and strategized advertisements that have the desired effect on the target audience. The plans laid out for each advertisement depends on the country and other factors such as the number of disease infections and mortality rates.

Although the company may draft the same plan for advertisement in all the countries containing its companies, the actual advertisement may be released at different times depending on the factors mentioned above.

The company also makes use of tested and approved strategies to advertise its companies, products and to educate the public. The most notable strategy deployed by this company is the use of mobile text messages to pass significant information to mothers in developing countries.

The information passed includes feeding tips or other ways of ensuring healthy child growth. This is the fastest method of passing the information as it reaches the intended audience within the shortest time possible. The audience also receives the information from the company without any distortions.

In poor regions, the company makes use of more localized means to pass the message to the target audience. These include the use of posters and door to door campaigns. These methods have also had a substantial impact on the enlightenment of the public as far as health education is concerned.

Being a medical company, the majority of the target audience of the Johnson and Johnson Company are unhealthy individuals who are looking for a remedy for their illness. The company may place an advert for drugs that the sickly individuals can take to recuperate from their illness. However, the target audience can also be healthy if the message being passed across indicates preventive measures to be taken in order to avoid certain ailments.

For the Johnson and Johnson Company to determine the appropriate time and place for releasing a certain advertisement, it has to be informed about the health status of the population. This is done by conducting a research on that particular disease among the population.

If the research data indicates that there are high incidences of the disease among the population, the company can advertise its remedy. If there are no incidences of the disease, the company can reserve its advertisement for another time. This helps the company to save on its advertisement costs.

The writer recommends that the company should let each small company carry out advertisements on its own. This is because the people at the grassroots level understand best what is ailing the population and would therefore be best suited for the job.

The rationale used by the Johnson and Johnson Company to release its advertisements consists of various factors such as the cost, the target audience, the set objectives and the geographical coverage of the intended advertisement.

From the foregoing discussion, it can be concluded that Johnson and Johnson Company has grown to its present high status through efficient and effective planning, advertisement, prioritizing and strategizing.

The company also has an efficient management system that creates an opportunity for the professional growth of its employees. Finally, the company prudently chooses its method of advertisement and time of advertisement basing on a number of factors such as the cost of advertisement and the target audience.

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