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Leadership Development Plan in Medical Settings Essay

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Updated: Mar 1st, 2021

My current strengths and weaknesses as a leader

Current Strengths: As a leader, I am independent, I am used to forming important decisions on my own based on the information I retrieve through the research or from teamwork. The application of critical thinking in order to find the best solution in a variety of options is my strength. Being a leader of a team, I consult the members, study their suggestions and try to incorporate all the strongest and most successful alternatives in my final solution.

This feature also makes me good at conflict management, I can stay objective in difficult situations, evaluate the positions of the confronting sides, and find the most reasonable way out comfortable for the participants of the conflict. Besides, I am a flexible person and respond well to rapid change, which is an essential part of any modern workplace. For example, any employee can see this change by viewing their job description today and comparing it to that of three years ago (Llopis, 2014).

Current Weaknesses: I lack focus at times. I perceive a tendency towards procrastination as one of my weaknesses. Because of this issue, some assignments may take me a longer time than needed. Besides, I always try to avoid confrontation. I am aware that for a leader this is a negative quality, as very often progress and development are based on conflict and struggle. A good leader is one that remains calm under pressure. Some leaders intentionally create pressure at the workplace to stimulate faster adaptation and filter only the enduring and quick-witted employees; a good example of such an intimidating kind of leader is Donald Trump (Trump, n. d.)

Threats to further development: Since it can be hard for me to concentrate, change agent active learning may become threatened. Besides, confrontation is an issue for me, as I am a little timid by nature. This creates a threat to my capacity to create and balance critical dynamic tension in relation to change strategies. Another potential threat for me as a change agent is the problems with the facilitation of empowerment for others, as I do not have experience in tutoring and monitoring others at the workplace. Social and professional changes may also create threats and complicate the process of my further development.

Opportunities for further development: In order to develop in the medical field one must learn and improve constantly. To make a good leader, professional practice is required. In my opinion, the experience of working in the medical field is an immense opportunity to grow, develop confidence, focus and self-motivation. Interaction with active leaders is another way to develop own leadership qualities and avoid making leadership mistakes in the future.

Leadership plan

  1. Even though I feel like I have the potential to become a successful change agent, there are still transformational competencies I need to acquire. One of them is the capacity to empower and engage others to progress (Public Health Leadership Competency Framework, n. d.). I need to give up the assumption that everyone knows what they are supposed to do and develop skills of collaboration and assistance. For that, I need more practice working in a team.
  2. One of my core political competencies is the skill of working in culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse environment and the knowledge of the importance of inclusion of all social groups into the work process (Public Health Leadership Competency Framework, n. d.). Cultural and social clashes are inevitable in such situations, this is why one of my priorities is the development of conflict management and resolution skills. The methods of accomplishing that are online research of conflict management strategies, review of literature focused on work at a diverse place.The next transformational competency I need to work on is power and ethics. This aspect requires a high level of emotional maturity. There are training and techniques that help one raise their emotional maturity, so I plan to engage in regular exercise to improve my emotional maturity.
  3. The development of organizational skills requires the knowledge of leadership strategies, so to gain knowledge in the field I plan to do another research, improve my planning and analytical thinking, as these qualities provide reliability to the leader.
  4. Team-building is a complex subject. To succeed at team-building I must apply my knowledge of working in diverse surroundings and provide equality and inclusion to team members, as this is crucial for a well-balanced team relationship. Besides, team building sometimes requires conflict resolution, because the opinions of members may clash, for that the leader is to provide group activities and tasks focused on collaboration and mutual help. I plan to research such activities of both professional and recreational character.
  5. To make a better leader I need to overcome some of my personality factors such as shyness and the tendency to avoid confrontation. I need to develop confidence. Besides, I need to socialize more. A good leader is outgoing, persuasive, and inspirational.
  6. In my opinion, a part of success in times of crisis is experience. Knowing the workplace, the employees and main tendencies are crucial. I am naturally a calm person, I do not panic easily. The qualities I need to develop are confidence and decisiveness.

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