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Michael Jordan’s Tennis Shoes Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2022


The chaos and violence that is common for the release of Michael Jordan’s tennis shoes have raised massive debate in the society. The issue is becoming controversial because it seems there is no acceptable solution to the problem that is causing massive damages and injuries, especially among the youth. The sneakers are very appealing to teenagers, but that is not the main reason why there is always massive jostling at the stores every time a new design is released.

The primary reason is the desire to be the first or among the first ones to wear these designer shoes. This is a fashion product and it means a lot to teenagers if they purchase it as soon as it is released into the market (Andrews 28).

They want to experience the unique quality of the product ahead of everyone else to be able to tell a story about its superiority. In this paper, the researcher proposes that the company should increase the number of stores where its products can be accessed during the release which should be backed up with proper security to enhance sanity.


According to Kellner, Michael Jordan’s tennis shoes brand is one of the most popular on the market today (45). They are of high quality with features that enhance comfort to the wearer and are fashionable too. They are designed for a specific market niche. For the past few years, chaos and violence have been witnessed in the few specialty stores that sell this product every time a new design is released to the market.

Youth would crowd these stores struggling to be among the first to come out wearing the product. I was a part of the crowd last year and the experience was not pleasant. The hustle and bustle at these stores poses serious threat to life and property (Gonzalez par. 2). It was fortunate that no serious injuries were recorded that day, but if one is not careful, the risk of stampede can be real. In other places, people have sustained serious injuries during these launches; such a trend is increasingly becoming common.

Lorenzo says that some people have sustained life changing injuries due to chaos and violence (par. 4). Others lost their lives. Another point of concern is the security of the stores when chaos breaks out. A larger section of the crowd is a group of genuine shoppers who are interested in purchasing the products.

However, some criminals would take advantage of the disorderly nature of the stores at such moments to either steal or cause malicious damage to property. This makes it necessary to find a practical and lasting solution to this problem.

Some members of the society believe that the best solution is to sell the product online, especially during the first release of the new design. This is a good suggestion that could work very well if the number of people purchasing these shoes were manageable. In practical contexts, this is not a realistic solution.

On the first day of the release, the youth all over the country would throng the stores demanding this product. The demand cannot be met by online retailers. The youth themselves would not support such a solution because there is more than just picking sneakers when they go to the stores.

They want to admire the shoes while they are on the display. They want to try them on at the store. They also like the experience of going to the stores with their friends to make such an important purchase. The happiness that comes with the experience cannot be offered in an online context (Ginn 73). That is why people prefer going to the stores despite the risks.

The best solution for the relevant authorities in the government will be to instruct the shoe company to increase the number of stores where its products can be accessed every time it releases a new design in the market for the first time. The idea is to ensure that the shoppers will have the product closer to their homes, eliminating crowds often seen in major stores in the country.

The company should also coordinate with the store owners and the law enforcement officers to heighten security during such important events. The aim is to have small manageable groups at many places across the country instead of having large crowds that pose serious threats not only to the stores but also to themselves. The presence of law enforcement officers will deter criminal activities. It will also create a sense of security and the need to be orderly while going for this great experience.


Michael Jordan tennis shoes brand is a popular brand among the youth but the society is now concerned about the chaos and violence that have become common with their release. This problem is mainly caused by the fact that there are few stores that carry this product. To solve the problem, it may be necessary to increase the number of stores where the product can be purchased. Law enforcement officers may need to be involved in the first two or three days of the release.

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