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Mitsubishi Projector Manual Essay

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2019

Review of major steps

The projector has a remote control which may be used to control the operations of the projector from a distance. Before using the remote control, ensure that the batteries are well inserted at the back of the remote control. The range in which the remote control can be used is about 10m.

While using the remote control, ensure that direct sunlight or fluorescent light does not impinge on the remote control sensor. The installation of the projector should be done carefully. The size of the picture on the screen is varied by changing the distance between the projector and the screen.

The front and rear projections can be achieved by mounting the projector accordingly as explained in the manual. Once the projector has been mounted, basic connections are made to the required equipment. This may be a computer, video camera or a DVD player.

While making these connections, it should be ensured that power is not supplied to the projector. Once the connections have been made, the lens cap is removed. The projector is then connected to a power source and adjusted to the required angle of projection.

There are several options on the projector’s menu and there explanations are provided in the manual. The options are used to set effects on the projected image. The lamp of the projector may be replaced in case it malfunctions. Maintenance of the projector involves cleaning of the air filter, cleaning the ventilation grille and cleaning of the lens.

All the maintenance activities should be conducted when the projector is not supplied with power. The projector also has LED indicators which are used to indicate the working conditions of the projector. In case of any faults, these indicators can be used to indicate in case there is a fault.

They are also used to indicate the state of the projector. All the specifications for all the components of the projector are provided in the user manual (Lannon, 2003).


  1. Only appropriate power cords for either U.S. or Europe should be used.
  2. The plug used for the projector should be a three wire with a ground connection. The ground pin should never be removed
  3. The parameters of the power supplied to the projector are 100-240V AC50/60HZ. The supplied power should always be in the given range.
  4. Always ensure that the power cord is not broken as this may result to an electric shock.
  5. The power cord should not be reversed to prevent any chances of electric shock.
  6. Direct eye contact with the projector’s lens should always be avoided as this may result in eye problems.


Problem Cause Possible solution
The power is off. Air does not flow in the air grille or the air filter as a result of objects clogging the grille. Remove any object that may be in the grille.
The projector is on but there is no picture on the screen. The lens cap is still in place.
The equipment that is connected to the projector is not turned on.
Remove the lens cap.
Ensure the equipment is turned on.
The image is distorted. The angle in which the projector is placed is not correct Adjust the projector angle
There is no sound that is heard. The volume control is on the low side.
The equipment port that is associated with volume is not well connected
Adjust the volume control

Check the port connection and connect it well


Lannon, J. M. (2003). Technical Communication. New York: Longman.

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