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Musanada Company’s Recruitment Practices and Ethics Essay

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Updated: Apr 20th, 2021


I chose the company called Musanada which operates in Al Ain, in the western area of Abu Dhabi. Musanada is a construction company which began its operations in the year 2007. The company’s goal is to deliver on Abu Dhabi’s economic and urban planning vision. Musanada’s customers include government entities based in Abu Dhabi. Musanada’s customers are the Abu Dhabi Education Council, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council as well as the Abu Dhabi Health Authority. Musanada’s vision is to provide shared services to the Abu Dhabi Government.

Recruitment Practices

I researched how the recruitment process is carried out at Musanada. I interviewed Hamda Al Hemeli, who is the senior specialist in charge of recruitment. She informed me that Musanada collects CVs in several ways such as Tawteen, which is the government’s authority for employing local people. Hamda also informed me that they also receive CVs through the company’s website and email. Previously they used to participate in career events but they have since stopped. Hamda says they discovered that career events led to the collection of CVs for unqualified applicants. The recruitment process at Musanada’s is different for both employees and the outsourced staff. I will first describe the process of hiring employees followed by that of hiring outsourced staff.

When hiring employees at Musanada the recruitment department works with the related department to narrow down the number of applicants. The identified candidates receive an invitation to attend an interview. The line manager conducts the interview with the assistance of the director of the related department and the recruitment specialist. When the interview panel approves the candidate, the recruitment specialist calls the candidate to request their documents. Reference checks are not mandatory except when hiring for high management positions.

The successful candidate undergoes several tests including physical, mental, and personality tests. The candidate’s documents undergo a thorough security check. Candidates who pass all the tests receive an invitation to sign the contract and the code of conduct. The parties select the joining date during the signing meeting. When the candidate finally joins Musanada, the recruitment department sends out an email to announce the new hire. The company also prepares induction materials for the new employee.

I learned that when employing outsourced staff, Musanada uses two methods of recruitment. The first method is by requesting candidates from its pool of seventeen outsourcing companies. The outsourcing company sends the candidate’s CV to the line manager for approval. If the CV is approved, it is then sent for a security check. When the candidate passes the security check, then they start working.

The second method of recruiting outsourced employees involves collecting CVs from different candidates. The recruitment department then interviews the candidates. If the candidates are approved, they are sent to one of the outsourcing companies for recruitment. The outsourcing company takes the candidate through physical and mental tests. Musanada then sends the candidate’s documents for security check. Candidates who pass the test join the company directly and sign the relevant documents.

Musanada uses internal candidates for urgent positions. The interview panel for internal candidates comprises the recruitment specialist and the head of the related department. When successful, the candidate receives their new job title immediately and moves to the new unit.

Ethical Issues

Ethical Implications

The major ethical issue that Musanada faces is favoritism. Sometimes the recruiting panel favors persons known to them during the recruitment with no consideration of their qualifications.

Musanada also faces the ethical issue of racial discrimination in recruitment. Consequently, during the recruitment process, candidates are chosen on the basis of their last name.

The company also faces the issue of gender discrimination. As a result, when making recruitment at Musanada, female candidates who are married are given less consideration during the recruitment process.

Effects of Ethical Issues

The ethical issues identified are both illegal and unethical. Favoritism has serious implications as it leads to the hiring of candidates who are not suitable for the job. The unethical behavior may result in organizational-mistrust that makes employees look out for their benefits.

Racial discrimination during the hiring process can result in employees perceiving the organization as a place where dishonesty is unacceptable. Consequently, the employees result in taking shortcuts in their work and propagate the same behavior. Workplace aggression and violence may occur as workers seek to correct the inequities of unethical processes. The unethical behavior may result in unwarranted interference in the hiring process as the managers seek to employ the favored person.

Gender discrimination has serious implications on the process of hiring. Women who are aware that the vice is occurring may result in bribery in order to get a place in the organization. As a result, the hiring process is undermined, and unqualified candidates end up being hired.


To deal with the existing ethical issues, Musanada needs to clarify its expectations for the hiring panel. The expectations act as a guide for the committee on what they need to achieve in the interview process. The defined expectations also inform the recruiting panel on the standards that will be used to measure performance.

Musanada also needs to organize rites and ceremonies. These will define the culture o the organization. When illustrating the culture, the organization has the power to influence its employees to adopt ethical practices.

The organization should establish control measures such as regular audits of the recruitment process. Control measures are necessary for identifying issues before they get out of hand. Information from the recruitment reviews should be used to guide the entire process.

Musanada should establish measures for reporting unethical behavior. Providing a platform for reporting ethical violations assists in curtailing unethical practices in the organization.

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