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My pet product Analytical Essay



“Stainless steel travel Mug of Starbucks” is of cup of high quality which makes whichever liquid in it to remain dot for not less than 2 hours. The mug is made of steel is portable and at the same time environmental friendly. The cup is one thing one should not miss at home due to the many advantages and the qualities it possesses. By buying this cup one is not a loss of money as proven by its magnificent qualities.


To start with is the fact that the cup is steel and therefore the durability is guaranteed, due to this the cup is also able to bear harsh conditions such as when it slips from the hand and it falls. Furthermore the material used to make the cup does is not susceptible to natural factors like rusting (A travel survival ki, 2008).

This ensured the longevity of the cup as it is used with time. In addition the cup has a user friendly price with other sellers like the Amazon reducing price once in a while to favor the customers.

Despite the low price of the cup the sales turn over of the cup is superb. This is a direct interpretation that product is in the market and actually people are purchasing it. Amazon’s shipping for example of the product is high at the same time free making its turn over unbelievable.

This is a convincing factor that the customers have actually proven the product and found the product as worth paying for while not forgetting the satisfactory usage it gives customers (Anderson, 2008).

In terms of flexibility of usage, the cup remains the most flexible ever with different sizes to suit various situations. The varied sizes of Starbucks increases their flexibility as often people have different uses that is for work, at home and in outdoors.

Despite of the flexibility in terms of movement with t the cup is also flexible in the sense that it does not the limit the type of content that should be placed in it. Regulations concerning the contents of the cup at any given time are very open limiting no exact liquid to be added into it like some other companies which dictates the usage of their products (Mark, 2010).

In addition to all the properties Starbucks is an environmental friendly product which abides by all the environmental laws, the material used to make it is user friendly and can be reused in many different ways. It can also be recycled due to its durability to suit many uses.

The stainless steel used to make the cup is a user friendly material which despite being proven by environmentalists as non environmental hazard remains an eco-friendly product (Michelli, 2007).

To further remove any traces of doubt that might be in any customer’s mind a description of the cup will help one be convinced that this is basically the cup to go for when need arises. This is to prove to any buyer that the cup is actually something not just to go by. Starbucks is 4”tall with prudent sides and has a stainless steel of about 18/8.

The stainless steel makes it survive that harsh environment of ever hand getting access to it. A hard rubber makes the handle with an S symbol at the top to show the trade mark of the company.

Moreover the lead is easy to remove due to lack of hinges this makes the access to its content quite simple, fast and suitable for all users including both adults and children. To act as a means of prestige the product has brand name in dark silver font to show the type of product, this can lift the status of a person as being identified to be using Starbucks.

To further make the cup user friendly it has a slanted lid, which prevents the spilling and splashing of the contents to the users. In regards worry should not be an issue of concern when using it as your hygiene is well catered for by the specifications of the product.

To further keep the content of Starbucks in secure and confined it has a tight row of two rubbers correlating with each other which are 1” thick to ensure no matter the mode of holding the cup is sealed, this makes Starbucks a product to admire and buy (Michelli, 2007).

To further suit the needs of the customers which often require little by little sip the cup has a hole at the lead. This enables access to the content of ones cup without having to open the whole cup like other products.

Once one buys this product his satisfaction is guaranteed based on the facts that the mug’s appearance is quite attractive and stands out very well, furthermore it is easy to wash (Mark, 2010). The mug in addition does not obtain dust easily at the same time resisting any form of dirt.

A customer should also not have a second thought about this product due to the fact that holding it when having hot content is easy as it does not get hot but remains warm despite having a hot liquid. Its multipurpose also enables it to keep items like ice comfortable without melting for a given amount of time. A guaranteed ticket is also given to the customers on the unbreakable nature of the mug which remains very sturdy.

In case of any complains on the product the customer care at Starbucks is always ready for criticism and takes them positively. This is to ensure that as production of the mug continues the specifications of customers are met.

This is a guarantee that buying this cup can not only make you complain upon any short fall bus also includes on I n the production process of the product. This makes customers feel part of the production process at the same time being part of the company (Michelli, 2007).

A customer’s mind on the product can further be enhanced based on the fact that they do not dictate the environment of use, they can be used on cars when driving, near computers without worrying on the mess they would create, dink on sofa sets. Its weight is also favorable as it is not bulky and can be shifted from place to place.


In conclusion, Starbucks mug is a safe, modern, portable, environmental friendly, user friendly and at the same time pocket friendly. A second thought on this product is a mistake that should be made as this product offers and meets all the customers’ requirements. Despite the many criticisms of the mug it still remains the best product for all customers. Buying of this mug by any customer will therefore not be regretful by any means.


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