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Nurse Practitioner Association Report

I have joined American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) as a student because it provides me with an opportunity to have access to up-to-date news that focus on topics associated with the sphere of healthcare. Moreover, this membership is advantageous for me as a student and a nurse because it provides resources needed for professional growth and knowledge that can be used in practice. Being a member of AANP, I can be sure that I will always be supported by my colleagues and will not be misled by invalid or unreliable information.

The mission of AANP is to “to empower all nurse practitioners to advance quality health care through practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership” (AANP, 2018b, para. 1). It is aligned with the vision of the organization. AANP is willing to promote healthcare providing high-quality services to the diverse population. In this way, the organization values integrity and encourages its members to make ethical decisions, be reliable and respectful, and to reveal true to life information. It emphasizes that nurses and nursing students need to improve their services constantly, ensuring that they meet expectations. Professional behavior and accountability are valued as well as dedication to nursing. AANP encourages nurses to be innovative and proactive leaders who can benefit their clients.

In order to become a member of this organization, an individual needs at least to complete an NP program. It is advantageous if one maintained certification as well. These people should have the right to vote as well. An entry-level program is available for nursing students who have not received any degree yet and for post Master’s students who decided to improve their knowledge and returned to school. Career starters retired, and associate nurses and NP organizations also have an opportunity to become a part of AANP. All members of AANP are required to pay annual dues (“Student membership,” 2018). No other requirements exist, which proves that there is no difficulty in becoming a member of this organization.

For students, in particular, AANP membership provides a range of benefits (Karns, 2014):

  • Education and career. Students can have free access to educational activities, discounted registration, and application for certification. They can have advance notice of jobs and an opportunity to enter online communities. Moreover, they can receive an additional scholarship and grant opportunities.
  • Advocacy. Students gain access to proactive advocacy and consultation. They can be involved in surveys and receive information associated with state legislation analysis.
  • Journals. Free and discounted subscription is provided.
  • Practice tools. Discounted medical ID jewelry becomes available.
  • Involvement. AANP online conversations can be joined.
  • Discounts. Savings can be made when dealing with retailers, finance organizations, etc.

AANP is currently concerned about the improvement of patient access to home health services, therapeutic shoes, Medicare access, and hospice services. In addition to that, it deals with the recognition of NP Practices as Shared Savings and enhancement of NPs’ ability to practice and be an equal member of hospital medical staff (AANP, 2017a).

In order to address these concerns, AANP urges Congress to “ensure that any health care reform legislation is patient-centric and includes NPs as a high-quality health care provider” (AANP, 2017b, p. 1). Moreover, the members of AANP search for sponsors among legislators and involve them in the development of policies and programs associated with the enhancement of access to healthcare and associated issues. In addition to that, the organization contacts the representatives of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for them to implement needed changes.

On the basis of this information, it can also be claimed that AAPP deals with the development of healthcare policies. The organization contacts cosponsors and requests the members of Congress to support their ideas. Taking into consideration the fact that this organization is widely known and many outstanding professionals belong to it, legislators are eager to facilitate those initiatives AANP develops. As a result, the whole country can perceive the benefits obtained due to the efforts made by AANP, as they address not only the needs of nurses and nursing students but also the issues faced by the representatives of the general public.

It is also significant to pay attention to the fact that AAPN has facilitated a national public awareness campaign for almost 5 years already. In this way, it receives an opportunity to let the population of the USA understand the role of NP in the provision of healthcare services. The organization shares such information with the help of television spots and radio clips. It shares awareness posters on social networks and the Nurse Practitioner Infographic (AANP, 2018a). Moreover, AANP provides the US population with an opportunity to find an NP nearby with the help of NP Finder.

Being a member of this organization, I can promote the NP profession in different ways. First of all, I can attract people’s attention to the fact that I am going to become an NP but not a doctor so that their perception in the community will improve. I will create articles on health-related issues to reveal how much NPs do for their patients. I will develop initiatives beneficial for my colleagues and contact legislators asking them to consider my ideas. Being a part of AANP, I will make vital decisions and affect my profession positively.


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