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Oracle HRIS Software Report

Strengths of an Oracle

  • It meets customers’ expectations due to its long term viability. In other words, HR software is highly competitive (HRlab.com, 2013).
  • It offers a wide choice of the section for customers. In the event that a client wants to deploy human resource software, there are several options through which a customer can make a choice. The various choices can also be hosted by either a third party or Oracle.
  • Customers are empowered because their business goals are met with a lot of ease.
  • It is equally possible for customers to set targets regarding the service level agreement, internal controls, security considerations, and uptime requirements (HRlab.com, 2013).
  • Broad collaboration capabilities as well as a strong internal networking system are offered by the system. Besides, there is an incredible promise for the network at work and products used in the fusion process.
  • The HCM process is embedded with analytics and a native Business Intelligence. Hence, it is possible to offer a real-time and accessible decision support platform. This has significantly boosted the experience of users.
  • High level of innovation because the release intervals take a period of six months only.
  • The most efficient enterprise information security is offered by the Oracle due to an elaborate IT infrastructure that has been put in place.

Weaknesses of an Oracle

  • The learning functionality or a recruitment platform is not provided by an Oracle Fusion (HRlab.com, 2012).
  • It has taken a lot of time to introduce the Oracle Fusion Applications into the target market.
  • It is a strenuous task to communicate with the system. Decision-makers are also not provided with adequate information. Worse still, the product information is keenly guarded.
  • An additional IT infrastructure is required before deploying Oracle Fusion HCM software. For instance, installing the software definitely requires an extra physical memory (HRlab.com, 2012).
  • Surplus costs are incurred in the process of implementing and upgrading the system.
  • A limited number of PeopleSoft and EBS functionalities can co-exist within a single Oracle system. There are also limited after-sales services for customers who install JD Edwards.
  • Large scale organizations are still not attracted by the services offered by Oracle. This implies that the system can hardly handle the extensive process in organizations with over 10,000 employees. A large enterprise ecosystem cannot benefit from the system.

Differences between an SAP HRIS and an Oracle HRIS

  • The SAP software has been built from scratch with independent knowledge. However, the growth of an Oracle has been made possible largely through acquisitions (Targowski & Deshpande, 2001). All the ERP solutions and functionalities provided by an SAP platform are unique in terms of knowledge development.
  • The core product offering of SAP is under continuous modification. On the other hand, oracle is mainly transiting its development toward Fusion. The product line of Oracle is quite uncertain even though it may be thought to be very innovative.
  • It is not easy to modify or change a SAP system even though it is a powerful product. The integration of SAP into a business system is tight and can hardly be altered as the business transforms from one stage to another. However, it is possible to adjust to evolutions when an Oracle system is installed. There is greater flexibility when using an oracle system (Nguyen, Siengthai & Page, 2013). Nonetheless, enhancing standardized processes can be difficult when an Oracle is used.
  • The implementation duration for Oracle is quite shorter than that of a SAP system.
  • It is also cheaper to implement an Oracle system than an SAP platform.


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