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Personal Health Pyramid Plan Essay

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Updated: Sep 18th, 2021


For a health pyramid plan, what is important to consider is to assess oneself first, know some health histories and other significant information that will be detrimental in planning to execute the health pyramid plan. Thus, below are some of the information, which, I think, are necessary for my health pyramid:

  • I am 34 male 240lbs
  • I work at hence I mostly sit at work
  • I have 2 kids, 2 boys one is 2 and the other is 9 so they keep me busy
  • my blood pressure is a little high due to my asthma
  • My asthma is not real bad anymore so it just bothers me a little
  • My normal diet (food) include pizza burgers and chicken
  • I need to walk more and have some form of exercise.

Considering some of the information I listed above, I believe that I need to know some more information regarding my asthma and my tendency to have high blood pressure.

Based on the research that I read, asthma is defined as the occurrence of dyspneic bronchospasmodic crises that are linked to bronchial hyperreactivity (BH). As an autoimmune disease, asthma is a chronic disturbance of immunological function that can be controlled to some extent, but not eradicated, by modern drug therapy. In other words, asthma does not just refer to the attacks instead, asthma is considered as a chronic disturbance of the immune system. The attacks are the “tip of the iceberg.” Hence, any treatment aimed only at relaxing airways and relieving symptoms, be it orthodox or herbal, is superficial and will not change the chronicity of the disease (Germouty J. et al., 1988). More so, asthma is an inflammatory chronic public health problem throughout the world affecting people of all ages, which can result in variable restrictions in the physical, emotional, and social aspects of a patient’s life (Bousquet, et.al. 1994). It is estimated that around 300 million people in the world currently have asthma (O’Byrne, 2006). The prevalence of asthma increases as communities adopt modern lifestyles and become urbanized (Bousquet, et.al. 2003). With the proportion of the world’s population living in urban areas projected to increase from 45 to 59% in 2025, there is likely to be a marked increase in the number of people with asthma worldwide over the next two decades. It is estimated that there may be an additional 100 million people with asthma by 2025 (Masoli et. al. 2004).

As for my high blood pressure, I found out that uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. Thus education and lifestyle changes are only part of the solution. It also requires providing equitable access to early detection and treatment, specifically screening, medications, and follow-up care. The serious challenge for me is to find ways to provide adequate access to the medical care needed to control high blood pressure and the health problems that can result from poor management.

Identification of the health/nutrition problem targeted

With all the above-stated information, I am certain that I need to have a health pyramid plan and to strictly adhere to it. it is because my asthma and high blood pressure will sure to pose bigger problems for me shortly. With the current work set-up plus the normal food intake that I have, I am now aware that these dampen my ability to manage my health problems.

I am not able to use my muscles at work because of the lack of bodily movements require for my work. My time spent with my children (who are in their growing up years) is the only form of exercise that I can think of, but I am sure that this is not enough for me to assimilate and regularize the blood flow and food nutrients flow in my body system. My history of asthma and high blood pressure is my greatest health risk that I must be in control of at the soonest possible time.

Nutritional or physical exercise goals

Statistics show that the average American watches about 6 hours of television per day, has a sedentary job, and does not find time to exercise regularly – this is exactly y way of living. Thus, physical movement and exercises are necessary for the lymphatic system to operate. With regards to my seemingly ‘poor diet and nutrition, government and university studies revealed that at least 95% of the population today have at least one nutrient deficiency in their diet. Most people, me included, rely heavily on convenience or manufactured foods, which do not support good health. They do not eat nearly enough vegetables and fruits and consume an extremely high amount of fat, animal products, and refined carbohydrates such as flour and sugar. These dietary habits cause the body to become both depleted of essential nutrients for proper function, and overloaded with unwanted toxic substances.

This is what I think o must do:

  • For exercise

I need to have at least 30-45 minutes of brisk walking every morning. I will involve my two kids in this exercise so that this will be multi-purposed. I can still have time for/with them while inculcating in their minds that exercise such as this will benefit their health. And for the third purpose, walking in the morning is good for the heart and lungs, hence I will also be able to manage my asthma and high blood pressure attacks.

After office in the afternoon, I will make sure to have playtime with my kids outside the house. Running or playing basketball or soccer will be the best game that we can have. This can be another form of exercise and a bonding moment with the kids.

  • For diet

I will lessen my intake of foods bought from the fast-food chains. I will make sure that I and my kids will have regular, proper, and freshly cooked foods at least once a day. This can either be during our breakfast, or lunch, or even for dinner. At least once a day will be my target as of this moment… but soon, I will see to it that having regular, properly and freshly cooked meals will be served every time on our table.

Fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, fresh juice (and not soft drinks), meat, and bread are just some of the foods that I need to stock up in our pantry. This is to ensure that I and the rest of the family will be eating healthy foods from now on.

Having this kind of diet will help me manage my asthma and high blood pressure problems but also will help my kids realize the importance of being healthy. This way, I will be able to lessen the probability of them having asthma and/or high blood pressure problems in the future.

Actions were taken to meet each goal

As of now, this plan is being set in motion. I am now starting to have brisk walking, although not every day, but I consider it as a good start. Playing with my kids is a normal routine for me, but I need to start playing with them outside the house and for a longer duration of time.

As for the diet, I have not gotten away from eating foods bought from fast-food chains like pizzas and burgers, but I am trying to start it now. I am also starting to have normal and fresh fruits and veggies in our cupboards plus a load of milk, cheese, and other healthy foods.

Anticipated setbacks or difficulties, and methods to overcome them

Among the most common diseases we have nowadays, issues with heart failure concern me the most. Because I think this disease is closely interconnected with other health problems that I have such as asthma, high blood pressure, and probably even obesity. I know that it is my responsibility to be conscious enough with the kinds of food I am taking in and the kind of lifestyle I participated in.

However, the temptation is very high. There are some fast-food chains that I pass along to and from my place of work each day. And if I think about the loads of work I had each day, the idea of cooking and preparing for a meal once I get home seems so burdensome for me.

Also, having some brisk walking activities every morning is a very challenging endeavor and I need some push or motivation to keep me doing it. having some play stations, TVs, and computers at home (with loads of computer games) sometimes prevents me and my kids to play outside. They (or even me included) would sometimes prefer staying inside the house and have our ‘bonding moments’ through computer-generated games and activities.

These are just some of the setbacks and difficulties that I have in accomplishing my health pyramid plan. I am trying my best to keep with the plan but there are times that I fail. To overcome such difficulties, I ask my wife and some friends to remind and motivate me about my health. What I need is some morale-boosting. I ask them to push me hard when I need some pushing. I ask them to reiterate to me (even every day) the importance of maintaining a good and proper diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle. And it helps.

Evidence of the plan’s effectiveness in addressing the identified problem or need

I can say that the plan is effective because my kids are now enjoying healthy foods too. They have become a significant part of my plan and just by seeing them eating and eating their ‘regular and freshly cooked meal’ is more than enough for me to say that my health pyramid plan is working.

More so, having a lesser number of asthma attacks and lesser stress from high blood pressure is the second most important measure of effectiveness for me. This ‘illness’ has been a part of my worries since I was a child and minimizing it is a great success for me.

Identification of potential health risks that may develop if the plan is not implemented

In today’s world, it can easily be noted from the newsprints and on TVs and radios – and published journals that more and more people have been neglecting their diet and lifestyle. There was a survey done which revealed that in most degenerative diseases nowadays (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart ailments, etc.), the most contributing factors affecting these are poor diet and nutrition and poor lifestyle (Crane, 2002). There are 95% of the populations that have at least one nutrient deficiency in their diet.

This is because most people now enjoy the convenience of eating manufactured foods that do not support good health. Added to this is the people’s dislike over vegetables and fruits; but utterly ‘love’ on fats, animal products, and refined carbohydrates such as flour and sugar. These dietary habits cause the body to become both depleted of essential nutrients for proper function, and overloaded with unwanted toxic substances.

And this is what I wanted to prevent. I don’t suffer from deadly degenerative diseases and I certainly don’t want my kids to have any of those diseases as well. If I don’t alter my normal diet and lifestyle regime as soon as possible, I know that my health will get worst and I will also risk my kids having such health problems too.


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