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Presidential Campaigns and Print Medias Essay

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The first article from the Dallas Morning News by Gillman talks about the choice Mitt Romney took in the ongoing presidential campaigns by choosing Paul Ryan, as his running mate. The article examines the position Mitt Romney has set himself in terms of the plans he has made to counter the fiscal challenges and the economic policies. The article suggests that, by taking Ryan as his running mate, Romney has associated himself with the Ryan plan and, to some extent, shows the support he has for it.

The second article from Los Angeles Times by Mehta and Reston talks about some of the reasons why the presidential candidate in the oncoming American elections, Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. The article suggests the move has made the campaign an ideological battle. The article provides opinions of top Republicans and Democrats regarding the matter. The article has also suggested the position taken by Romney regarding his support towards the Ryan Plan.

Dallas Morning News

The article from the Dallas News by Gillman, suggests that the move by Romney to take Paul Ryan as his running mate raises the stakes for both the Republicans and the Democrats. Romney’s choice has resulted in an elevation in the campaign debate. He has ensured that seminal choices will no longer come before the issues of spending, the government’s role, as well as tax policies. According to Gillman, this makes Ryan the best candidate for the job because of the understanding he has with regard to the fiscal challenges faced by the nation.

Ryan who has served as the House Budget Committee chair has had a successful two-year term in office. Despite the controversy, his journey to prosperity addressed tax wars and issues of spending. However, Gillman acknowledges the determination of the presidential race is not based on Ryan nor Biden’s popularity.

The democrats, on the other hand, look at the downside of Romney’s move. They sought to attack Romney by referring to the Ryan plan. The Ryan plan would result in doing away with traditional Medicare. This will bring about impairment in access to medical services, as the states will be responsible for handling medical safety and care. According to Gillman, Ryan’s plan in the liberal perceptive is a potential threat to the social security benefits of the American people. This is because it would result in a shift in tax burden from the wealthy corporations and organizations that indulge in outsourcing. Liberalists see these moves as a Robin Hood scenario, which works in reverse as it favors the rich at the expense of the poor.

Los Angeles Times

In the case of the Los Angeles Times, Mehta and Reston express the private opinions of some top Republicans as well as democrats regarding Romney’s move to choose Ryan as his running mate (2012). Some of the top Republicans expressed their concerns regarding Romney’s running mate. They claim that Ryan may lack ample experience in government. Such a component is essential, as it will put the party in a better position to present President Obama as being out of his depth (Mehta and Reston, 2012).

According to Mehta and Reston (2012), the republicans are not confident of Romney holding back his view regarding his support to Ryan’s plan, as well as a budget which most fear would be a liability in the oncoming elections.

On the other hand, the democrats express their pleasure regarding Romney’s move. The democrats discredit the entry through Republican ticket to the office, by addressing how they intend to do away with the Medicare benefits to the younger generation (Mehta and Reston). The democrats took this position after Romney expressing his support to the Ryan plan and indicated that the preservation of Medicare will only serve the citizens above 55 years. The younger generations are to purchase private insurance to meet their health care issues. From a conservative point of view, the move by Romney is a Hail Mary move to prevent his campaign from tumbling down.

Conclusions and recommendations

In conclusion, despite the fact that the popularity of the running mate may not largely determine the success of the presidential candidate, they have a huge impact on the campaign. In this case, Paul Ryan might be the change required in Romney’s campaign trail. In most cases, the running mates are chosen based on their popularity in their states or regions. This is not the case for Ryan. He contributes by bringing in a sense of charisma and personal touch to Romney’s campaigns.

However, for Romney to succeed, he should not implement the Ryan plan entirely in terms of doing away with Medicare. In as much as Ryan compliments Romney, doing away with Medicare would result in the loss of votes from major states such as Florida (Malley 2012). This is because the majority of the seniors in the major states do not appreciate the fact that there will be a drastic change in social security and Medicare. In this regard, Romney should strive to find a way to appease the seniors on how the plan can tackle the national debt (Malley 2012).

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