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Pyramids of Giza Essay

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Updated: Oct 24th, 2018

Egypt is a country which has one of the most interesting histories in the world. Moreover, Egypt is also associated with ancient mysteries of the ancient world. This country possesses really great antiques which impact on people’s decision to view and marvel at the ingenuity which was evoked when they were built.

Scientists and anthropologists agree that the degree, upon which the work was done, indicates that the people who were involved in the construction of these structures had a great scientific knowledge. The most beautiful among these structures are the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx. It was Gustave Flaubert who noted that there was something curious about them, these famous pyramids, the more one looks at them, the bigger they become.

The pyramids of Giza lie southwest of Cairo on a flat elevation of the Libyan Desert. These pyramids are part of the great cities of the dead of the Old Kingdom, extending from Abu Roash, in the north to Dahshur, in the south (Atiya, 2007). Generally, there are six pyramid groups, spreading over some thirty kilometers on the eastern edge of the Libyan Desert plateau.

These include the Abu Roash, Giza, Zawiyet Aryan, Abusir, Saqqara and Dahshur (Atiya, 2007). There are some theories which try to explain how these mega structures appeared. However, there was no a conclusive theory or fact which postulated with regard to how these structures appeared. However, most of the experts of human history came to the common consensus that these structures were put up as burial monuments for the pharaohs.

From the early accounts, the investigators fell into two main camps: those that regarded the pyramids as tombs and nothing more and, those that were convinced that the society was responsible for such amazing structures built with such inconceivable care and precision (West, 1995). The scientists who study pyramids decided to find out how these pyramids appeared. One of the most famous investigators was John Taylor who was an editor.

Taylor was looking for the fundamental reasons for the peculiar angle of slope to conclude that the height of the pyramid was appropriate to its perimeter as the radius of the circle is appropriate to its circumference. According to him, the Egyptians displayed remarkable knowledge and wealth of geometric, mathematical, and proportional properties of the amazing pyramid (West, 1995). Taylor, therefore, concluded that the purpose of erecting these Great Pyramids was to pass on this profound knowledge.

The mystery behind the construction of the pyramid of Giza is not about to the end. It is because the contradictory theories purported different ideas on how the structure was erected. However, they hold the common opinion that these structures were constructed by intelligent people who utilized immense knowledge in putting them up.

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