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QR Codes Overview Essay (Critical Writing)

Ochman (2013) argues that QR codes are being replaced by other applications which are easier to use. These applications come in form of invisible ink and they are more technically superior to QR codes.

The past QR codes used to record contact information before directing a web user to a website. New applications have advanced features which allow users to browse their smart phones and access displayed content directly.

This has improved users’ experience because these apps are easily customised to reflect users’ needs and lifestyles. These apps direct users to different types of content they like, which makes them use less time to locate what they want to read or watch.

QR codes require a user to scan them using a camera on their hand held devices, which puts off some users. Some of these codes are displayed in inaccessible areas, making it difficult for users to scan them.

There are new apps which allow users to scan special sections of articles and are becoming popular with online newspaper readers. Tokyo Shimbu, a Japanese newspaper, uses the AR News App, which allows users to scan specific articles using smartphones.

This application has encouraged newspapers to attract young readers by customizing content to appeal to their interests. The app allows children to find suitable content that appeals to them because it is clearly marked.

Another popular app, Blippar allows users to get information and other entertaining content, which is displayed in 3D. Touchcode is an app with an invisible code, which allows users to confirm whether a brand is original or not.

These apps are making QR codes obsolete, even though they have been used for the past two decades. In the past, QR codes had good applications that made it possible for users to buy music, through its mobile-code campaign (Ochman, 2013).

However, these codes were displayed in areas that were difficult to scan, which discouraged many users from trying them.

There are technical issues, which affect the usage of QR codes in different environments. They have security risks, which discourage users from using them. The codes need to be simplified to encourage more users to try them out.

Companies that display information through QR codes need to explain to users how they add value to them. QR codes should be displayed in areas that are easily accessible to make them convenient to customers.

QR codes platforms need to be made more secure to reduce security threats which users are exposed to. Some users are directed to malicious content and websites whenever they scan these codes.

This makes it harder for them to locate specific websites they are looking for. Other applications offer more convenience to users and this has created a shift in usage patterns.

Some QR code readers have functional problems, which makes them unable to capture accurate content. Patrizio (2012) reveals they lack certified standards, which makes it difficult to monitor their performance.

Smart phone manufacturers have not been given specifications they need to observe to make their QR readers more responsive to users’ needs. However, QR codes are used more by retail sellers to track their produce, to find out where it has come from.

Experts feel that companies which use QR codes need to make them more secure to ensure users are not directed to inappropriate websites. However, QR codes are essential because they allow users to get crucial information on a wide variety of subjects on their smartphones, after scanning.


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